Hori’s RAP Premium Series!

Hori has finally unveiled full details on their Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX arcade sticks! Available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the officially licensed Taito Vewlix arcade stick will retail for a hefty 30,000 Yen ($332.72 USD going by today’s exchange rate)!  The stick will be available at the end of March and will be made available in limited quantities for the Japanese market only! Stay tuned for more info on when you can preorder this immaculate stick on Play-Asia !


25 thoughts on “Hori’s RAP Premium Series!

      1. LOL, you’re right ICEYOUCOLD. Its insane how marketers price things these days; Theres no logical reason for that to be of more value than a PS3.

      2. And it’s a clone of markman’s TE stick.

        OMFG it looks just like it!

        IF you do a side by side comparison.It’s just a longer version of the TE STICK.

        Marky you should be pissed off(AFTER ALL YOU ARE THE DESIGNER OF THE TE STICK)correct me if im wrong.

      3. Uhhh, technically its not a clone of the TE stick… The hori here is a Vewlix replica. The TE is Vewlix inspired. The TE was the first stick to use the Vewlix layout and the design itself was inspired by the cabinet but since Hori found its competitor, they wanted to one up like a douche in a club and asked taito if they can have a licensed version… buut TE’s are more attractive.

  1. I’ll be honest; I play pad.
    Ive been thinking of making the transition. If I were to do so, whats the best stick to own?

      1. yeap..that’s what I heard..

        but if you love playing on japanese sticks, and want to buy one that’s easy to mod/repair.

        You should buy a HRAP or Madcatz fighstick TE. IMO
        coz the T6 wireless fight stick, is pretty hard to mod. AFAIK

        Btw, if you want a cheaper one than TE or HRAP, there’s Fighstick SE which buttons & sticks…are not as good the ones on TE, or other sticks that use authentic Japanese parts.

        but you can replace/swap the parts from fightstick SE with better ones, pretty easily.

      2. @ L_Z_N
        Well I have no preference. This would be my first stick; For now I’m thinking more of functionality than aesthetic, so I’m not too worried about modding.
        Thanks for the insight.

  2. If you’re buying your first stick, don’t make the same mistake a lot of us did. You see, cheaper models break a lot easier and can be a nightmare to fix, while higher end models are generally tanks and if something does break it’s easy to replace as they’re a lot more internally accessible.

    My advise really is a fightstick TE or a Hrap 3: SA. Both can be had for a decent price these days, aren’t much more expensive than the wireless bundle, are easy to replace parts if something should go wrong, and are 100% all real japanese parts.

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