For those of you in the Southern California region looking to level up your TEKKEN game… Look no further!  shglbmx and Alex “CaliPower” Valle are teaming up again to bring you TEKKEN THURSDAYS! There is no better way to level up your game than by playing against the best competition your area has to offer! Even if you’re not in SoCal you can learn by tuning into AJ “PotatoHead” Papa’s (GYT News) live stream of the event! For more information on the event and stream, click below!

Originally posted on SRK Forums by shglbmx:


You personally have to let me know that you are interested in coming by responding in the thread between the registration times.



Tekken Training Module

TEKKEN THURSDAYS Live Stream! Brought to you by GYT News, courtesy of PotatoHead! (temporarily)

We’re proud to announce Tekken Thursdays @ SHGL’s!

There’s enough space to hold around 40 people max (see SF4 Weds Night Fights).
If you can help by bringing a complete set up (monitor/console), we can get more playtime!

Let’s get some good games in good sirs!


Admission Info:
– Donations to pay for electricity costs will be extremely helpful. I want to say mandatory, but we’re not at that stage yet, I think, so optional but helpful donations accepted.
– Enroll with the Dean of Admissions Mr. SHGLBMX (email/post in thread)

Casual Stations: Currently 2
One PS3 – BYOS
One Xbox – I will supply some Xbox TE sticks for use since the majority plays on PS3

Stream Station: (If you are interested in running one, let me or shglbmx know ASAP)
Coming Soon

Where: My Place / Garage in Westminster, CA.

Food: I just realized there will probably be people who are hungry as this business starts at 8:00pm. Theres lots of shit nearby, just ask:
Pizza Hut
Ching Chong Food

P.S. NO BLAZBLUE. The only BLAZ we play here is BLAZGREEN, feel me.

ALSO: REMEMBER GUYS. ITS MY HOUSE, and the garage that we are playing in is open air facing the street, which means the garage gate is open at all times, which means LOTS OF NOISE WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE, therefore, when it gets later into the evening, try and keep it down a little bit. Haven’t had this many people show up yet, so if it gets ridiculous, I will cap it at the next event. Also, please respect my house, and if you need to use the restroom or go inside for some reason, ask me first.

45 Responses to SHGLBMX’s TEKKEN THURSDAYS: This Is Your Fight!

  1. PhantomJ says:

    Where’s the CG of Steve from??

  2. Rip says:

    If you’re in SOCAL and you’re reading this, come check it out! I’ll be there, so will MYK, and maybe even TRUE!

  3. if your from RI your screwed and you will never be able to do anything fun or even be a well known Tekken Player in general. WOOHOO!! RI SUCKS! :D

  4. DrBhup666 says:

    Who is the sick and demented person who always gives thumbs down to normal comments, like on the RIPs and PhantomJ’s up there???

    I suspect it is Blind Ghost who is jealous because he wasn’t the first to post his childish comment: “FIRST!”

    You are busted Blind Ghost, we are not stupid here! You have seriously BIG problems man!

    • concretebody says:

      ur startin already. smh.

      • DrBhup666 says:

        Startin’ what??

        Just look back man!

        EVERY article that does not have Blind Ghosts “FIRST” as the first post, has thumbs down on normal comments that appers first.

        I’m just stating the obvious!

      • concretebody says:

        I Posted 1st A Few Articles Back And Didnt Get A Thumbs Down.

    • concretebody says:


      • Blind Ghost says:

        thanks bro, its not my style to do that shit. so…no its not me. ive got better things to do than vote for negtive thumbs down.

        i only like to post first.

        and denounce retards like you DrBhup666

      • DrBhup666 says:

        Ok, Blind Ghost, my bad! So it’s not you then.

        But the question still remains -who the hell is ‘thumbing down’ every comment??
        They’re not even discussing any provocative issue..!?!

      • concretebody says:

        Its Probably Some Hardcore Sweet Fighter 4 Fan.

