SDT Podcast Show No. 1!

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been following our site lately, you’ll know that we’ve been working on a special podcast to highlight the console release of TEKKEN 6!  The wait is over and we now present you with an hours worth of shits and giggles as we go over a number of topics!

SDTEKKEN’s first podcast show! Tune in as we chat about the console versions of TEKKEN 6 and talk about the Tekken community as a whole. We also cover other fighting game news, arcade sticks, and what to do if you’re new to TEKKEN or interested in improving your game. Special Guest, Harry Chang from AKSYS Games (BlazBlue).

Length – 1:00:42. (Warning: Language may be inappropriate for minors.)

Credits – Mark Julio, Ace Roa, Harry Chang, Nathan Aguilera, Gerald Orofino, Neil Aguilera, Faye Mata & SDT

^ Click here to listen!

SD TEKKEN Podcast Show #1 (55.5MB) < Download!


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Special thanks to Namco Bandai Games and everyone who submitted questions via our Twitter & TZ Thread!

Next episode will be soon!  Please note that this first episode is scripted to cater towards people who aren’t too familiar with the TEKKEN series.  For future podcasts (once the game is out) we will turn it up and get more technical with gameplay and strategy!  Enjoy!

229 Responses to SDT Podcast Show No. 1!

  1. ShinJN says:

    First! So you those other guys won’t be the first to comment this time.

  2. MarkMan says:

    lol Jimmy! Thanks for previewing it…

    Everyone reading this, please refer to a lot of the stuff we’ve been showing the last few days (screen shots etc.), it’s helpful stuff.

    • BlackVen0m says:

      wow MarkMan wooow!!! THANX!! its amazing how much namco listens to the fan base!! i mean they have included soooo much in tekken 6..its like a dream game..dream come true! the futures and everything!! its so good i cant believe it!! Jesus Christ not long now! almost there!

  3. ZeroX says:


  4. thelonegamer says:

    Awesomeness!!! Downloading now… ^_^ Thanks for all your hard work, MarkMan!

  5. leang says:

    good shit guys. grats on the first podcast.

  6. 6th runner says:

    6th! =P Just to piss some of ya’ll off. And abt time this released!!!11

  7. MarkMan says:

    Thanks guys, btw I apologize in advance for the quality, we didn’t have all of our equipment set up properly and wanted to bang it out as soon as possible.

    We’re going to focus on making it more streamlined/informative next time. We’ll also be taking more questions. So please, leave some feedback!

  8. AlexMan says:


  9. ZeroX says:

    Quality is fine MarkMan. But you didn’t answer the question about Replay Data, whether you can save it as a media file…

  10. Newbie says:

    Hey great podcast!!

    But as a new player looking into getting Tekken 6 I was a little upset by what was said about not letting 1 player AND 2 player use customizations in versus mode.

    So, you’re saying that in versus mode ONLY the 1 player side can use customizations and the 2 player side does not use 1 player’s data?

    Or is there an option to load a separate data/profile for the 2 player side in versus mode?

    If not that seems like a big oversight on Namco’s part…

  11. Zero says:

    You guys can post first all you want but I legit got the first listen. I freakin refreshed this page twice in a row and I got it up as soon as it went live.

    Anyway, Markman good shit. Are you releasing these weekly? I hope so. Get another one out and get some guests in.

  12. SolRahlX says:

    Awesome podcast. I really liked MarkMan’s response to their being another KOF game…

    “King of what?”

  13. MarkMan says:

    We have more guests planned. We’re going to start slow. I hope to get some ppl who worked on the game on the next one. And you know we’ll ask em’ the dirty/juicy questions… not that run of the mill stuff lol

  14. CHALLENGER 1980 says:

    I’m at work….so as soon as I can I will be glued to every word.

  15. concretebody says:

    At Work Also. Gettin Off Soon. =0)

  16. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    Just finished listening to the cast and I must say. I’m extremely excited for this game now, even more so, DAMN YOU GUYS!

    Living down under we also get it a week later than everyone else ARRRGHH!

    I am glad namco have addressed alot of my concerns for the game. Sounds great. Let’s just hope the online can at least live up to Blazblue and i will be happy.

