Tekken 6 Paul Combo Vid by Bigmania & Review!

This was long-awaited for a review, Bigmania released a third installment to his Paul combo series and it doesn’t disappoint! Click above to view the video (Click the “Watch on YouTube” button due to copyright) and click below for the review.

Tekken 6 Paul Combo Vid Review:


1. The intro started off very fast paced in beat with the music, great way to start the hype/

2. The first combo was great! CH SS+1, 1 was great with dash jabs into QCB+1 B!, pretty cool.

3. The following combo was also great, with a QCF+3+4 spam.

4. 0:39 was a great combo from Paul’s WS+2.

5. 0:55 shows a combo from CH QCB+3, good stuff.

6. At the 1:15 mark, Bigmania did a death combo with the help of Raven’s escape glitch.

7. 1:35 is one of the best combos in the video, with FB! QCF+2 to roll near a W! followed with f,f+4, WS+4!

8. From 2:18 to the last combo were superb, especially the CH f+(2),(3),1, QCF+1 launch combo!


1. The music in my opinion didn’t match Paul’s sense of character, it seemed too gentle for Paul’s brute force.

2. CH d/f+(1),1,2, f+1+2 B! and QCF+1+2 spam combos were done by myself (The latter not exactly but similar).

3. The combo at 1:53 was done by Drake the Demon and performed on a smaller opponent.

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