World Games Cup Live Stream

One of the biggest European tournaments this year, WORLD GAMES CUP 2011, will be starting tomorrow… and there will be a Live Stream! Follow the link below for the stream.

5 Responses to World Games Cup Live Stream

  1. Malice says:

    Tekken is on now. Should be the 3 on 3 tournament.

    And stay tuned to the Soul Calibur 4 tournaments. Alot of Europe’s top players are in attendance as well as America’s top player and last year’s WGC winner.

  2. Malice says:

    Correction, 2 on 2 team tournament is on now.

  3. Blindghost says:

    Its MAHVEL BABY !!!!!
    oh and its very Broken

    CAPCOM Stay out of the Fighting games Buisness, you dont belong there.

  4. Schematic says:

    People like you make me ashamed to be black sometimes. You sound so ignorant man.

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