Anakin Training In South Korea

Anakin has already went to South Korea to train before next week’s Tekken Crash Royal Rumble tournament. Want to find out how is he against Koreans? Watch out TekkenCrashS2’s videos at YouTube.

12 Responses to Anakin Training In South Korea

  1. withoutkazuyaTekkenain'tshit says: Devil Kazuya is baaack!!
    Shout out to Kyochon’s delicious for telling me about this site.

  2. MAC says:

    DOES ANAKIN PLAY WID PAD??????????????????

  3. Meeu says:

    seems to be doing well. . .

  4. NYtekken says:

    I hate jack but anakin is very good with him…..i was goin for the Nina player 2 bad he lost..

  5. buttfart says:

    anakins beastin!

    does anyone know when the tekken crash royal rumble is gonna happen? and who else from america is going?

  6. Curt Carter says:

    Rip, Anakin and Fab will be at Tekken Crash. Both Rip and Anakin are being sponsored by x6 to go over there too; check out the site and I will try to keep everyone posted on it.

  7. AP says:

    Anakin has already GONE to South Korea… #corrections

  8. sn0wb00ts says:

    too bad no vids against TBL or Rain….

  9. lolque says:

    who is the nina player ?

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