More love from Harada-san! With the first official TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 arcade location test underway in Japan, the first look at the location test version of the TTT2 CG intro is now online!  Check it all out by watching the embedded video or clicking the link below! Don’t forget to “Like” the page to see more content!

35 Responses to TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade Intro CG!

  1. Tekkenlover says:

    damn jun can destroy binocular with one serious look.

  2. farhan says:

    I said it before, I say it again; Julia>>>> JAYCEE

    • lolque says:

      yay ur right but i like jaycee 2 the should have made a new char hm or bring back michelle back 2 replace julia …intro is pretty cool and music is epic but there a bit less chars .. hope for some ingame footage form the location test next week :)

      • VeNoM362 says:

        I’m sure you’ll be able to customize Jaycee to look like Julia, atleast you better be able to.

    • tekken says:

      i could swear (don’t ask me why) that was michelle

  3. JL says:

    Julia is always Better than her new Look…But Jaycee is not bad either.

  4. shika1983 says:

    All those images have been released in picture form well before the intro release but it still nice to see them chronologically and in movie format.

    Love the nod to the original TTT with the music.

  5. tekken says:

    wowso can’t wait to get this game

  6. raybonekilla says:

    fuck yeah! hyyypppe!

  7. deebo says:

    im glad they’re building on the psychic elements for jun kazama.

  8. ICEYOU says:

    Definitely brings me back to ’00.

  9. VeNoM362 says:

    King must’ve said some shit like “I’m gonna stick my tail in your booty hole” to Julia,lol.

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will BRING IT!

    I’m just saying…

  10. Pantera says:

    That was fucking bad ass

  11. Reaper says:

    this looks great i can’t wait, as opposed to sf x tekken.

  12. Mishima1 says:

    It would be better with much more characters in it.

  13. Spitfire says:

    damn i got set back to 2000-2002 when we was putting quarters up on the cabinets panel for next…..damn this bring back memories and the pack arcades and phat ass bitches walking through da food court dayum…nostalgia right here…..mvc2 cvs2 tag guilty gear x San Francisco Rush 2049 Pump It Up Second Edition Initial D and 3rd Strike was all holding down MindBoggle Arcade Charlotte, NC…..shoutouts to Aaron for winning the July 26th, 2003 tournament….u took 2nd out of 90 ppl who came from all over…..u was best overall with xyaiou and Lei tag….nastiest i ever seen and u had mad haters 2…..hope u doin well with ya military ventures….2 my amigos Juan and Hugo yall some characters….if yall c Gabbie tell her 2 get at me on facebook i miss that sexy ass Dominican and that 99 Integra of hers and that Jin/Jun tag….she was nasty for a female tekken player and stupid sexy…2 my boy Tim holding it down with King/Armor king tags back then….u kept da crowd hype den a muthafucka LOL…..all da tekken players from and anybody else who use 2 hold it down at Mindboggle Arcade back in da day this is my shoutout 2 yall….PEACE!!!

    • VeNoM362 says:


      VeNoM362 my have played this dominican chick you speak of. I played TK5:DR with her at the Mills before (if its the same girl your talking about). I remember see said she was really into TTT and played in tournaments. She was using Devil Jin on DR and she got mad cause I kept beating her with Dragunov.

      Damn I miss the arcade scene, we just get together at a friends house to play now.

      If I thought it would make money I would open my own arcade.

      I’m just saying…

      • Spitfire says:

        @VeNoM362 yo whats ur name? did u ever play at Mindboggle at Eastland Mall? maybe we need 2 link up…..what part of NC u from? and that does sound like her…whining after gettin her ass beat…

      • VeNoM362 says:

        VeNoM362 lives in the Concord/Charlotte area of NC. I’ve been to Mindboggle a few times, but that was when I was younger. I gotta say it was the BEST ARCADE around here. I didn’t really get into the arcade scene that heavy until Tekken 4/5 time. I did all of my Tekken playing at Concord Mills. Everyone I know that plays Tekken from around here I met at Concord Mills.

        Ever heard of a place called Reapers?

        They usally hold touraments there every month or two.


  14. Spitfire says:

    i c i gotta make a trip 2 japan…..whats da conversion rate from US dollar to Yen? gotta make sure i have enuff quarters ;)

  15. mike says:

    jaycee and armor king got lucky from king and marduk.

  16. Spitfire says:


    No i never heard of reapers….sounds like something recent…and u sound kinda young because i been in the arcade scene since the mid-90s…the only thing i know of that the charlotte area has to offer as far as tournaments and gaming scene weak ass Lamefrog (gamefrog) at Carolina Place mall in Pineville…but fuck them…they not official nor accredited…. but i plan on making a trip back 2 charlotte some time soon…will b sure to make a stop through Concord Mills….i thought they didnt have shit but Dave Busters now???

    • VeNoM362 says:

      Thats is all they have now. Tilt arcade is still there, buts its been dead to us (everyone that plays Tekken here) since Tekken 6 came out. D&B does have nice arcades, but that dumb ass card system is a rip off. They do have DR there, but we haven’t touched it in over two yrs plus that card system equals about 75 cents per play. I’ve always played arcades but it didn’t become a regular thing till TK 5. I’m 26.

  17. Spitfire says:


    kool….didnt know they had Tilt arcade…havent seen one of those since 99 in Durham at old South Square Mall….that was one of the best arcades NC had 2 offer..but anyway im lookin 2 go 2 EVO this yr….need a team of players….u talk like u good but i would rather c that on the sticks then a few comments here and there on random postings on sdtekken…

  18. VeNoM362 says:

    Maybe we can get in some matches online sometime, that is when I get my ps3 up and running again. What part of NC you in and who do you know that plays Tekken around here?

  19. Spitfire says:

    fuck online….we might as well talk system specifics if we gotta play online…offline or no challenge…anyway i said im making a trip down there b4 July gets here so we’ll have plenty of time 2 run…i dont know any current heads playin other than who i mentioned in above posting plus those who came/played at MindBoggle regularly like Gabbie and Will Chad and Hugo and Aaron plus some of da Korean players by face….never caught their names back then…if i go 2 EVO which im planning 2 do….im only entering in MK9 and T6…wouldve been 3s but they dropped that shit for corny ass AH3 like they did at Final Round 14…

    • VeNoM362 says:

      VeNoM362 has been hearing some shit about Ling Massacre moving to Raleigh. Don’t know if its true or not.

  20. BlackVen0m says:

    With all respect i made a music video remake of this video! it will boost the game even more! i love the track remake you used in the arcade intro for TTT2 thank you harada namco bandai! here is my own remake of it,ENJOY =)

  21. Spitfire says:


  22. Jim says:

    ah yes the old soundtrack brings back memories indeed. This intro is killer

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