    I am also happy the story is completely contained in the game this time around. My only hope here is that they take the story in a different direction and stop giving Kazuya such a hard time. But I guess thats too much to ask for. If Jin wins again i think I might put a fork in my forehead.

    (Larz winning wouldn’t be much better)

    Some questions for the next one.

    1. Any Chance of Namco patching the game to have an adjustable hud? (Those lifebars are too damn low)

    2. Does the online have Input Delay masking netcode code like HD remix or MVC2, or how does it compare to the netcode found in Blazblue.

    3. When can we see Blazblue on Xbox 360 in Pal territories? (New Zealand)

    4. You mentioned your favourite stick is a hori. Which model?

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      lol, useless-useless questions. Such a scrub.

      1. Isn’t possible to move the bars.
      2. Online is a unknown matter.
      3. Here isn’t a Blazblue-related helpdesk. rofl
      4. Ask this in a stick post.

      You almost surpassed my hoe (Blind Ghost) in stupidity – keep trying, kid

  17. QueenWasp says:

    Great podcast! Now I’m too excited to wait a week and a half… :(

  18. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Man I cant wait too pick this up!

    Tekken Games I own:
    -Tekken 1
    -Tekken 2
    -Tekken 3
    -Tekken Tag Tournament
    -Tekken 4
    -Tekken 5
    -Tekken 5 DR

  19. Wild Man X says:

    Just got off of work. Downloading now! :)

  20. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    Amaizing! cudnt finish listeing to all so just synced it to my ipod touch, will listen in morning when traveling to college, im too excited but i need some sleep, btw the new kof is KOFXIII = another failuire atleast MI was 3d/ cgi intro and had endings..

    Tekken games i own/will soon:
    Tekken 4
    Tekken Tag
    Tekken 5
    Tekken DR PSP
    Tekken 5 DR PS3
    Tekken 6 PS3 Arcade Stick Bunde and Limited T-shirt edition! Cant wait 13 more days to go for UK who pre-order their shit from amazon/game or as we get 1 day earlier then 30th of oct

  21. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    I finished listening too the podcast. . .but what about the psp version?
    Im getting the psp version along side the ps3 version.

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  23. seele says:

    please someone try to upload the mp3 file to a mega o rapid, i can’t download from the site. thanks in advance

  24. coilover2005 says:

    The hype is now official!!! Podcast + Extra goodies… It’s about that time

  25. gina anderson says:

    lmao when that dude was talking about DP’ing his wife my roommate had no idea he meant “dragon punch”. she was like “that’s gross he let some other guy double penetrate his wife with him”. that story sounded way dirtier than i think he planed for lol

    • concretebody says:

      Well If You Listen To It Closely (Well It Was Easy To Hear) He Said The He Didnt Mean Dragon Punch. Sooo….?

  26. Flownomical says:

    Great job! Making it hard to wait for this game.

    I really wanna hear about the netcode.

  27. Wild Man X says:

    Thanks for answering my question! I really enjoyed the podcast. I would just suggest dropping the yodeling music played during one of the breaks :).

  28. thelonegamer says:

    Thanks for answering my question as well as the Shout Out! ^_^ The Tekken 6 scene in the Philippines has never been as big as today, and of course there is no place better to go than SDTekken and Tekken Zaibatsu. Can’t wait for the next podcasts!

  29. MarkMan says:

    Thanks for all the feedback so far guys, keep it coming!

  30. MarkMan says:

    Keep the feedback coming guys!

  31. Dilly says:

    Good stuff… Just wish you would’ve answered my question on if the game keeps track of W/L records and ranking for offline vs mode.

    • thelonegamer says:

      There’s always been tracking of Wins/Losses in Offline VS, that shouldn’t change with T6. Also, this was mentioned I think in the official press release when the game turned gold.

      • Dilly says:

        I’m talking PERMANENT w/l tracking in offline vs. As in, I play 50 games with a friend and we quit, next time I turn it on it remembers those wins and losses.

      • concretebody says:

        yeah that would be cool DILLY. cause i know when my friend and i are playin for hours, we sometimes reset to start over the bout count or whatever and the records are never saved. I’ve always disliked that.

  32. kayuza says:

    no addressing the infamous online clan support rumor.. hmm..

