Tekken 6 Hungarian Community Combo Video & Review!

Tekken 6 combos are still alive and kicking with the very first Tekken 6 Hungarian Community Combo video, featuring BenyoBoy, Pajcs1, Metadata, Dragonken and KYSG Guc! This is a video you must watch! Click above to view the video and below for the review!

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sithlord, the famous Tekken combo movie maker, has made interviews with two members of the worldwide known team KYSG which has been providing the fighting game communities with various fantastic combo acts with programmable controllers. Click one of the links below to start reading.

Zielone Drzwi – Adam Gajda

Adam Gajda is one of the best Polish Tekken players. He has only two fingers but no matter that he is a great player. In May 2010 he managed to place first in the 3rd edition of Berlin Tekken Clash. “Zielone Drzwi” is a Polish TV program dedicated to handicapped people. Its reporters went to Berlin with Gajda and that’s how this video report was made. Click below to watch it.

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SDTEKKEN’s Poll No. 1!

As announced, we’re starting the first poll in which you, the reader, will choose the next person from the Tekken 6 community whom SDTEKKEN will interview! The poll will last one week and after the winner is found we’ll let you post your questions the similar way we did in the Rain interview. Do not hesitate and vote now!

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