TEKKEN 6 Development Team Q&A Session

The TEKKEN 6 development team is doing a Q&A session with the fans, using the questions submitted by the gaming community. On the official TEKKEN 6 page on Facebook, the developers are collecting questions from fans, finding out what they want to know about the making of the game and what it takes to bring TEKKEN 6 to the consoles.  Once they’ve collected the questions, they’ll pick out some of the best and then post the responses on Facebook in just a few weeks time. This will give the fans of TEKKEN a chance to interact directly with the people making the game, and find out more about what goes into a game’s development cycle.

If you’d like to submit a question, you can find the original post here:


47 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 Development Team Q&A Session

  1. lol , i love casual gamers, they are such Fuck-tards man. when is it coming to PS3 !?!?! LMAO

    ohhhhh GAAAAAAAAWWWWD !!!!

  2. Do not read the ‘questions’ of the other people there… most can be answered by a simple look at anywhere online, and the rest are requests to bring back freakin’ old characters or console exclusive crap. Sigh…

    1. The menu can be seen in one of ign.com E3 Tekken 6 videos. Story mode was not present, But all other modes including VS, Time attack, Gallery, etc.. was present.

  3. My questions to Namco are….

    What features will being added to the portable version?

    Will the game play be on par with the console version

    I guess we all forgot that its coming out for the PSP.

  4. Question: in T6, what did you guys to do the big chars such as Kuma or J6??

    Coz I don’t find it as easy to juggle them now, compared to..doing juggles on them, in TTT.

    and why?

    (couldn’t write the sentences, right..coz I was in a hurry, when I typed this).

  5. I love it how they ask the dumbest questions: Will it be on the ps3? Kuni coming back? WIll JUN KAZAMA COME BACK. UGH damn scrubs! just look at the one above me! yeah right like that will be BALANCED! *claps* I would love to see how Namco answers the dumbest questions ever made for a A/Q session.

  6. markman can you ask them this:
    are playstation owners going to get some thing special for waiting 2 years ? and are the console versions going to have specific/special characters i.e heihachi, spawn, link? what’s the install size going to be on the ps3 version? are you guys going to charge for dlc? have the jaggies and coloring been fixed on the ps3 version?

  7. As long Tekken 6 has the same modes as Tekken 5 (Story,Team battle,VS,and Ghost battle) it well almost be perfect. IMO to make perfect it needs three more things I not sure it has, Tag Battle,custom soundtrack for PS3 (like in SF4),and LAG FREE online.

    Q: I’m sure they have corrected the lag problem( atleast I hope they have), but will Tekken 6 have custom soundtrack and tag battle? If not right away maybe as DLC in the future?

  8. im starting to get pissed. where is kunimitisu and michelle? i missed those 3. i remember when i bought T5 DR i and it said something about returning characters and then i played it and it turned out to be armor king boy was i pissed. i loved michelle and kuni and i want them to bring them back.. i mean if u can bring back armor king who i could care less for.. then cant you bring back kuni and michlle??

    1. Michelle? Man, Julia is Michelle but better;plus she doesn’t sound like a dog when she gets hit.Lol People are always begging for Kunimitsu and Jun.I can see Kunimitsu, but just like Julia,Asuka is Jun but better. If they make customs to make Julia to Michelle and Asuka to Jun will you people be happy?

  9. “question: are u guys planning in making azazel a playable charater, something like dlc?
    that would be awsome”

    Uh… why would it be dlc? It took this long to release the game and they still can’t make a boss playable?

    Not like jinpachi is dlc.

  10. I find it really disturbing no one is questioning the Netcode for the online part of this game which imo will make or break it. I have tried to get a response about this and have had no answer to make me feel at ease.

    We have had all the major fighting games come out this year with inadequate network code, please dont make tekken another fighter to the list that falls short of the mark.

    The technology for input delay free network code for fighters is there, but no one is using it. WTF!.

  11. I have some questions:

    – Will Tekken 6 receive updates and balance hotfixes after release?