  33. MYK says:

    Haha loved it, always fun to listen to podcasts about fighting game, especially Tekken! Lol “Street Fighter what??!?”

    Thanks for the shout-outs SDTEKKEN!

  34. 3-d god says:

    i’ll give u feedback. what a fucking useless podcast, all this hype for nothing. i’ve never felt so foreign and annoy about a tekken related thing before. collosal waste of time.

  35. Spiriax says:

    Haha, I lol’d when you said “Tekken Sex–Tekken Six! By a landslide..” And the laugh in the background. :D

    Thanks for the podcast! Was really interesting.

  36. Kiunch says:

    Really good podcast, pretty much answered all my questions regarding Tekken 6 console. I’ll take it from you that online mode will be great, going to buy T6 on release.

  37. MarkMan says:

    Download mirror added.

  38. shortboy says:

    Quick question to everyone. Did you listen all the way to the end to hear the female voice/Faye Mata? If not, then it’s probably something that we should cut in sooner.

  39. MarkMan says:

    I hope ppl listened all the way to the end… There’s a hint about TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 there!

  40. Chang3 says:

    Awesome, pretty much answered most of what I wondered before.

    But a few questions, how much is the online better in T6 than DR? you guys said better but is it 10X better?
    What kind of DLC are we expecting (Tekken Vollyball)?
    Are we able to share/buy/sell items to other Tekken players using Tekken Money?
    Can you customize the lifebars?

  41. ched90 says:

    11 DAYS

  42. Battling_boy says:

    Awesome 1st Podcast, audio quality was great.

  43. CHALLENGER 1980 says:

    TTT2?!?!?!?! Mark Man don’t play with my emotions. XD LOMAO

  44. TCO-TheOne says:

    I loved the Podcast MarkMan. I hope you are for real about TTT2 that’s a long awaited dream game.

  45. bob says:

    i got a really good idea why not for TTT2 have a tournement mode online, online tekken bowl, have a survival tournement where you are actively compared to other people playing survival whenever you lose you can watch another persons screen and then you respawn in say a minute, first one to 50 wins wins the match. or a crossover suvival where you can play against eachother and not parallel say 16 players in a round

  46. Ashesfall says:

    thanks MarkMan for the great entertainment.
    i listen to it 2 times ^^
    i really hope the next show is before it shipped in europe because then the interesst in the podcast is way not that interesting then it is now.

    what i really want to know you just said loadtingtimes on xbox is faster but how faster?
    and if the loadingtimes on ps3 dr was 5secound (from stage select to the fight) how long is it in this t6?

    you said it before but will you do an comparative video for the loadingtime installt and between 360/ps3?

    thanks buddy

  47. Ashesfall says:

    and you said sdtekken will give us an english frame data t6 page i am really up to this i dont hope it delayed way mutch after the launch

  48. Jin'sEvil says:

    Nice podcast. Tons of good info. The effort you and SDTekken are putting into hyping the launch is commendable.

    I have a question for scenario campaign though — can you use an arcade stick or does it work better with the pad and analog?

    Other keep up the good work.

    • MarkMan says:

      Hey bro! Yes you can use arcade stick.

      It does work differently with dpad/analog, but I wouldn’t say it is better. I like playing through S.C. with stick to be honest.

  49. garfield says:

    you said something about frame data…

    will you start releasing frame data after a couple of weeks the game is released?

    or before the game is released?

  50. Colin says:

    funny podcast and TEKKEN NATIONAL TOURNAMENT!

  51. garfield says:

    im still listening to it even now..

    why is it that its only lars and alisa?

    ive seen clips but its always them 2…

    it you have the time hope you can answer this…


  52. DeluksZ says:

    looking forward to hearing this… i think i’m gonna chek this during bath:P

  53. shika1983 says:

    Liked some of the spoilers in there regarding when you first log in.

    Good stuff

  54. GK says:


    First file (main one, not the mirror) is messing up a bit. Size mismatch error is what I’m getting when I try to download it, and that usually happens when the upload went a bit funny (I think you uploaded it via WordPress’ file upload? That thing’s whack when files are over 50mb – you might want to try directly FTP’ing the file instead.)

    Overall – great podcast. I hope all the mass media game sites tuned in so that they actually learned something about Tekken.

