Tekken 6 Hungarian Community Combo Video & Review!

October 25, 2011

Tekken 6 combos are still alive and kicking with the very first Tekken 6 Hungarian Community Combo video, featuring BenyoBoy, Pajcs1, Metadata, Dragonken and KYSG Guc! This is a video you must watch! Click above to view the video and below for the review!

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Tekken 6 Community Combo Vid “The Divine” Part 3!

May 1, 2011

The final part of the trilogy has finally arrived, with all the best combos saved for last! Click above to view the video!

Tekken 6 Community Combo Vid “The Divine” Part 2!

April 23, 2011

After a tiny wait for the second part to the biggest combo event of this year, here is part 2! Click above to watch the video! (I’ve decided not to review the following parts due to possible outbursts, but the combos were fantastic!)

Jin Saga – Tekken Comic

September 5, 2010

Our friends at Tekken Nation have released the very first volume of their Tekken Comic named Jin Saga, which is based on one of the users’ fanfic. The story tells us Jin Kazama’s past events and how he became the man he is today.


September 5, 2010

sithlord, the famous Tekken combo movie maker, has made interviews with two members of the worldwide known team KYSG which has been providing the fighting game communities with various fantastic combo acts with programmable controllers. Click one of the links below to start reading.

Zielone Drzwi – Adam Gajda

June 8, 2010

Adam Gajda is one of the best Polish Tekken players. He has only two fingers but no matter that he is a great player. In May 2010 he managed to place first in the 3rd edition of Berlin Tekken Clash. “Zielone Drzwi” is a Polish TV program dedicated to handicapped people. Its reporters went to Berlin with Gajda and that’s how this video report was made. Click below to watch it.

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SDTEKKEN’s Poll No. 1!

June 1, 2010

As announced, we’re starting the first poll in which you, the reader, will choose the next person from the Tekken 6 community whom SDTEKKEN will interview! The poll will last one week and after the winner is found we’ll let you post your questions the similar way we did in the Rain interview. Do not hesitate and vote now!

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NorCal StrongStyle 4 Report!

February 3, 2010

I was on hand at NorCal StrongStyle 4 this past weekend and took part of the United States’ biggest TEKKEN event yet! Over 120 fierce competitors raging from every corner of the United States to international combatants from Thailand and Korea… This world class event closed out in epic fashion! Click below for top results and pictures!

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January 5, 2010

For those of you in the Southern California region looking to level up your TEKKEN game… Look no further!  shglbmx and Alex “CaliPower” Valle are teaming up again to bring you TEKKEN THURSDAYS! There is no better way to level up your game than by playing against the best competition your area has to offer! Even if you’re not in SoCal you can learn by tuning into AJ “PotatoHead” Papa’s (GYT News) live stream of the event! For more information on the event and stream, click below!

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ACTivegamerS Triple Threat & Hollywood Massacre!

November 10, 2009

This weekend, make sure you check out the biggest fighting game event in Southern California!  Triple Threat unites the three biggest fighting titles: Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue and TEKKEN 6 as the best players in the nation battle for over $6500 in prizes! Can’t make it out to California?  Make sure you check out the LIVE stream from UFRAGTV both Friday night for the uWink party and on Saturday for the main events!  Click below for the full press release!

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October 20, 2009

THIS IS IT!  TEKKEN 6 is finally coming.  Southern California, are you ready for the next battle!?  Join us on Saturday, October the 24th for the official TEKKEN 6 launch event!  Join in as the fighting game community comes together to celebrate the release of a game we’ve been waiting for for years!  Get hyped!  Click below for the full details!

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SDT Podcast Show No. 1!

October 15, 2009

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been following our site lately, you’ll know that we’ve been working on a special podcast to highlight the console release of TEKKEN 6!  The wait is over and we now present you with an hours worth of shits and giggles as we go over a number of topics!

SDTEKKEN’s first podcast show! Tune in as we chat about the console versions of TEKKEN 6 and talk about the Tekken community as a whole. We also cover other fighting game news, arcade sticks, and what to do if you’re new to TEKKEN or interested in improving your game. Special Guest, Harry Chang from AKSYS Games (BlazBlue).

Length – 1:00:42. (Warning: Language may be inappropriate for minors.)

Credits – Mark Julio, Ace Roa, Harry Chang, Nathan Aguilera, Gerald Orofino, Neil Aguilera, Faye Mata & SDT

^ Click here to listen!

SD TEKKEN Podcast Show #1 (55.5MB) < Download!


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Special thanks to Namco Bandai Games and everyone who submitted questions via our Twitter & TZ Thread!

Next episode will be soon!  Please note that this first episode is scripted to cater towards people who aren’t too familiar with the TEKKEN series.  For future podcasts (once the game is out) we will turn it up and get more technical with gameplay and strategy!  Enjoy!

New Philippine TEKKEN Champion Crowned!

September 14, 2009

The top players of the Philippine TEKKEN community gathered on September 12th to decide on the new title of Philippine TEKKEN 6: Bloodline Rebellion Champion!  Rounding out the players, Coffee Prinz and his Steve Fox won in an impressive round robin victory over his peers.  Taking second was the reigning T6 national champion, JinLo and his top notch Bob play.  Special thanks to our Philippine correspondent Marion for the update!  For full details and pictures, please click the link below!

TEKKEN 6 Development Team Q&A Session

August 6, 2009

The TEKKEN 6 development team is doing a Q&A session with the fans, using the questions submitted by the gaming community. On the official TEKKEN 6 page on Facebook, the developers are collecting questions from fans, finding out what they want to know about the making of the game and what it takes to bring TEKKEN 6 to the consoles.  Once they’ve collected the questions, they’ll pick out some of the best and then post the responses on Facebook in just a few weeks time. This will give the fans of TEKKEN a chance to interact directly with the people making the game, and find out more about what goes into a game’s development cycle.

If you’d like to submit a question, you can find the original post here:


June 23, 2009

SDTEKKEN.COM has now over 4 MILLION hits! Thanks to everyone for supporting us!  We’ve got a special announcement for everyone in the Southern California TEKKEN Community, which we should be revealing very soon!  Stay Tuned!  Click below for a special message from our staff!

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