    – How they imagine Yoshimitsu’s defense against pitbullers (which in addition possess strong high-mid punch strings) with the weakest Yoshimitsu Flash ever (lp+rk) and lack of generic low punch?

    – Why Yoshimitsu’s low game was weakened so much that Yoshimitsu pretty much doesn’t have any reason to duck?

    – Why Yoshimitsu’s old stances don’t receive the needed attention? The devil is in the details.

    And why Namco doesn’t take a close look at Steve’s b+lp (Left Hook of Doom) and do something about it?

    1. Lars is already broken as it is, he has every frame punish in the game, stupid mixups, stupid pokes, stupid everything. Hell look at his low crush.

  12. I’d like to know why they make things so insanely expensive while the rewards for winning countless matches in so insignificant. Is this their cheap why of lengthening the game or “increasing” it’s replayability? Why do I have to fight literally thousands of matches to be able to afford a rubbish headdress for 5000000G? Are we not meant to collect every item for every character? Because if that’s the case it’ll take you ages.

  13. assasinx21, WTF U TALKING ABOUT I PLAYED AGAINST U ONLINE USING NINA AS IF NINA DOESNT HAve any broken moves u use 10 combo juggles and then trun intoi juggle while the enemy is in the air ahh i am so sick of this crying baby because they are pissed off the good character is coming out, hey noob if u cant stand to lose dont fucking play

    1. Damn dude, you told him lol. I haven’t played Tekken 6 yet but I’m pretty sure I will use Lars, I like his style. I hate Nina to man. I also hate Beak,Paul,Bruce,Ganryu,and I’m sure I will hate Bob aswell.
      I’m just saying.

    2. Me? a 10 hit combo? LOL yeah right scrub. Try blocking it then punishing don’t complain about it besides. That was probably 2 years ago when I was a scrub. I actually know what I’m doing now tyvm.

  14. Said by the person who asked if Lars had a low juggle. What so you can spam it to the lil’ button mashing scrubs online such as yourself? Okay then.

    1. I said lil’ not Lili idiot. You can’t button mash with Lili anyways not unless you want to get launched all day long.

  15. nina has low side step kick that can be turned into juggle so… u consider that move for lars to be cheap but u okay to have ur own character use it?? ?get this through your thick head, lars is hear to stay and namco doeasnt give a damn about what is coming out of ur mouth, noob

  16. i dont button mash, i have played all the tekkens that came out for ps,1,2,3… some one who has played tekken for 10 years doesnt need to button mash, button mashing are for people who have never played tekken before, they ll do it mostly with eddy hoping to get lucky, so… just cuz i am gonna use lars you call me a button masher? u have a very stupid logic, it is obvious you are scared of lars well i hope u enjoy when u get ur ass kicked by people who will choose lars as their main character

  17. Lol! ss+4? That’s only on CH and it’s slow as anything 20F and 29F with ss to be precise. and launch punishable: -23F on block You call that cheap? Someone needs to research more.
    I’m not scared of Lars, hell I was even thinking of picking him up. I was just trying to make the point that he is overpowered. You don’t have to take it that serious. No low is cheap unless it is unseeable and safe.

  18. no i am not calling low attack cheap but u criticize that low attack is cheap for other characters while nina has low attack for juggle….. and dont bs me and make excusses about what type of low attacks are cheap or not.well then according to your logic u call every charcter who has low attack that can turn to juggle is cheap such as steve zafina anna , bryan jin miguel, lili in T6. law and roger and…..but i dont think these characters cheap nor are broken

  19. Not all low juggling attacks are broken, I did not say that. I said that if it was unseeable/spammable it would be cheap (which will never happen in the first place unless Tekken turns into SC) And there is no need for an excuse when it is a fact. Just drop it it’s not a big deal.

  20. how about they have unlockables like medals, the more medals you get the more unlockables you get
    e.g finish time attack in under 2 minutes without going to the continue screen that could be a silver medal

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