  55. chemicalRed says:

    Nice Podcast MarkMan
    Are you gonna get the PS3 or 360 version of T6?… It would be cool to play everyone here when T6 releases… I think with this site you can really help Tekken players connect … You should implement more of a social networking sort of component here , like Facebook or Myspace

  56. Izzy says:

    Awesome podcast Markman! I hope you’ll be making there more often, especially with T6 coming out on consoles!

    By the way I got a TE stick for Tekken 6, check out my “website” link for the art template I’ll be using!

  57. DeluksZ says:

    Started to listen the podcast. It is awesome. I’m half way through, i’m going to continue this on the bus to the city.

    A question to MarkMan and the makers: I have already linked this post as a new on my with the proper links and feeds to your site. But can I translate some of the content to the members not very good at english language? I would gladly summarize your chatting to them in Hungarian if I get the permission to translate it.

  58. Nobunaga says:

    When you talked about ‘Key Battles’ in Arena mode MarkMan, do you mean theres still gonna be the interlude cutscenes like in T5/DR?

  59. yaks88 says:

    congrats markman excellent podcast i just wish all us guys kud get together 4 tekken 6 launch allthough im from the uk and 1nce tekken launch week comes we could congratulate each other 4 the luv of tekken!

  60. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    My question is markman that u didnt talk abt new wireless tekken 6 stick?… needed bit more detail due to me been confused either wireless or HRAP3 T6 edition

  61. Sergeant Balls says:

    i got 2 questions for MarkMan and the others.

    1. Which game out of the Tekken has your favourite soundtrack.

    2. Do you think chracters such Dr. B and Devil Kazuya should be revamped and brought back?

    • MarkMan says:

      I’ll answer for myself…

      1) Personally I like TEKKEN 2 then TEKKEN 3. As far as soundtracks go.

      2) I think it would be neat to have Dr. B back, Devil (T2/TTT?) would be cool too, but I don’t think he’s needed.

  62. Onegai James says:

    Great job on the podcast guys. Good job of answering questions, explaining certain aspects of the game, and giving out new details.

    I have 2 questions for the next podcast, if it comes out soon enough.

    1) High level players always talk about tier lists. What is a tier list and how does it affect Tekken 6? Should this affect a new players decision when trying to learn the game?

    2) Mad Catz has made sticks for Street Fighter IV and MvC2, will they make one for Tekken 6? And if so, what will it look like, when will it be released, and for how much etc.?

    • VenoM362 says:

      Tier list are just a matter of opinion. You should use who YOU want to, not who other people say to use. If you did everyone would just use Steve,Law,and Lars. Theres 37 other characters in the game, try them out. I will likely use 23 characters in Tekken 6. You know Raven has never been “top tier” but MY Raven is a demon. What really matters is how YOU use a character.
      Oh yeah, everyone says Zafina is weak. Watch what VenoM362 does with her.
      I’m just saying…

      • Blind Ghost says:

        I agree wiht you 100%

        some people pick characters just cause of tiers or because they can juggle a lot. if that what your picking your character for, just dont play tekken at all man.

        cause your making that shit work instead of play.

        pick who you like.

  63. Autocrat1 says:

    lmao thanks for answering my question…<3 SDT (no homo)

  64. Psychoblue says:

    Hey Markman! Psycho here with a question

    1) In Scenario Campaign mode, is there any character-specific in-game text with certain people other than Lars and Alisa? I saw something with Leo talking in a Campaign Mode screen while paired with Alisa, and wondering if there’s something specific for every character?

  65. ched90 says:

    is the health bar can be fixed ?

  66. Blind Ghost says:

    LOL , I was listening to that podcast Last night on my PSP as i was trying to fall asleep, man, as soon as i was mentioned and iceyoucold, i busted out laughing. XD.

    thanks for the shout-our..i guess LOL.

    and Great job Guys that was an awsome podcast, very informative and learned a lot about the game as well, lots of new stuff we didnt initialy know.

    keep it up, i like the way it is ow actually, i liek hat you say what you mean and dont hold back, thats what actually made it fun, cause it was like just a bunch of guy who like tekken talking about all kinds of things and , you answerd a lot of questions.

    proud of you guys, possibly one of the best podcasts out there. great to see the tekken scene coming back to life.

    oh and I FUCKING KNEW ! MARKMAN hated KOF !! why man WHYYY???

    ok XII sucked i’ll give you that, but other KOF’s are badass.

