Tons Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Updates!

It’s TTT2 time! jin11 has started posting Tekken Tag Tournament 2 updates at Tekken Zaibatsu including character-specific information. According to people who have been able to test the game so far, the movement is close to TTT/DR!

Moreover, check out the rest of the entry for the very first Korean Tekken Tag Tournament 2 local test videos and follow ldmaxi’s YouTube channel for upcoming matches!


23 Responses to Tons Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Updates!

  1. Spitfire says:

    like i said in earlier postings of TTT2…..get hype…MK9 and TTT2 gonna hold shit down…..but fuck u whackbox fags who just now jumpin ship since T6….

  2. VeNoM362 says:

    Look’n good so far.
    Armor King can reverse a punch into a cross face, that shit is BOSS! Very detailed stages aswell, also like how both players can now pick the same outfit (wonder if that means you can customize each outfit twice).

    Oh yeah, looks like Spider Man was replaced with a green dinosaur.

    I’m just saying…

  3. friedricewithtekken says:

    – no jin transformation still

    – devil kazuya tail(moving tail would be cool)

    – 4 players in the arcade would be nutssss lol

    – ogre would be cool too

  4. Tekkenlover says:

    DI thank u so much and ldmaxi thank u bro for recording this, u are the man

  5. Tekkenlover says:

    the third video at 55:27 shows statues that were in tekken4, they remake that stage and put it back in TTT2 which is great

  6. Spitfire says:

    good shit

  7. DrBhup says:

    Oh man, I’m very satisfied with this footage. So much sweet Lili action!

  8. ICEYOU says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  9. ICEYOU says:


    • DeePhenom says:

      I think Harada said that Jin can’t control the Devil Gene so that’s why they didn’t incorporate it during in-game gameplay like they did with Kazuya.

  10. Nick says:

    Some of the info posted in TZ in terms of new moves and such is being flagged as possible shenanigans, so use some judgment (eg Alisa has a 360 motion move). Probably a mix of speculation and truth.

  11. ICEYOU says:


    That is so lame, we were able to use it in Devil within’s in gameplay.

  12. rio says:

    man for the first time in a long time tekken was truly entertaining to watch!

    something about the energy constantly draining as one was beating upon the other dude made the game exciting as hell!!

    last wish is ogre!!

    thats it– & stages look phenomenal!!

  13. Meeu says:

    I’m soooo hyped.

    • Lightning-uppercut says:

      man im hype as well but one thing is i wish harada would make it on console as well because since the place i live at i often lag so crazy on online of tekken 6 because i think if harada would make this game on consoles that would make a good franchise out of the fighting games and imagine if he did i would say make the online servers better because tekken 6 online is worse.

  14. guy123 says:

    You guys might disagree, but I would like it if the round wouldn’t end if one character gets knocked out. Plus, I agree 4 players at once would be epic.

  15. hergadirk says:

    It would be too awesome if You have the option to play 1v1 nd 1v2 matches.

  16. tekken i realy like it 1,ooo,ooo,and more i like it i realy like character is jin kaziyama,paul,king and marduk these is the characyer i realy like on tekken wow tekken is my favorite game in the world heeeeeeeeeeeeeee………

  17. hi know mark livado he is my brother and we realy like tekken all the kinds of tekken and my favorite characthers are lin xiaoyu,devil jin,gun jack paul ,law king and armorking and all the characters of tekken in the world irealy like it i like those videos hehehehehehehehe. bye …..

  18. TTT2 is getting in shape really fast. Really good footage.

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