Tekken Crash S7 Preliminary Videos

TekkenCrashS2 has started uploading preliminary matches of Tekken Crash Season 7! Jump to the rest of the entry to watch videos of such players as Dioxin, Malgu and Sunchip!

6 Responses to Tekken Crash S7 Preliminary Videos

  1. joebo says:

    that hwoarang player failed so hard.

  2. Shirdel says:

    Holy hell, they haven’t waited long, have they? It’s only been a Week since the Royal Rumbles!

  3. Shotomaster says:

    So Superstar is finally competing in Tekken Crash.

  4. vinsor says:

    da heck! didn’t season 6 just finish (royal rumble is still part of season 6) hahahaha

  5. Tekkenlover says:

    thank you di for posting this news, great matches

  6. Forest says:

    Wow, still so much Tekken to watch; it never ends, ha!

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