    Dream match 98, dream match 2002, are fucking huge on GGPO, in fact Dream match 98 has 3 Fucking rooms in GGPO, 3d strike only has one.

    stop the hate on KOF markman, SNK fucked up once let it slide.

  67. Blind Ghost says:

    allright allright, cool, glad to hear it.

    thanks for the shout-out n8monster, ill try to be first more often, and uhh ill try to do somethign little diffrent evrytime.

    this time it was the beastie-boys, fuck next time it might be Sheryl Crow. LOL. thankis guys keep up the great work. This site is getting better and better.

  68. Blind Ghost says:

    oh and i appreciate the honesty about the visuals for both consoles.

    and about speed i think it might be slower on the PS3 because of the Blu-ray Drive, because its a first gen Blu-ray drive, but i dont know about the Slim though it might be faster.

    theres really nothing left to ask really, only thing left is to bring on the game.

    ill start adding people from SD tekken as soon as i get my PS3 which is gonna be about 2 weeks from now.

  69. Downplay says:

    Oh no, load times are slightly slower on the PS3! I’m canceling my preorder now!

  70. imlinked says:

    Very informative! Definitely was getting tired of constantly watching the same T6 trailers lol. This podcast seriously delivered!

    One question tho… this is a bit techy, but I was wondering if input lag problems are still present? I had a 720p HDTV and it would lag on T5:DR. I heard this was due to crap like upconversion etc. etc. What are the native resolutions of T6, and will this problem still be present in HDTV sets? What about current gen TV’s? Thanks.

    I’ve been thinking that HDTV input lag + online lag would be a killer. :(

  71. VenoM362 says:

    Yo MarkMan, will Tekken 6 have customized sound tracks? If not you think Namco could make a download patch for it along with a raising the life bars opinions and player 2 customs?
    I’m just asking…

  72. TD says:

    MarkMan and crew: Thanks for this…very informative.

    Would you expand on a couple of questions?

    1. For recorded matches,is the option to record a round or a full match, independent of the number of rounds. Also, any idea of how much space the recordings require?
    And, does this include online rounds?

    2. Is the default number of rounds 2 or 3?

    3. Can all custom items be acquired without playing Scenario Mode?

    Thanks again

    • Sergeant Balls says:

      hmm maybe they might keep him playable offline like Jinpachi was in T5:DR

    • Blind Ghost says:

      hey markman here are my questions i hope you can answer on the next Podcast.

      if there is somwhere else i can submit questions for the podcast let me know.

      1. Are you able to Play Custom Soundtracks from your PS3 during online or offline matches. ??

      2. In the options is there a way you can raise the Health Bar ??

      3. Are there anymore modes that Namco Bandai are keeping a secret from Tekken Fans ?? like a Tag mode or a Clan Battle mode ??
      Because if you remember Namco bandai said there would be an announcment towards the release date of T6 about a new mode for online.

      hope ou answer these question if you can’t however, plz at least hint at something if its there.


      • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

        Are you stupid? Yes, you are – there’s no way to move the hud, hoe. So, you’re screwed lol

        Do your homework before asking the same shit again and again, bish. You tire me. :(

  73. Nobunaga says:

    Are interlude cutscenes still in Arena Mode like they were in story mode for Tekken 5?

  74. love the podcast. i do have a question. if i have to record my matches via capture card, which capture card you recommend?

  75. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    yo marky!!
    I got a question ask namco if there will be a Ace combat 7!

    • Blind Ghost says:

      I love Ace Combat man. dude 4 and 5 were the shit. 6 was meh.

      but yeah iwant them to make one for the PS3.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Yep,Im a big fan of all of Namco’s games :) tekken,ace combat,ridge racer ETC. . .
        If you want info on ACE COMBAT 7 check out my videos on youtube about the game. . .
        I have all the ace combat game but i dont have 6,Thats a xbox 360 exclusive. . .unfortunatly
        I love ace combat!! XD

      • Blind Ghost says:

        ya im harcore on RIDGE RACER 7 too, Namco just makes badass games.

