Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Announced For Xbox 360!

PlayStation 3 owners were recently treated to Hori’s latest high end stick offering, leaving Xbox 360 owners high and dry… Until NOW! Amazon Japan is now taking preorders on the Hori RAP PRO VX SA! Featuring the same Vewlix inspired design that the PS3’s V3 version uses, which was popularized by the game changing Mad Catz Tournament Edition series of arcade sticks… The VX SA features high quality, genuine arcade parts and is slated for a late April release! Stay tuned for more details once preorders go up on Play-Asia and other sites!


9 thoughts on “Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Announced For Xbox 360!

  1. Oh what joy!!!

    Now Tekken fans who own 360’s won’t feel the need to chuck their controllers out the window whenever they f*ck up.

    Let’s be honest, when it comes to FIGHTING games, the 360 controller sucks!

    1. Fighting games are just better on playstation(not being a fanboy or anything)But thats just the truth.

      More japanese or more players OVERALL online.And the ps3 excepts more controllers and fightsticks than the 360(CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG)

    1. hmm…I use a fightstick also But im new to it. So,I got work on my fightstick skills,Before I fight you.

      So I accept your challenge…For the future.

      You can add me on psn if you feel like.


      Here’s Blind ghost’s psn:Blindghost

  2. why namco put a USB port to arcade version so they can use a ps3 Controller because not all players using stick, just a comment

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