  5. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    okay cool,when’s the patch coming?

  6. reasonable says:

    I’m there.

    I’m terrible @ T6, so hopefully this will help me get up to a more respectable level much faster.

  7. personalit says:

    Damn, I woul’ve loved living in Cali right now.

    And what exactly is BLAZGREEN? Are we talking about an actual game or is it the maui waui in a doobie package? ;)

  8. prodigee says:

    Man yea I wish I was living in Cali too right now :(. So many events and tourneys, not to mention some of the best players in NA.

  9. aieee says:

    I just saw on PotatoHead’s twitter that a live stream is not guaranteed :/

  10. Blind Ghost says:

    quit possibly one of the best tracks of TEKKEN 3. Dont Blieve me ?? listen for the Guitar Solo halfway.

    its just badass.

    • chemicalRed says:

      This was my fav too.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        ya honestly i have a couple of games OST on my PC so when i surf the net, and i have a couple of sites i go to. i jam out to some of them, and to be honest, this track slipped right through my mind.

        the guitar solo is simply A-mazing. the guy who use to make OSts for Tekken had some amazing talent. i dont knwo if hes still around, i think he left after Tekken Tag if im not mistaken.

        if someone knows what hes doing right now let me know because i will look up his other owrks.

      • chemicalRed says:

        I really like Tekken’s soundtracks; Definitely more so than any other fighting game.
        Overall id say T3’s had the most varied sound while T4’s was the least inriguing.
        Tekken 6’s soundtrack is fine; I dont think there is a song I dont like. Ofcourse there are some I like more than others (i.e. Electric Fountain). With the levels they added on Bloodline Rebellion it really helped the soundtrack as a whole I think.

  11. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 is still feeling Jin’s track

  12. VenoM362 says:

    Tekken 3 has one of the best soundtracks in gaming history…..HISTORY!!! IMO. Man, Ghost you have inspired me. VenoM362 is going to find all his favorite Tekken songs put em on a cd, mp3 player, and PS3 to play while I play Tekken 6. If VenoM362 isn’t on tonight you know what he is doing.

    I’m just looking for Tekken music.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Glad to be of help , I do it for the OG’s man, like you and me that have been playing Tekken for Over a decade.

      were on the Same vibe. I post what i know other tekken fans will like.

      Markman Did say i contribute to the Site and i do it in my own way.

      I can honestly listen to that solo for hours. that shit is just out of this world.

  13. nyce says:

    need help u guys, I have the t6 arcade stick but i always preferred the american stick. more like the bat shaped contol cause of my big hands. Is there a site I can order a replacement part for my stick.

  14. MJ says:

    did this stream happen?

  15. aieee says:

    ^there was no stream, which is kind of disappointing considering they had more people there than ever.

  16. ICEYOUCOLD says:


  17. personalit says:

    God damn, Law’s T3 is tha shit indeed.

    Read the comments, one guy hit his friend when he was listening to this song. That’s kinda hardcore, don’t ya say?

  18. VenoM362 says:

    Just played Tekken 6 at a anime expo…on 360! That controller is absolute trash!!! Could hardly hit the x button without pausing the bloody game. The start button is right next to the x button. Terrible layout.

    Not trying to start a war, I’m just saying….

  19. crazy skip says:

    yes! i got my first korean style stick!

    now i just have to go back to new zealand after my holiday to use it… weeeeee!

  20. VenoM362 says:

    DAMN!!! MarkMan, can we get a update? And whats with the patch? Is it taking longer cause they are trying to make more things in the game better? The masses need to know.

    I’m just asking…

  21. crazy skip says:

    still no patch really? my goodness… i thought the patch was going to be up and running during december of last year… or so i thought?…

    so when is the patch releasing now?

  22. […] Po więcej informacji zapraszam na SD Tekken. […]

  23. […] Po więcej informacji zapraszam na SD Tekken. […]

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