Indotekken’s Interview With Rain

Garlic from the Indonesian community has been working on interviews with various Tekken players from all around the world. Click the link below to read his latest interview with Rain and click here to check out the rest of them.

4 Responses to Indotekken’s Interview With Rain

  1. yakub says:

    Thank you rain for the interview^^ you are the best always^^

  2. Adipati Rahmat says:

    Hey, SDTekken
    Thanks to post the interview on your site.
    Btw, garlic is my Nickname, while adipati is my realname. Tekkenzaibatsu may recognize me as Feng Wei Tekken 6 subforum Moderator.
    Thanks again

  3. L_Z_N says:

    Thank you Di & SDTekken, for posting this. :)

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