        Ya i loved 4, and i loved 5, and i know a lot of people didnt like 3 Electrosphere, but i fucking Loved it.

        X-02 Best fucking Secret plane Ever. it was good in 4 but it was badass in 5

        The last stage was a Bitch in electrosphere, you cant miss once cause if you do its back to the beggning of the tunnel. then you get to fight the A.I

        electrosphere demo for the PS1 was what got me started with Ace Combat. after that i was hooked.

        and with ridge racer i always loved RR its my get away from Gran Turismo, sometimes realism just fucking sucks.

        sometiems you just wanna drive a high speed car with some fucking NOS.

        MELTFIRE BITCH !!!!

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        I know I hope they make a RR8!

  76. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    No1 cared about the intro?

    markman if u can tell us the opening cinematic intro we saw via IGN is that the full intro? or there is part 2 if there is how long is it approx?? 5mins over?

  77. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    That intro was too short, i really hope its longer with better music rather than calm shit everything in control its tekken! need sum upbeat music in intro part 2! really hope there is :(

  78. TCO-TheOne says:

    I agree Venom and Blind Ghost is there custom music playback for the ps3 MarkMan let us know if you can.

  79. Inserity says:

    Great job with the podcast SDT, keep ’em coming! Loved every minute of it. I liked the songs in between. I’ve always wanted to hear some of the songs without the stage noise. :P

  80. SolRahlX says:

    It’s not the full intro. If you look at the new pictures posted on SD TEKKEN a few days ago you can see that MarkMan posted pictures of the second intro.

  81. Iwao says:

    Thanks for answering my question MarkMan. And well this question was not my best one, and I didn’t mean to be fanboyish or anything… But I did want to know that.

    And so that means, that the Playstation 3 version does have one thing that looks better. And I guess it’s not the final version, that got MarkMan, so I can’t wait until Tekken 6 is out. And lol well I’m happy to hear, that Tekken 6 is this good! :D

  82. CHALLENGER 1980 says:

    The pod-cast full of badassery! Can’t wait for the next one.

    I have two questions.

    1. Is the Fight Money Roulette game still in? How often does it appear?

    2. Is there an online clan option (team) like the Japanese arcade? If featured Trial matches and soforth…

    BTW I missed the TTT2 hint…..

  83. Iwao says:

    @ Challenger1980. It wasn’t a TTT 2 hint. But about the thing Namco UK made on Twitter. So lol sorry to disappoint you. But it’s true.

  84. tekkenlover says:

    idea of national tekken tournament is awsome

  85. suikenuser says:

    lol@ Ace, “This is a hood question!”

  86. boomee says:

    hey i have a question on the PS3 version does T6 let you play your own music tracks like Streetfighter and even King of fighters 12 lets you do?

  87. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Will tekken6 win fighting game of the year???

    • The Devil, Kazuya says:

      If it doesnt there is something wrong. As much as I like Streetfighter 4 it really isn’t even in the same league as Tekken 6 in any aspect. (online is yet ot be seen).

      and living on the worlds ass i havent had a chance to play BB yet.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      i believe it , gotta wait until after launch to see the results.

      as i said before the only reason tekken didnt get the attention it did like SF, was because SF was first to the scene.

      i mean there were cartoons ,commercials, cereal, it was the first 16 bit 2d fighter out.

      so everyone knew SF and it just grew from there, even though TEKKEN is leagues beyond, everyone from the 90’s only knows street fighter.

      its just now that digital media distribution is at an all time high.

      and fighters have been dead for quit some time now, and yeah Street fighter IV jump started it.

      but whats diffrent now is the focus is gonna go to a lot of fighters thanks to a small thing called the internet.

      so now people are fianlly checking out other fighters

  88. xbox360 says:

    what about loading time?

  89. xbox360 says:

    What does asking loading time has to do with being a fanboy?

  90. xbox360 says:

    I’m asking a loading time for xbox 360 so i named xbox 360 happy ps3 fanboy?

  91. Rip says:

    Great podcast guys! Keep it up

  92. xbox360 says:

    you can watch it at giantbomb dot com
    its oct.15.2009 video so i think it shuld be close to retail version..

