Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble Part 1

The long-awaited Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble videos are finally up! Watch the first bunch of videos featuring such players as Misty, Tongbal Love, Chanel, Dioxin, Hao and USA’s Fab!


11 thoughts on “Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble Part 1

    1. this is the problem with you us fans, try to see all the vids first, with the deathmatches ok.. before you say something like that.. thats why poeple is always getting pissed on you’ll

      1. it’s actually more correct to say that good to see that Fab an american is closing the gap although how big or small the gap is need not be mentioned since a gap is a gap no matter how big or small

  1. Is harada and rest of his tekken team safe? My heart goes out to these people and I am very sorry for all the natural disasters that are happening in japan, I hope they are safe

  2. If he got his ass handed, well, then , i mean whats new its korea. this argument is gonna go forever.

    but just to close the GAP of this argument LOL.

    our arcades and dedication is no where near thier arcades and dedication. that should tell you everything.

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