Our interview with Rip will be up next week. Meanwhile we would like you to submit questions to another great player. This time it’s going to be currently the best Italian Tekken 6 player, Harry Potter, the famous Heihachi player. We’re continuing the old formula, meaning that you have 7 days to post the questions.


34 thoughts on “SDTEKKEN Talks ITALIAN

  1. How do you feel heihachi matchs up vs the top tier characters in t6 and what are some keys to be a good heihachi player ?

  2. Ohh come on.. Sdtekken please feature Filipino players. We also have here good tekken players who can match up against international players…

    1. Maybe Filipino players should start interviewing their players first… then try to get SDTekken to post their interviews.

      Oh, my question… Hei can’t do DEWGF, right?
      Does that effect your game?

  3. In case you haven’t known this, I have started contacting players from all over the world, including not only Europe, but also South America and Asia (S. Korea confirmed).

      1. As seen in the match posted atop, you can use it best when the opponent’s back is against the wall. Even if blocked that move is +9~+10, thus it gives you control of the wall mind-game.

  4. what is your reaction to the much younger look of Heihachi that was released by Namco for TTT2? knowing the difference between Mishima ewgfs’, have you ever thought of switching mains?

  5. Harry Potter is real one of bet Europe player Not Malekith. Harry potter was top even in DR and malekith always lose in 16th elimination

  6. Who said you’re Italy’s best? You are a laugh!
    You pretty sucked against that Julia player. Harry Potter, you might be someone in your neighbourhood but on a national level, who in the nine hells are you? You met HaradaSan? Does that make you a good player? Pffft…

      1. And sorry if I’ve been a bit harsh but Italy has no REAL Tekken community, how can we say who’s good, who’s not and who’s the best? As I stated before he may be the best in his neighbourhood but on national level?

  7. I’m sure you’re a good player and all, but what the hell is with the terrible nickname “Harry Potter”? What a pathetic and lame name. Who would name themselves after a lame characters? lol

    1. In fact it’s a name people gave to him, not one he chosen by himself. He doesn’t care much about nicknames.

  8. Harry TS!! Harry potter is so called because he’s a magician …LOL the fastest wavedash with pad….asd

    Ps. Styv but who are you?? Nin by case …Pftt

  9. When exactly did you start playing Tekken seriously? And who was your mentor/teacher?
    Also did you train hard for a long time with your movement on pad to get this good, or was it just naturally easy for you from the beginning?

    Thank you for your contribution, and i hope you see even better years to come in aspects. See you soon bro :)

  10. Sup Harry –
    If you feel the same way that DevilDS feels, I’d love to see a FT5 between yourself and Malekith. I have just recently finished editing all your France footage and as usual you’re looking sharp.
    A match between you and Malekith I believe could be a real spectacle – I can tripod that shit @ Germany if you both agree.

    With regard to your wavedash on pad… do you use the ball of your thumb (centre) or the tip of your thumb?

    You’ve already told me that GM is ‘hard’ and the best player you’ve faced while in the U.S.
    Who in your opinion is the toughest match up for you in Europe?

    see u @ Damage

  11. @ Trustable italian source: lol, you didn’t catch on the irony in my post. I posted that comment on b,b+1+2 exactly because of the above vid.

    @ Ghirlanda: Muahahaha best question so far!!

      1. lol, by supposing I watched the above vid maybe? here: =) <— irony smiley

        Styv: Just read your offensive comments now. Italy has one of the biggest Tekken scenes in Europe actually.
        Names like Harry Potter, Bode, DevilKazuya, and Rikimaru represent our country pretty well even on international levels and tourneys.
        Also, I don't think Harry walks around bragging he's the best Hei in the country (even if he prolly is), but he got selected for this interview in a poll on Tekken Italia.
        Lastly, why would you even come here and talk shit about others? If you don't appreciate this interview, simply don't read it. Is it jealousy? Di clearly said they will interview many countries best players, not just one from Italy.

      2. Talk shit? Where do I talk shit? I just asked waht makes him the best on italian ground. And if Italy has got one of the biggest scenes in Europe, poor Europe…

  12. @ Blackpriest
    I repeat, there aren’t any.
    Anyway i totally agree with your post against that fake Styv. Now let’s finish off with this OT, shall we? ;)

  13. To all the italian users: please stop trolling. Che figura facciamo una volta tanto che i riflettori sono puntati su di noi? Styv le comunità italiane ci sono, se pensi di essere meglio di HP identificati e partecipa ai tornei contro questi.

    Ok sorry the OT. Now my question:
    How many hours do you spend in training? Do you focus your attention to Heihachi move list or you do some special training against top tiers before you fight them?
    What is the top five moves of Hei?

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