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      I saw,it your right the ps3 version load times are alittle long.
      But that just allows more data too be read,Resulting in less pop-ins and other stuff.
      Blu-ray drives in the ps3 are slower then the dvd drives in the xbox 360.
      You cant denine that.

      • xbox360 says:

        i’m not saying xbox 360 version is better or something or want to compare between consoles. If ps3 version is that long xbox 360 version will be similar too. So what I wanted to know is how much will loading time reduced with hdd install… I hope they are below 20sec for both consoles..

      • bob says:

        too bloody right

    • Inserity says:

      I believe the reason the load times are so long on GiantBomb’s preview is because:

      1. It wasn’t the final retail version
      2. They didn’t install the game

      I’m sure after you install the game on both systems, they’ll be running fast and up to par with the arcade version.

  93. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    The ps3 version has a optional install. . .but idk on the 360 version. . .

  94. Hal says:

    Hey there, great podcast! :)
    One thing did confuse me though… So i I finally decided to drop a comment here, after following you guys for too long. :)) @7:45 Ace R. mentioned super crystal clear “1080p to the max”? So.. Whats up with that? I thought it was 720p after all. Was that a blunder or is there something we don’t know? :)

  95. Blind Ghost says:

    he wasnt being specific, he was just saying it looks better than the previous builds shown at E3 or COMIC-CON.

    basically its a better version thats stands out more. but that makes sense since its the final build.

    but no the game is not 1080P its 720P.

  96. Battousai says:

    Man, the download rate is too slow. On both links, too.

    OT: Hey, MarkMan, nice job on the podcast. It’s nice to actually hear your voice (kabayan!).

  97. L_Z_N says:

    Oh no…they were definitely not joking, when they said they’d call out stupid questions. lol

    Anyways, great show. Thank you for doing this podcast.

    I learnt a lot about the upcoming console version.
    Can’t wait to play it now. :)

    Btw, if you guys didn’t mind..I compressed the file(20 Mb) and uploaded it to sendspace…

  98. Farhan says:

    Great listen!

    I wanna know whether Azazel is playable in offline mode or not and does the “Rage+floor break” still do a slowdown or not?

  99. BluntMasterShen says:

    tiz my niz

  100. Ryan Nelson says:

    good job guys

  101. tekkenlaw says:

    hahahah tekken 6 is beast breh rep 808

  102. King Lou says:

    Love live Tekken wooooooooooo!!!

  103. Gojira says:

    Seattle player here, thanks for the community shout-out! Unfortunately I wasn’t at PAX and didn’t get to meet any of you but maybe I’ll see you next visit.

    Podcast is great, very clear, good vocal presence, no awkward silences. As long as I’m here I might as well ask a question:
    You said replay is just the same as Tekken 4, so does that mean there are absolutely no new features there? Not even simple navigation options like fastforward and rewind?

    Again, great job, looking forward to the next podcast. Tekken Hype!

  104. nana says:

    Even though I’m a SF4 player, I think this podcast was quite informative & I’m glad Neil linked me to listen to it. Good job, gents!

  105. Korly says:

    Thanks for putting this together guys! Can’t wait to hear the next one.

  106. bob says:

    is there going to be atournement mode in next tekkens please respond

  107. Chang3 says:

    There is a question I really want an answer to it!

    Now lets say you were playing T6 online and the match was laggy like like hell, is there like an option for you and your opponent to quit the match without it going against you?

  108. SolRahlX says:

    I guess there’s nothin else to do or any surprises to wait for… only thing there is now is to wait for 9 more days…

  109. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    random. . .
    I read that a guy killed himself in japan, because he failed too pick up a ps2 at launch(10 or 11 years ago)

    I guess he wanted tekken tag tournament really bad. . .

  110. chad90 says:

    MARKMAN plz tell me if tekken 6 intro is the 1 they showed or thers another full version for the console

    • SolRahlX says:

      MarkMan already answered that question when he put up those new pictures a few days ago. If you look at those pics there are screen shots of the second intro. It’s even labeled as “Opening Cinematic.”

