Help Bring Virtua Fighter 5R To Consoles!

Our friends at VFDC are on a mission to convince SEGA to port Virtua Fighter 5R to home consoles. SDTEKKEN fully supports the fighting game genre and it’s community so we ask all our readers to help participate and spread the word! Click below for FULL details on how you can help get VF5R to home consoles!

Petition for VF5R on Console (From VFDC front page):

A well known and respected VFer in Japan, Kamaage, was invited to meet with SEGA on the 28th January 2010. Leading up to this meeting, Kamaage approached VFDC with an opportunity to express our desire to have Virtua Fighter 5R ported to console directly to SEGA. He suggested we put together a document that explained a little about VFDC along with personalised messages from players in the community. If the document could reach 100 or so pages, then surely SEGA would be impressed, or so Kamaage thought!

After his meeting, Kamaage informed us that while the document was impressive, it simply wasn’t enough. Kamaage now has another opportunity to pass our document to SEGA, but it must have more impact, at least 5x more!

The new target is 500 pages!

How You Can Help!
Simply post a reply leaving a message expressing your desire to play VF5R on console. Feel free to share your VF playing history, why you like the game, etc. To lend weight to your message, please leave your real name, and your location along with your post.

Originally sent from Myke at VFDC:

I’m emailing you in the hopes that you could lend a hand in a campaign we’re currently running over at VFDC. It’s the familiar tale of VF fans world-wide (specifically, outside Japan) wanting SEGA to port the latest incarnation of the VF series — Virtua Fighter 5R — to consoles. To date, VF5R is only available in Japanese arcades and SEGA have not even hinted at plans to bring it home.

Recently, we at VFDC were approached by a reputable VFer in Japan, Kamaage, who also happens to run a popular Japnaese VF site. His recent interview with MSN News Japan caught SEGA’s attention, mainly due to the deficiencies he highlighted in how SEGA interact with the community. This resulted in an invitation by SEGA to discuss these matters further. Kamaage, recognising this as a valuable opportunity, invited VFDC to rally together to express their desire to have VF5R ported to console.

Kamaage suggested to us that if we could put together a document of around 100 pages with some background on our community, along with player messages expressing their desire for VF5R on console, then it would surely impress the SEGA rep he was meeting. The meeting with SEGA took place on the 28th January 2010, and while the document did impress, Kamaage informed us that it was simply not enough.

However, discussions between the SEGA rep and Kamaage led to the conclusion that if the document was 5 times larger (i.e. approx 500 pages) then it would have far greater impact. If we can put such a document together, then Kamaage has another opportunity to pass it onto the development team as well as the President of SEGA.

This is where you can help: If you could rally your respective communities to aid our cause, then I’d be ever so grateful. I’m not deluded into thinking that a 500 page fan-produced document is going to dictate how SEGA will spend their money, but I care enough to get a message across. And that message is that Fighting Game fans outside of Japan, from the casual to the hardcore, are tired of being treated as second rate citizens, and sometimes worse.

I thank you both for your time, and hope that we at VFDC may lean on the greater Fighting Game community during this time of need. If you need any more information regarding our plight, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Mike Abdow
(Myke @ VFDC)

36 Responses to Help Bring Virtua Fighter 5R To Consoles!

  1. mahmood says:

    thank u SDTEKKEN for bringing that here, i am one of VF fans, and i like to see it in consoles. i already wrote my words to VFDC.

  2. 9thpixel says:

    The petition is 66% and climbing, so those that thought their signature would not mean anything can now sign and push it to the finish.

  3. VenoM362 says:


    Something new to talk about…to bad VenoM362 don’t give to squirts of monkey piss about Virtua Fighter.

    Don’t Hate.

    I’m just saying…

    • DrBhup666 says:

      If you like Tekken, why don’t you like Virtua Fighter??

      They are both 3D-fighting games. Deep as well.

      VF demands alot more thinking.. it’s called “the thinking man’s fighting game”. VF is a bit more complicated than Tekken and is alot faster.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Nah man VF is lame.

        Have you seen the character quotes?



      • VenoM362 says:

        Virtua Fighter faster than Tekken? Not the one’s I’ve played, although the only VF I ever had was on Sega Saturn, VF2 I think. But I have played the others on arcade and they sucked. It has goofy voice acting too. Jacky: ” I’m just waiting for my sister” lol…LAME

        I rather play DOA than VF, THAT’S RIGHT VenoM362 SAID IT.

        Let the hating begin.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Right on,brotha!


  4. glenn says:

    dont give a toss a or turn about this boring crap game ive got tekken and thats what matters to me only

  5. TCO-TheOne says:

    I don’t know never been a big fan of Virtua Fighter.

  6. Jonman says:

    I kinda like vf but the only problem is that nobody plays the damn thing here in the Philippines. No scene = “me no play”. So unless vf5r comes out with great netcode for awesome online, guess i can’t say that i care much for it. Honestly, i was really bored with tekken since t4 and t5 that i quit playing it. Surprisingly though, when t6 came out, everybody was playing including the girls here and all kinds of tekken teams and clans came poppin out of nowhere that tekken was fun again. Anywho, good luck with vf5r.

  7. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Forget sega.They don’t care enough about to their fanbase.If they did,they would of ported it along time ago. sheezzz.

  8. VirtuaFighterR says:

    hahaha fuck tekken

  9. SolRahlX says:

    It’s amazing how rude and self centered people are now-a-days.

  10. glenn says:

    hahaha fuck virtua fighter

  11. SolRahlX says:

    Tekken fanboys are grade A pricks.

    • Nando says:

      “Fanboys” are a spot on term for them.

