NorCal StrongStyle 4 Report!

I was on hand at NorCal StrongStyle 4 this past weekend and took part of the United States’ biggest TEKKEN event yet! Over 120 fierce competitors raging from every corner of the United States to international combatants from Thailand and Korea… This world class event closed out in epic fashion! Click below for top results and pictures!

Images Courtesy of riotkitty.


Tekken Tag Tournament

1st – UNCONKABLE!! (Armor King/Devil)
2nd – STLBADBOY (Ogre/True Ogre)
3rd – Slips (Julia/Eddy)


1st – 4 Horsemen – New York (FAB, fightinggm, the real law)
2nd – SDTEKKEN – San Diego, SoCal (Brahma, MarkMan, Stevechampion)
3rd – SOCAL – SoCal (SuikenUser, KaNE, MYK)


1st – Rain – Korea (Bruce, Miguel, Dragunov)
2nd – Tongbal.LOVE – Korea (Devil Jin, Law, Steve)
3rd – crow – Texas (Bob, Steve)

4th – fightinggm – New York (Lee)
T 5th – insanelee – NorCal (Julia)
T 5th – SuikenUser – SoCal (Lei)
T 7th – SteveChampion – SoCal (Steve)
T 7th – Slips – St. Louis (Eddy)

Additional Links:

Live Stream Archive

Match Videos

More videos at EvilBowlOfCereal’s YouTube.

More videos at Kurairyu’s YouTube.

Special thanks to Namco Bandai Games the NorCal Tekken scene (especially insanelee, subt-L & staff) and everyone else who made this event possible!


58 Responses to NorCal StrongStyle 4 Report!

  1. crazy skip says:

    rain owned!

    but hankuma owns both of them..

  2. DrBhup666 says:

    Wow! Great job! Congrats on the 2nd place Markman!

  3. Krbonini says:

    When Rain wins nobody makes a sound… And when Kane wins everybody celebrate… Of course all of you was in the USA side, but i think Rain as a “guest” deserves a better treatment… I’m glad that Rain kick his ass.

    • MarkMan says:

      Think about it. This is an American tournament. Even if Rain is a guest, Kane has his friends there/his peers that will cheer him on (have cheered him on).

      We (Americans) have pride and of course we want to win. That’s just the nature of things and it has always been that way for fighting game competitions. lol.

  4. Mundo says:

    How did people know this was Slips?

  5. fuksf says:

    fuk americans they just fukin fat bastards they dont like us asians that come from asia pakistan korea japan china india, americans dont like us and tongbal love doesnt need a shitty sf4 faggart stick he spends his time at green arcade you should of atleast give him a tekken 6 stick you dumb american fuks thats all you americans do is shag sf pure fuk all ya’ll stupid cunts!

  6. tekkenlover says:

    @mundo have u heard about facial recognition?

  7. TCO-TheOne says:

    Hey MARKMAN will you be at final round just asking. I heard that KNEE might be there i don’t know though.

  8. crazy skip says:

    markman you’re hardly posting anything up anymore besides the new sticks you just posted… thats beneficial to us tekken community

    • MarkMan says:

      Well, times are tough and there isn’t much new news other than tournaments.

      Do you want me to start making up stuff?

      • VenoM362 says:


      • L_Z_N says:

        the news on sticks & tournament coverage..have been great..

        but another episode SDTekken podcast would be even greater.. :D

        btw that picture with TTT displayed on the big screen…almost made me cry…..
        it’s been so long since I see this game played at tournaments.. :(

      • crazy skip says:

        well you did say podcasts… i was excited about a joystick podcast you wanted to talk about with seimitsu and sanwa parts… if you have time maybe you and your friends can work on that?… you have a lot of experience with joysticks ranging from beginner to advance style…

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        This website should just become a namco bandai site.

  9. parkwoo88 says:

    thats weird sf4 sticks as a prize for a tekken tournament that is stupid

  10. parkwoo88 says:

    i hate sf4 no where near tekkens level

  11. tekkenlover says:

    crazy skip lol well what else do u want markman to say? the game is out and people are playing tekken 6 and the updates are done, beside tournaments and arcade sticks is threre anything else to talk about?( eventhoug i myself am a pad player)

    • L_Z_N says:

      well there are some I guess:

      – tutorials
      – player interviews
      – updates on movelists, frame datas, FAQs, etc
      – podcasts
      – and many more..

      and fortunately SDTekken has been doing that for years….but it just hasn’t posted stuff besides sticks & tournament a short while.

  12. tekkenlover says:

    dude markman already posted that there was asian magazine guide for tekken 6 that talked about all of the thing u mentioned , andthat u can order on play asia i dont remember the exact post, plus step up ur game talk about tekken moves from beginners all the way pro step by step and yes mark man interviewed many tekken 6 player such as quadan, takyama and so on… and got their opponion about tekken 6 , and if u missed all of that well its not his fault now is it?

    • L_Z_N says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you were trying to say..

      Because my point was..I just wanted to them to
      do new interviews, new tutorials, new podcats, etc. :)

  13. tekkenlover says:

    new tutorial? whats wrong with already existing tutorials?

  14. L_Z_N says:

    Nothing’s wrong with them. They’re great..
    But I just want to see SDTekken make one…or at least highlight..err I mean show ones that already exist, to ppl here.

    e.g you make great tutorial on DCK cancel…but no-one’s viewing..because ppl don’t know.. Then when SDTekken post your link..more ppl see your tutorial, and more ppl learn DCK canceling.

    So, my main point is there are stuff to write..even after the game and its patches have been released.

    and SDTekken did write a lof stuff besides tourneys & sticks.