  111. DarkUpper says:

    When I was listening mine got cut after 20 minutes. Is that normal? I was getting into it as well. =(

  112. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    Markman never actualy said anything about it, do not judge by those pics, as they say “T6BR”
    dnt forget it might be intro from gallery section markman was showing of “T6BR” arcade intro, about full intro it might possibly wat we all have seen of IGN or part 2 eventualy no… words as it might stay out of spoilers untill release or mayb Markman will talk abt in 2nd podcast ?

    • SolRahlX says:

      Why would MarkMan label the picture “Opening Cinematic?” It’s up there on the heading just like the pictures taken from the public showing of the first opening cinematic. Notice how those pics say “Opening Cinematic” too.

  113. True Ogre says:

    Can Devil Jin spam his laser attacks in Scenario Campaign or have they been nerfed

  114. DaBakerMann says:

    o man i know what the hell u guys are talking about that shit tilt in mission valley. 1.50 for a game of tekken 6 is bullshit! anyways the podcast was awesome :D

  115. Lili#1 Fan says:

    Are there anymore news?

  116. chemicalRed says:

    MarkMan, I have a few questions.

    1. I was wondering if the online matches could be edited so that participants could choose whether or not item moves would be permitted.

    2. I was wondering if it were possible to turn the rage system off. And if so would that also be an option online.

  117. VenoM362 says:

    Way cooler than FIRST!
    I’m just saying…

  118. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    oh yeah thanks for the shoutout markman :|

  119. crazy skip says:

    MarkMan are you working on the next podcast “?” .. im not trying to bug you or anything but its just been 5 days since you’ve posted any tekken news lately .. just wondering when the next set of news will come out..

    • MarkMan says:

      Yes, we are half way done with the planning for the second podcast.

      It will cover online play and a special TEKKEN 6 event. :)

      Stay tuned!

      BTW, the reason we haven’t been posting any new “news” is because we wanted to really let the community listen in on the podcast and get their opinions on how it is/was.

      We really value feedback and what you guys think because we’re doing this for you guys, the TEKKEN fans.

  120. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Will tekken 6 ship in the spider-man playstation 3 letters or the new ps3 slim letters??

  121. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    Looks like this is the offcial?? Tekken 6 Manga, with english translation.

    Remember people read right to left =P

  122. SolRahlX says:

    PSM3 UK gave the game a 70%… I don’t think they know how to play the game. Judging from every damn casual review site that has gotten a copy of this game they probably can’t even do basic strings. Seeing as all I see with them is 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, d+4, 2, 3, 1, 1, 3, 3.

    Magazines like this really piss me off.

  123. MarkMan says:


    Thank you VERY much for your feedback.

    Our goal for this podcast was just to test the waters and try to please the community we care about. Not just the competitive TEKKEN players but the TEKKEN fanbase as a whole.

    We’re very pleased to say we are looking forward to having more shows on a regular basis. Not only will it continue to cater to both competitive players (which we hope will eventually grow the podcast fanbase with) and TEKKEN fans (juicy news and gossip anyone?)… our main focus will be that to inform, entertain, and most importantly deliver.

    We will not waste your hour. :)

    We have some special guests lined up and for the next few shows I think it will be important for us to interact with the fans to get their input because at the end of the day. If it wasn’t for this community, this podcast would be nothing. It’s for us, by us, right?

    Stay tuned! Next episode will cover a special TEKKEN 6 event and a big focus on ONLINE play for TEKKEN 6!

  124. crazy skip says:

    great i’ll stay tuned for this new news coming up.. i also can’t wait when podcasts are up in itunes.. which is what i’m hoping that you will do.. right MarkMan?

  125. tao says:

    Good Podcast! cant wait for tekken 6!!

  126. Al says:

    I remember finding myself sixth grade choir along with we did the disney medley of songs and it was the most fun I’d in choir. Arabian Nights, Become Our Guest, Hug the Girl, Under the Sea would be the ones that arrived at memory from them. They have to bring some of the movies out of that damn Disney vault.

  127. […] Back in Sept. 2009 we tried our hands at a podcast episode prior to the console release of TEKKEN 6. With TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 out later this year, do you think we should make a comeback? Let us know. […]

  128. MarryT says:

    fellas if you want to see her first amateur pictures simply type in google: Bumelonto’s galleries

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