      They can’t see the forest for the trees.
      I used to believe: Tekken > VF > DOA. VF was the prototype to successful 3D fighters, Tekken made it more natural with the 4-limb layout and faster gameplay, and DOA is essentially a masher with a broken counter system with a VF style layout.

      But after playing Tekken 6 and how much of a let down it really is, I’m taking that back. To be politically correct and -fair-, if all of you would just scroll down and read some blog entries in the past, alot of you were baaaaaawling about something as insignificant as the lack of true 720p with the game and people’s testimonies of the graphics being worse on console than on arcade (some of you even making a passing statement to say VF actually looked better than Tekken 6), but lets not forget the lack of great online support, horrible lag that nearly would kill real gameplay features such as low parries, longer juggle combos most of you would use in a LAN game, lack of their own dedicated servers, or frame advantage play that experts love to use. Then to top all of that off, they spent more time attempting to expand the use of the Campaign Mode by -forcing- you to play such an abomination to gain bigger money to buy the things you really want, and PLEASE don’t say that Tekken 6 has a well rounded character cast. If that’s the case, I would be seeing either a 140-point possible combo on youtube with almost every character besides Nina or almost every character with comparable damage ratings and combo possibilities.

      Instead of bashing a game entirely and hoping that it doesn’t even make it to the states, why not hope the best for every fighter that is worth a look to get a chance. The more you attempt to Nazi out a game because it’s a threat to your precious favorite, the less chance of this dying genre to even make it. We are lucky enough to have last year even attempt to make a genre comeback with SF/Tekken/SNKPlaymore/Arc Systems’s games especially when it nearly went extinct along with American arcades. Exceptions run in eastern and southeastern Asia, Philippines, Mexico, and the East/West Coasts…

      Yes I know that some of you aren’t American. *nods*
      inb4 “tekken hater”, gtfo, goplaySF4noob, etc.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Sorry man,but sadly your going to have to accept the fact that the people on this site are Die-hard tekken fanboys.

        NUFF SAID

        “Tekken fanboys are grade A pricks”


        Im glad to be a fanboy of the number #1 undisputed best fighting game in the world.


        There is nothing fun about the Virtua Fighter games. The music Sucks. The specials are dull and crummy. The speed is slower than sluggish and the gameplay is deader than a graveyard.

        The characters are clear rip offs of characters from the Street fighter and Tekken games.

        Oh yes and Virtua fighter is not realistic, when I jump I dont think I slowly hover to the floor or when I knock someone over I dont think it takes them half a millenia to get up.And Virtua fighter fanboys,Your just making up excuses for Virtua Fighters slow downs and fatal flaws.

        TEKKEN is NOT a rip off of Virtua Fighter.

        I rest my case
        Virtua fighter is a slow repetitive boring old series that has long since past its sell by date.

  12. ICEYOUCOLD says:



    (Even know it’s gay beyond belief)

    • Nando says:

      LOL, to be fair, yeah, the “specials” in VF aren’t as flashy or awesome looking as Tekken or DOA, but VF is still more grounded in realism than the other two at this point. Each game has their pros and cons but this Tekken DOES have teir issues/combo situations with characters that definately should of been addressed and this cannot be denied with the videos that are semi-sponsored here by SDtekken/posted on Youtube are proof. It’s not seriously about the style of play the 3D fighters but the gap in Tekken 6’s character quality and all of the other reasons I stated above that makes this last ineration not as tight as Tekken 5, or even Tekken 3.

  13. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    ACE COMBAT X2:Joint Assualt

  14. Sved says:

    Played the PS3 VF5 and although it was good it lacked balance…the Xb 360 version did a great job of restoring that balance during play.

    purchased the 360 copy on opening weekend…No big deal except I didn’t even own an Xbox 360 yet!

    Please…I’ve put in the hours and advocated to many casual players to purchase a proper stick(like the official VF 5 Arcade stick) to enjoy the game.

    Re-Release a properly priced quality stick(ps3 stick was only $50 and was selling well and I have multiples of the x360 stick as well)

    and Release all updates of the Virtua fighter Series in collector Edition packs. Even if the price is as high As $99…if a coupon for say $40 off a $60 stick is included that would be a huge incentive for those that like to have quality sticks to purchase the game as opposed to simply renting it. Make the coupon only good for the 1st Month after release.

    Do whatever you can Sega to RElease all VF 5 and VF 6 titles the Same Day as Asian Release Dates. The community is very strong in the East and West coast of the US and N.America. They are loyal enough to purchase the titles and eventually the casual fans will pick up as well. Please don’t make us wait for online DLC just release the full costumes and full release on Day 1.

    Thanks for the YEars of Great VF titles.

    A fan since 94′

  15. Dilly says:

    Guys, it looks like the reason VF5: R didn’t hit consoles is because VF5: Final Showdown was just announced with trailer shown.

    It actually looks pretty impressive.

  16. Lestat-Valentine says:

    Who gives a hoot about Virtua Fighter R?! Bring Virtua Fighter 5 FINAL SHOWDOWN to Consoles!!!!

  17. VenoM362 says:

    You people think that this new VF will come to consoles? Hate all you want, VenoM362 just don’t like VF. I don’t like the graphics,the chracter designs (the characters just seem very bland,only characters I did use to like were Wolf and Kage),the jerky gameplay,the corny voice acting,none of it. There’s just nothing about VF I like. IMO

    BTW that one dude looked just like Ganryu, his twin brother Danryu?

    I’m just saying…

  18. glenn says:

    i tottaly agree with you vf is corny as hell and kage’s stance looks like he needs a bad poo

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