Tekken 6 Hwoarang Combo Vid Act 2 by SuperHwoarang1 & Review

Combo maker “SuperHwoarang1” shows that  Hwoarang still has a lot of juice for new combo videos! Click on the video above to watch, and click the link below to view my review on the combo video.

For the majority of combo video reviews, they will be in a “Pros & Cons” format, please be aware these are my personal opinions of the video, do not be offended as every vid I’ll review will be fair.


  • The lack of CH RFF b+3, JFSR was a good choice by the combo maker, as it is an escapable stun and not legit (opp holds D/down to fall back) and was a very common stun to launcher to been seen in the majority of combo Hwoarang combo videos.
  • The use of B! dash d/f+1, u/f+3+4 W! was excellent, I haven’t seen it in any Hwoarang combo vid to my knowledge.
  • The combos at 0:06, 0:13, 0:35 and 1:22 were fantastic, highlights of them would be the B! CD (crouch dash) into d/f+3+4, the u/f+3,4,3 B! ender and the LFS 3~f spam.
  • The RFF f,f+4,3 spam combo was a great treat, gotta love the same move used multiple times in one combo.
  • W! RFF 3~4~f RFS 2, iWS+4,4, RFF+3 showed great technical skill.
  • The overall W! combo/Non W! combo ratio was ok in my opinion, but perhaps not to some viewers.
  • Video quality was ok, it certainly beats a camcorder


  • The overuse of JFSR as a launcher, this has become something of an expectancy with Hwoarang combos as just a launcher over something that used to have flash points.
  • CD+3 as a launcher also showed slight repetitiveness, also on the same stage (Temple Grounds)
  • A few combos did show similarity to some of KYSG Guc’s videos “Hwoarang combo act 1 – Beyond Infinity” and “Hwoarang combo act 3” (i.e. high W! d/b+3+4 FB! and W! RFF 3~4, 4,4,3 70% hit)
  • The music didn’t have much of a lift on the video, as it was just a guitar track with not much connection to the character.
  • Another note to the audio was the in-game music was still on during the capture of the combos, as most combo makers turn it off to allow the character sounds and combo music to be clearly heard.

That’s it from me for now, thank you for reading!

3 Responses to Tekken 6 Hwoarang Combo Vid Act 2 by SuperHwoarang1 & Review

  1. Tekkenlover says:

    great video 10/10

  2. AAK says:

    Nothing wrong with overuse of JFSR. It’s Hwoarang’s trademark move! That’s like saying EWGF is overused in Mishima vids

  3. mistmatch says:

    i liked the cleanliness of the executions. also his make up for “overuse” of JFSR is consistancy with other combos including the regular CD4. the only con i would say would be the music but i love everything else

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