New TEKKEN Movie Images

Our friends at Kotaku have put up a gallery of new official stills from the upcoming TEKKEN Movie! The home DVD & Blu-Ray release is scheduled for May 2010 in PAL territories while the Japanese theatrical release is still on track for March. Click below for the gallery of images!



37 thoughts on “New TEKKEN Movie Images

    1. VenoM362 never heard of Mindy Main, so he looked her up……..niiiccceee.

      Ummmm, I’ll be back later ok. I’a gotta go do some….stuff….yeah…

    2. Mindy Main is dark haired. Nina should of course be played by a blonde babe, like the one who is playing her in this movie.
      Which totally will suck.

      Raven looks ok. What’s up with Kazuya and the beard-thing??

  1. If I wanna watch Street Fighter again, I’ll do just that ’cause that’s all this looks like — celebrities playing really bad dress up.

  2. I still don’t understand why the stylists could make Nina, Anna, and Heihachi’s hairstyles accurate but not Jin or Kazuya’s. >>;

    Friend: “I haven’t played Tekken before. Can I use the guy with the axes?”
    Me: “…yes..?”

    1. What?? Are you frikin’ gay or something???

      Nina Williams in this movie is played by a real hottie!! You would jerk off ’til next month if she even saw directly at you in real life!

      You are a loser who are talking shit on the internet on obviuos beautiful people. You would be thankful if she wanted to date you in real life!

      1. I can say the same to you!
        Your kidding right? lmao.
        What?? Are you frikin’ gay or something???

        Nina looks like a man in this movie, have a closer look at her face, Ugly, looks like a drag queen!!! but that’s just my opinion.

        Ok i will put it in this way:
        All the chicks in this movie > Nina

        There’s no need to get into personal shit here.

        Who am I? I’m Blind Ghost…2, j/k. d/w I’m not fimiliar on here.

  3. This looks really…awful. Looks like a bunch of cosplayers. Only Jin’s and Bryan’s costumes look kinda right and not so goofy. But no matter how much VenoM362 hates on it he will still get it on dvd. Now I’m not saying I’ll pay full price but I’ll get it somehow. BTW, how come I can’t give Kazuya a gotee, forarm tattoos and have him use axes? Hmmmm?

    I’m just saying…

  4. The sets and costumes in those images look cheap.
    The lighting looks absolutely terrible.
    The trailer for this movie was embarrassing.

    This movie is going to be an atrocity. I can safely say that without seeing it.

    Our only hope is that it is as perfect as SF: The Legend of Chun Li, which I watched with several friends and a full case of beer that we walked into the deserted theater. That movie was so perfectly bad that it was hilarious. Sadly, I think this movie will just be bad. =\

  5. Bryan looks the most like his video game counterpart. Take away the mustache and goatee and he wouldve been spot on. Hopefully he has the second player outfit on the movie as well.

  6. The movie doesn’t look THAT bad, really. What’s bad is Christie as Jin’s love interest! I didn’t see that one coming. I bet no one did… It’s disturbing, no offence.

  7. I actually dont mind the looks of the movie, yeah, sure they may have left a few details out…i dont care, i like the game, and i might like the movie, no one will change MY view on the movie until I see it, so i dont care about the comments you people leave

  8. This movie is going 2 be friggin awsome so every out there that is criticizing the STFU!!!!!!!!!! im just kiddin this movie i most likely goin suck ass no offense to the people out there who might actually this this movie is going to be coool for instance eddie looks like a homo in the picture galleries WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you Cj your oviously retarted because your comment has more mistakes than a 1st grader writing his first paragraph stupid ass remedial ass kid!!!!

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