Watch Final Round XIII Finals LIVE

Get HYPED! The Final Rounds XIII finals will be starting at 12 EST and will be streamed at Yesterday’s Tekken 6 tournament will continue with 8 players in the Winners Bracket and some more matches in the Losers Bracket. The four WB matches are: Pokchop vs. Neox, Knee vs. LingMassacre, FAB vs. KOR and Bloodhawk vs. Nin.

Regional 5 on 5 tournament took place yesterday as well with Texas winning against other teams. The top 3 teams were:
1st – Texas (NeoX, IceColdEdge, JinKid, FilthyRich, KOR)
2nd – ATL (PokChop, Sim, MeRedATL, RedATL, Clint)
3rd – VA (LingMasscre, Blackula, SMP, Gandido, RyRy)

8 Responses to Watch Final Round XIII Finals LIVE

  1. beedub321 says:


  2. VenoM362 says:

    Tekken’s TOP STARTS NOW!!! One of VenoM362 boys made it to top 32,good work SmallWonder!

  3. VenoM362 says:

    Guess who was in the finals, KNEE and NIN!(Did not see that one coming). Awesome fights between Bryan and Steve, but Knee takes it in the end. This was a pretty good tournament. VenoM362 saw six of his characters used in top eight:Hwoarang,Bryan,Steve,Lars,Xaioyu,and Leo.
    Props to Bloodhawk for taking Bob’s punkass out(well…atleast one of them)
    Why in the blue hell did Pork Chop try to use Bryan aginst Knee? Guess he lost faith in his Bruce.Anyways respect to all players.(not too much for Bob players though)

    I’m just saying…

    • Kernkraft says:

      lol, thought the same thing when I saw he dropped bruce, anyways he wasn’t looking good in that 2nd match.

      Didn’t finish watching the finals, but knee was pretty much controlling the game over nin. Awesome games

  4. MarkMan says:

    Here is a preview match between myself and WayGamble, TEKKEN CRASH style with commentary from Nin (S. Korea) and FilthyRich (SDTEKKEN)!

  5. VenoM362 says:

    MarkMan can Nin and Knee speak any english or do they have translators,Tekken Crash trips me out don’t know what they are saying but they sound hype! Knee and Nin seem like cool people,my friend sent me a text of a picture with him,Nin and Knee.
    LOL, thought I was getting texted again but it was in your video.

  6. tekkenlover says:

    awsome win markman i would also like to see ur lars in action, it was so cool that nin was doing the commentary and at same time someone was translating i hope on the next season of tekken crash they put subtittles so we can understand what they are saying.

  7. glenn says:

    you guys here are going to lose your skill on tekken due to ssf4 coming out

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