Yoshinori Ono x Namco Bandai

Yoshinori Ono has attacked Namco Bandai office! Did the TEKKEN Team manage to defend their territory? Watch the photos at Facebook’s Tekken page to find out!

4 Responses to Yoshinori Ono x Namco Bandai

  1. sabsch says:

    i lold

  2. DrBhup666 says:

    He’s prolly there to work on Tekken X Streetfigter.

  3. clipse says:

    cant believe he did that to Harada’s picture haha, i feel revenge coming up. Harada invading Capcom soon!

  4. Meeu says:

    the poor picture of Harada-san. . . .Ono’s a bad man. . hahah

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