It’s time for our third guest! This time we are asking you to help us interview DIOXIN from Korea! Post your questions in the comments down below and check out the rest of the entry for a match between Dioxin and Hao.

14 Responses to SDTEKKEN Talks KOREAN

  1. MarkMan says:

    Who are your inspirations for your playstyle/strategy with Nina?

  2. Shirdel says:

    Have you battled anyone outside of Korea? If so, who was your best competition?

  3. clipse says:

    Who do you think are the best players these days in Korea, And do you have a rival?

  4. yakub says:

    Hi dioxin you are a role model to me like all the korean players are^^ my question is what are your thoughts on TTT2 and its new systems and what characters will you decide to use for TTT2?

  5. boff says:

    Why did you switch from the most manly heterosexual male character in the game (Kazuya) to the cheapest prostitute woman (Nina) ?

  6. Forest says:

    Do you still want to use Devil Jin after the terrible nerfing he got in Tekken 6 BR?

  7. poxstep says:

    What do you think about only practice? Which one is a better Nina player do you think?

  8. silver_devil says:

    Hello Dioxin,
    Great to see you in Tekken Crash! How was that experience? If there was one tournament you could participate in, which one would you want to go to the most? SBO, MLG, Evo?

  9. qwert says:

    what are your favorite nina moves and techniques?
    who do you consider your rival in korea?
    any advise for nina starters?
    how was the tekken crash experience?

  10. Meeu says:

    what is ur personal opinion of the nina in t6 compared to the previous versions. would you stick with her in the following tekken sequels or are you going back to mishimas? i personally like how you use kazuya in t6.

  11. Jakks The Ripper says:

    In your opinion, who’s the strongest tekken player in korea right now?

    According to Binchang, the bitter korean players who were beaten by Anakin and FAB from the previous MLG tournament said that Jack-6 is top tier. What are your thoughts ?

  12. Slash says:

    some suggestions on nina’s qcb/ss mixups and setups for frame advantage? good moves even maybe? i wanna pick this character up sometime.

  13. lockon says:

    hey where does nina rank among your tier list? and if you do have a tier list of tekken characters who are among your top 10?

  14. […] good friend ldmaxi for conducting the SDTEKKEN community interview with DIOXIN! Thanks everyone for submitting their questions! Please look forward to more interviews in the […]

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