Ultimate Tournament XIII Teasers

Ultimate Tournament XIII will be remembered for a long time. Why? Well, the reason is quite simple – international guests. The Paris tournament will be featuring one of the best American Tekken 6 players (check the video above). Korea can’t miss the event too so two players from this country will be joining UT XIII. Who is it going to be? Check the rest of the entry for the 2nd teaser revealing their nicknames!


3 Responses to Ultimate Tournament XIII Teasers

  1. abner says:

    yeesh did they really have to resort to ripping off the 20th century fox/lucasfilm logos and the staff roll even

    also wtf winnie the pooh? loool there goes your street cred

  2. concrete_body says:

    Lol. Wth?…Winnie? Wouldn’t’ve been so bad if he wasn’t huggin on it and had the make up. Wow. Can’t wait tho.

  3. rio says:

    players invited:

    aNakin -us
    jisamOon ace -kr
    qudans 2nd (aka: fight spirit or tuhon) -kr

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