Tekken 6 Community Combo Vid “The Divine” Part 2!

After a tiny wait for the second part to the biggest combo event of this year, here is part 2! Click above to watch the video! (I’ve decided not to review the following parts due to possible outbursts, but the combos were fantastic!)


8 thoughts on “Tekken 6 Community Combo Vid “The Divine” Part 2!

  1. great combo but i havent play any online game for three freaking days because of some a–hole hackers, sony fix this stupid thing i am bored >:(

  2. this is pretty fucking messed up according to yahoo the fucking hackers attacked and stole the data for credit card numbers……i swear if some one using my credit card i am gonna file claim against sony, i swear god i am paying my bills with credit cards i don’t have time to wait for another one if some one hacked my account then sony must pay for all of my loss. fuck the online play sony better fix this shit before some one access my credit card numbers

  3. in addition sony issued the statement saying to all its customers who psn idea, to watch out for identity theft, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????

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