Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble Part 2

The second bunch of Royal Rumble videos is up, courtesy of garyoak99. How did Rip and Anakin do in Korea? Watch the videos to find out.


13 thoughts on “Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble Part 2

  1. Respect to US players for nice show!

    Where can I watch Damgermany tournament(Japan vs Korea vs USA vs EUROPE)??

    I don’t see any information on SDTEKKEN or Tekkenzaibatsu news page???

    1. I’m also curious as well.
      Anyone know if there’s going to be a steam sometime soon for Damagermany? Tournament should be around today…

      1. The invites for Damagermany for now has been confirmed to be Fighting GM, Ao, JDCR, and Only Practice.
        However, Only Practice won’t be able to go, so Hankuma (a.k.a Prince) will be attending.

  2. Nice job from the American players. Imo, character experience played a great role in American’s early defeat. I suppose this is one reason why the gap between Americans and Japanese/Korean players won’t close any time soon.

  3. Good Game. Can anyone tell the the music they play during the entrances and in between matches? Thanks! :)

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