    But the in the last few weeks..they haven’t.IIRC

    Anyways, I guess they’re busy with school/work….and translating & do corrections on the frame datas, and probably a lot more.

    So, I’ll just wait…and look forward their next article. :)

  15. Blind Ghost's guide dog says:

    So wait, the winners get SFIV arcade sticks? No money, no cash, not even a schalorship or something useful to everyday life?

    What a waste.

    • MarkMan says:

      There was money involved, obviously. As with most tournaments there was the pot split (70/20/10) along with other prizes.

      • Blind Ghost's guide dog says:

        Good! At least you’re not wasting your time.

        Y’know those vids where you see Koreans play Tekken along with the Korean model women cheering the players on.

        I care very little about the players and the tactics they use for each character. My question is, do any of the models play Tekken?

        Finding a girl (especially, an attractive one) playing Tekken is like finding a needle in a haystack.

  16. glenn says:

    wot crap is this couldnt you not afford any tekken 6 sticks and its a tekken tournament for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. tekkenlover says:

    how much money did rain get for winning the first place?
    come on markman u should know, i am just curious

  18. crazy skip says:

    is tekken getting boring to any off you now?

    • VenoM362 says:

      No VenoM362 uses 23 people in Tekken so I’m always learning something new with someone. Right now I’m learning Law, Zanfina will be next. But there are lots of other games VenoM362 wants to pick up. Both Uncharteds, Assassion Creed 2, BioShock 2, Resident Evil 5 Gold, Dante’s Inferno,God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII,and Super Street Fighter 4. But after I beat and grow tried of those games I will come back to Tekken, for Tekken is timeless to me.

      But seriously VenoM362 gonna have to start robbing suckas to get all these games.

      I’m just saying…Like my Law’s shirt says “GIVE ME MONEY”

      • crazy skip says:

        lucky you… at least youre not getting bored of it…

        tekken is getting zzz for me… old school games are taking over for me… like PS games…

    • NYtekken says:

      yea crazy skip you are so right the game is getting extremely boring for me and im actually a huge tekken fan
      most of my best players are already brawler and up i found playing rank games useless i just play quick macth or set up a room

      i could play with evryone but playing against these ridicously annoying players plus lag on top? meh. I got tired that it takes me 5 mns just to finally have a fight goin on
      Dragunov a monster so is Law nina and lily

      • crazy skip says:

        im not a an SFIV fan… and i just bought it because the arcade came out at our timezone…

        a friend of mine told me to try it… even though he knew im not so much a fan of it… and you know what… old school xmen vs street fighter, marvel vs capcom, marvel vs street fighter, SF alpha 3 and SFIV are now what i play at home… atm im playing tekken just to see if i still got my skills…

        but atm since tekken is boring me… my skills are like bleh! i dont think a patch will come out soon…… xC

      • VenoM362 says:

        VenoM362 don’t waste is time on rank, everybody is a laggy chickenshit bitch. I just use online to play with friends and hopefully find some drunk or shit talking dumb ass to fuck with.
        LOL! VenoM362 was in Blind Ghost’s room last night and someone we were playing was getting bitched out by his wife for cheating on her.

        Wife: “You cheating piece of shit!! Why you do this to me?”

        Guy: “What did I do wrong now?”

        The lover’s quarrel continues for a couple fights,then when its his turn again in the middle of the fight they both start yelling and he pulls the plug. Man, Tekken online is great ain’t it?

        I’m just saying…

  19. tekkenlover says:

    venomM362, ur avatar looks very suspicious, tell me which spy agency are u working for?

  20. VenoM362 says:

    Tekkenlover, VenoM362 feels ya. I don’t trust my avatar either. He is seriously up to something.

  21. tekkenlover says:

    i am just kidding venom, i remembered u said that u dont like ur avatar

  22. bxfinest says:

    I’m suprised no one is talking about the extreme lag and input delay since the co-op patch. Anyone getting that same prob?

    • crazy skip says:

      its always the prob… but no one bothers to bring it up… its always lag… patch is bullshit…

      it lags even more in co-op with so many thugs trying to kill you.. no point in playing online… keep it offline… or better yet the arcade if you want to waste cash…

      • bxfinest says:

        Actually the online was pretty decent after the first patch but for some reason, the co op patch made the regular online versus unplayable. It’s hell of a lot worse than opening week.

      • crazy skip says:

        never liked scen camp or the co-op patch.. but if you need money and items we have no choice…

  23. TCO-TheOne says:

    I wonder…is NAMCO really trying to listen to the fans because it seems to me that we are not getting a word from them. I mean are they fixing the problem are they doing another game to fix it i just need some insight to show that they care just saying.

  24. glenn says:

    tekken will always be the best fighting game for me i mean combo resets, ground game, wake up game, counter game, throw game,wall splats and etc what more can i ask for in a fighting game, sf is boring and repetitive.

    • crazy skip says:

      what more can you ask for?

      a better patch, a hud option, a command capture, a 2nd player cusotimzation like 5.0, no rank cap offline… everything else will stay the same with new moves etc…

      thats what you can ask for… the stuff we really need…

  25. VirtuaFighterR says:

    Tekken is fail

  26. glenn says:

    you got me wrong all that matters to me is offline mode practicing and learning new things everyday on tekken with all the characters and learning new strategies not just that so many things that can take a lifetime to learn, i dont care about online patches or wotever im going korea soon anyway to play and love tekken and to discuss hit executions anyways online mode in korea nobody even gives a toss dont know why youre getting bored of tekken you dont undrestand the fundamentals of the game.

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