MAX DamagermanY Results

Asia dominated DamagermanY with 3 players placing top 3. The other guest outside of Europe, FightingGM, placed 5th having lost to European’s best Devil Jin player, Devil Kazuya. Suprisingly the event became a festival of Mishimas because Ryan Hart using Kazuya tied the 5th place with GM. Three Mishima players among best 6 participants? This is rare to see and was a pleasure to watch on the live stream.


1st – JDCR (Devil Jin, Heihachi) [South Korea]
2nd – Hankuma (Leo, Kuma/Panda) [South Korea]
3rd – AO (Alisa) [Japan]
4th – Devil Kazuya (Devil Jin) [Italy]
5/6th – FightingGM (Lee) [USA], Ryan Hart (Kazuya) [UK]

14 Responses to MAX DamagermanY Results

  1. Cris says:

    Europe closed gap with US best player!

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  3. NYtekken says:

    Lol gap???? I always thought US and europe were about even in terms of skills….GM is beast but then again him being the best U.S player can be debated….just my opinion….. congrats to that DVJ player tho

  4. Adrian says:

    Europe has got very strong Mishimas. Something I havent really seen in the states so far. But ofc they are hard to play ;D

  5. cleanrich says:

    congrats to europe

  6. Fredrikswe says:

    Is there a possibility that videos will be shown from damagermany

    I missed the stream due to work but i really wanna see it

    Do someone know if there is somewhere you could see some from damagermany


    • JackNY says:

      GM beats +140 Europeans and lose to 1 from Europe?

      US level is way too high for Europe.

      Gap is definately not closing!

      Mad props to GM for repping US

      • Doryaaa says:

        He didn’t faced all EU players.Lot of Eu top players eliminated each other or by Koreans and Japanese players.Also some of the best EU players wasn’t here like Redi Hokutu from Italy.He is at same level as Devil Kazuya.

        GM is a amazing player!!

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  8. yess says:

    Gm beat jdcr in ft5 money match and also beat ao in two ft5 money matches with a broken pad and also beat ryan hart ft10

    • vinsor says:

      Why couldn’t he replicate it where it really matters, tourney wise.

      Just my opinion, but some people perform better on tourneys against money matches, i play considerably better without using my tekken card which sucks.

  9. Gm says:

    First of all, I came straight from a 30 plus hour bus trip from nyc to and atlanta and back to nyc then got a plane to canada stayed in canada for 7 hours waiting for long trip to germany. Thats two 150 plus majors back to back my stamina was done beinh in a area where u omly american is tough. Im proud of my top 5 finish I dont care what anybody says id like to see others do what I do to compete

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