TEKKEN 6 Jack-6 Combo Video By tmd02 & Review by TMM!

Although I’m not one to be promoting my own videos too often, however The Main Man himself asked to do a review for my video, I humbly accepted the offer! Click above to view the video and click below for the review by TMM!

The following review was written solely by TMM, big thanks to him indeed:

TMD02 makes a monstrous comeback after an epic retirement lasting about a month! Fortunate for us as he is the brightest “newcomer” star in the
combo maker universe. As a lot of others he is trying out new characters, seems like Jack-6 caught his attention this time!
A character represented mostly by Spinal villain in the past and more recently by Guc. TMD02 effortlessly rivals these two with one hell of a
combo vid called “Heavy Metal”.

+ Nice customs! Made me think of the “ABC Warrior” from “Judge Dredd”.

+ 0:37 features an awesome collision combo. After the inital hit, Jack sits down to take some time to meditate while Bryan suffers hell. Follows up with
a u/f+3+4 for an awesome FB!. At the wall we get a nice repeat with u/f+3+4 into megaton bitchslaps for a 38dmg wall game!

+ 1:01 genius use of Kuma’s wall properties.

+ 1:36 extremely solid combo from his wall throw.

+ 2:04 Superb collision combo timed well with the chorus. Jack waves his arms in relentless enthusiasm as the japanese man sings about better days for giant robots.

+ 2:11 Very neat throw combo, people have used the same throw setup before but this is the first time it was done in the open rather than right next to the

+ 2:50 must have been a pain to connect, very stylish combo overall… having the time to whiff ws+1+2,1+2 before continuing the combo, awesome!

+ 3:07 Super damaging and cool non wall combo. ws+1+2,1+2,1+2 as a B! ender is very neat!

– IMO too many combos performed on the “Temple” stage, using WB!

– While the combos were excellent, the excessive use of the f,f+2, u+1+2 setup and collisions were starting to be a bit too well represented in my opinion. Pushed further
and the vid would have felt a bit too gimmicky. It is evident that TMD liked these and wanted to explore them to their full potential, which is cool.
+/- über cheese Japanase pop mega hit!

Awesome vid!

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