Is everyone enjoying TEKKEN Crash S6? Cause it’s about to get even BETTER! SDTEKKEN is proud to announce that two of America’s finest players, Hoa “x6.Hoa” Luu (AKA Anakin) and Shaun “Fab” Swain will be participating in the TEKKEN Crash S6 Royal Rumble on March 5th! Special thanks to ldmaxi, Nin and everyone at MBC Game for making this possible! Expect full coverage from SDTEKKEN when it happens!



      1. either ways they’re dead. everybody saw what knee did to chanel this season after losing from the previous crash. they’ve been weighed, they’ve been measured, they’ll be massacred.

      2. so anakin is using PAD aswell?? i thought his using sticks just like his teammates bronson and trungy??

    1. Yeah, this will be good. All the best to Korea and show how unstoppable Knee, Nin, Tongbalove, Holeman, JDCR etc.. can be (this doesn’t include Channel). GO KOREA!!! and fair game with America, maybe ill only go for FAB since he seems like a nice person.

    1. LOL are you crazy?? r u a 6 year old kid??
      KOREA is still way better than US players, only US player who can be in the same level with koreans is HOA.

  1. WOW this is news.
    *And* they’re allowed to use controllers!? Tip-of-the-hat to Korea. I honestly hope this fosters some good will between the communities.

    1. there’s now homefield advantage for koreans, there will always be a homefield advantage since they’re playing in korea

    1. FALSE! i feel like Fab and Anakin are the top US players, though id like to see more of Anakin see if he can be as consistent as Fab.

    2. did u see Fab vs Jdcr? Kor is on the same level as fab. Anakin got beat by fab before. But honestly GM and Kor needs to go.

    3. I’m guessing it could be because of Kor unplugging Fab’s controller during the semifinal at MLG Dallas.

      I heard that Nin wasn’t too pleased about seeing Fab being forced to replay the match even though it was clearly Kor’s fault that Fab’s controller came unplugged in the first place! Kor also has a reputation for melodrama with him hitting the PS3 Home button at Evo last year and he also came late for a match at MLG Columbus too.

      1. @garyoak99 hearing shit like that would make me wanna drop da competition and beat his ass da cash…..immaturity 2 itz core cannot be tolerated….especially at levels of play like this… sorry but i would catch a charge behind some stupid shit like this….

  2. hell yeah!!! i can’t wait to see this. good luck to nyc fab and anakin. show them that we can consistantly beat them. and they can use pad?? that’s crazy

  3. Nice to see USA getting involved in the Korean Tekken scene like Europe and Japan. Remember now, this isn’t just Knee, Nin and Holeman. This time this is Korea vs Fab and Anakin. Let see how they fare at a home disadvantage. BTW props to TC for letting them bring controllers.

  4. WTF!?!?! Amazing news to say the least! Congratulations to both of you. I’d be so honored to participate in some crazy shit like this! You both deserve it. Go USA!!!

  5. Im first to call it, Thier gonna get Wrecked LOL.

    own controllers or not, this is SS LVL 3 baby, they cant touch that.

    but i wish them luck i guess.

  6. I like how all you close minded idiots just assume fab and hoa will fail. korean or not they are human. They arent robots. lol.

  7. It’s a trap. Anakin shit on nin and the koreans. They simply want to return the favor….. and feed him to the locals shortly afterwards.

  8. yeah right fab or whatever his name is just got smashed in to a pulp by malgu and sunchip so how do the hell will he or the other guy anakin or whatever his name is win. Koreans will never lose^^

    1. koreans still lose you know, not as badly as not as often when entering international tourneys as compared to other nations. Usually they place high up or 1st which is a testament to their skill :D

  9. dont make me laugh the americans are in korea so they are in korea tekken environmemt so its the other way around so there are so many korean players those americans need to beat and its totally unlikely that will happen

  10. Unlikely sure, but not impossible…and gtfo of here with that never lose stuff. This ain’t fantasy dreamland where your favorite players always win.

  11. hahahaha please dont insult me dont mean to get you angry but face it the americans are gonna get demolished like there is no tommorow believe it or dont believe it hahahaha koreans 4 life^^

  12. wow !! good news indeed !! can’t wait to see those matches…. Btw, how will they use pad on an Arcade Cabinet ?

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