Tekken 6 Eddy Gordo Combo Vid By Drake The Demon & Review!

It is extremely rare to see any Eddy combo material for Tekken 6, combo veteran “Drake The Demon” from the experienced “Team A.C.E.” has released a fantastic Eddy combo video with some awesome moments! Click the video above to view the combo vid and click below to read the review!

Tekken 6 Eddy Gordo combo video review, the review picks out the best and some kinks that even the best combo makers have. This an opinion based review to I hope no one is offended and everyone can share what is said positively.


  • The amount of Eddy combo material around for Tekken 6 is so rare to see (combo maker “Orochimaru” released a good Eddy video), it was extremely fresh to watch.
  • The combo at 0:22 using a Raven glitch was unique with the use of b+4,4, even using it as a combo ender in an angled W! ender.
  • Combo at 0:31 makes use of Eddy’s u/f+3+4 in a spam combo, always great to see.
  • Two combos demonstrating LP (Low Parry) max damage on both regs and smalls.
  • Extremely clever uses of both 1,2,4~3 and 1,2,4~4, used as filler and B! enders, and in one case a BT (Back Turned) stun into BT launch.
  • Combos at 1:15, 1:26, 1:42, 1:49 and 2:27 were outstanding, best in the video in my opinion.
  • 1:49 had the combo swap sides twice with the use of Kumas head, awesome indeed.
  • Video quality was great, viewable and nicely edited footage.
  • The percentage of W!/Non W! combos was great, nothing to complain about from viewers who prefer one way or the other.
  • Overall not a single combo was repetitive, an extreme achievement Drake always nails down.


  • The music was good, but was used a while ago by a combo maker named “Null” who released one of the first Alisa combo videos (the original was taken down but 2 copies still excised on YouTube). Not a major con but once a track is used it should stick to being with just one video in my opinion.
  • Position reset and Defensive training tab were on a large amount of combo, might cause a distraction to the screen for some viewers.
  • Marduk as an opp was used quite a bit, but the combos were still awesome and with Drake as a combo expert, the combos would only work on Marduk if he was used as the opponent.
  • Slow-mo was used a little too much compared to some of his Tekken 6 works from the past, for some it adds cinematic/epic qualities and to some it slows the impact of a great combo down, it’s mixed between viewers.

Overall this is a superb video! I suggest adding this to your YT favourites and liking the vid, Drake The Demon is no combo maker to mess with! Awesome job Drake!


9 Responses to Tekken 6 Eddy Gordo Combo Vid By Drake The Demon & Review!

  1. MarkMan says:

    Great review. I loved the video.

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  3. Forest says:

    Considering how bad the practice mode is in tekken 6, having position reset on is no big deal. Remember, there is no record function, so all of the combos had to be done in real time. RLX 3+4,3 as a wall bound was too cool. The music was great, no complaints here. Slow motion helps me to see exactly what is being done in the tougher parts of the combo. One question: at 1:55 or so, Eddy does uf+1+2 VS Kuma on the glass floor, but there is no floor break, and it still bounds! Crazy stuff. Tekken 6 BR has been out for so long and there is still so much to discover.

  4. MCLFanou says:

    My God! What’s that. I never thought that there is somebedy as good as Michael (the archange) in the legion (The movie) and Donie Yen in Ip Man. You are very good even if it’s a training trailer.
    unfortunately stillI don’t have this game.

  5. UnDeRoAtH says:

    WOW i loved it never thought of alot of stuff he did in this DRAKE !!! HELP ME DASH JAB WITH EDDY lol

    great stuff as always Drake :) keep it up Team A.C.E.

  6. Drake says:

    Thanks for the nice review tmd02!

    Forest – Thanks! There is a “sweet spot” on most floor break stages where B moves behave like that.

    UnDeRoAtH – Thank you, dash jabs with Eddy are a pain. lol

  7. UnDeRoAtH says:

    you make everything look sooooo easy lol i ben tryin some of these and cant do them at all :(

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