Final Round XIII Day 2

The second day of Final Round XIII tournament stream is beginning RIGHT NOW at! The Tekken 6 tournament will be followed by Street Fighter IV tournament. Keep your thumbs up for SDTEKKEN.COM representatives: Filthie Rich and MarkMan!

Yesterday’s 3 on 3 Tekken 6 team tournament was won by Team Korea (Nin, Knee, Clint), which, however, came out from the Losers Bracket, after losing to Trung from Team Cool (jio, Trung, Zero the Shadow) which placed third. In the Grand Final Koreans won against Team NYC (GM, Fab, Realyst).


10 thoughts on “Final Round XIII Day 2

  1. NC was live as hell…..Damn Saiysu Kusanagi….y u go in with Alex on ole dude’s Makoto…???u know dat was a 7-3 match ratio….shit….i was live as hell on ustream…NC STAND UP!!!!!!!! STEP YA MENTAL GAME UP NEXT TIME EDDY!!!!

  2. Clint’s Kuma did very well, that’s cool (I’m saying it cause I’m a bear player myself), however, I wish Gandido won becase I like Roger too and I’ve been (and am) looking forward to seeing a solid tourney Roger :)

  3. SO u Remember MindBoggle Arcade den right? Will, Hugo, Chad, Gabby, fuck….
    so many fucking players there….SMIDGET!!!!!

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