ACTivegamerS Triple Threat & Hollywood Massacre!

This weekend, make sure you check out the biggest fighting game event in Southern California!  Triple Threat unites the three biggest fighting titles: Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue and TEKKEN 6 as the best players in the nation battle for over $6500 in prizes! Can’t make it out to California?  Make sure you check out the LIVE stream from UFRAGTV both Friday night for the uWink party and on Saturday for the main events!  Click below for the full press release!

“A weekend of night lights and insane fights!”

ACTivegamerS LA, UFRAGTV, & SHORYUKEN.COM present…

Two Days of Gaming Euphoria: Hollywood Massacre & Triple Threat!

LOS ANGELES, CA (Nov. 10, 2009) – Join us on November 13-14 for the biggest gaming event to hit Southern California thus far!  ACTivegamerS LA is putting together two amazing events to cater to the fighting game community!  A weekend of fierce gaming competition, good company, and passion for fighting games!

Special Guests This Weekend Include:

  • Justin Wong – The #1 Street Fighter IV player in the US representing Empire Arcadia!
  • Alex “CaliPower” Valle – Mr. Street Fighter and the heart and soul of TEAM SOCAL!
  • Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar – The man that makes it all happen!  Admin of SRK and founder of the EVO2K series of tournaments!
  • John “choiboy” Choi – The Korean sensation, Street Fighter legend from Northern California and official liason for Tougeki the Super Battle Opera!
  • Mike “MYK” Kwon – One of the top Southern California TEKKEN players and the man in charge of IAMTEKKEN.COM!
  • Chris “Skraps” Carroll – Senior Product Manager and the driving force for all things fighting game related at Mad Catz!
  • Mark “MarkMan” Julio – Founder of SDTEKKEN and designer of Mad Catz’ fighting game controllers!
  • Harry “biznatch” Chang – Former Brand Manager for BlazBlue and the man responsible for making BlazBlue hype in the US!
  • Faye “Princess Aura” Mata – Host for UFRAGTV and rising star in the fighting game community!

The first event takes place on Friday night, Nov. 13th in the heart of Hollywood! Nolan Bushnell’s uWink plays host to Friday the 13th: Hollywood Massacre, an event staged at the center of social entertainment for the ultimate combination of dining and gaming.  This is the pre-party for the Triple Threat event the next day and is a night of celebration as we wish the nation’s top Street Fighter IV player, Justin Wong, a Happy Birthday!

Expect a night filled with fierce gaming exhibitions from some of the nation’s top players for Street Fighter IV, TEKKEN 6, BlazBlue and more!  Enjoy the fully staffed bar and VIP gaming lounge as you watch high level fighting game madness throughout the night.

Get $10 off your entrance if you show up in costume!  The Animaid Cafe will host a cosplay contest with awesome prizes for the best dressed characters!  Costume participation is highly encouraged!

Mad Catz will be on hand to show off their latest Street Fighter IV Arcade FightSticks and unveil their new Marvel VS Capcom 2 Tournament Edition Stick!  Be there for your chance to win one!

For those of you not in the Southern California area, don’t fret!  UFRAGTV will be on hand to stream the entire night!  Expect tons of matches for each fighting game, interviews with top players and everyone else in the fighting game community!  UFRAGTV’s beautiful Princess Aura will host the event starting at 8PM PST!  Don’t miss it!  You can watch the stream LIVE by clicking below:


  • Live Entertainment provided by Beatnox performers Duce, Crown and DJ Fakeghost
  • Exhibition fighting matches with top ranked players from across the nation.
  • Retro gaming lounge, where you can kick back old school and own your friends like the good old days.
  • Venue proved by uWink on the 4th floor of Hollywood and Highland
  • station.  Food, fun, and a full bar available all night long.

The following day at HAX LA in Hawthorne, California… A battle of epic proportions as over $6500 is on the line for the TRIPLE THREAT!

The main events include Street Fighter IV, TEKKEN 6 and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger!  Save $10 by pre-registering for the event today by visiting the ACTivegamerS LA website now!

Guaranteed cash prize payout for 1st – 5th place!

Also for the ladies of the Street Fighter community!  Make sure you join in on the “Game De La Femme” all female Street Fighter IV tournament!  Free entrance to all female fighters!  Prizes to be rewarded to the tournament champion!

Additional side tournaments also include:

  • Super Street Fighter II TURBO HD Remix
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl


  • Guaranteed prize money for the following events:
  • Street Fighter IV – $2200
  • BlazBlue – $2200
  • TEKKEN 6 – $2200
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl – 1st: 60% / 2nd: 30% / 3rd 10%
  • Super Street Fighter II TURBO HD Remix – 1st: 60% / 2nd: 30% / 3rd 10%
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – 1st: 60% / 2nd: 30% / 3rd 10%

Once again, UFRAGTV will also be on hand to cover the entire event!  As usual, expect high level matches, top notch commentary, interviews and more!   You can watch the stream live by clicking below:


Hotel rooms will be provided at a discounted price by the luxurious Ayres hotel which is located within 5 minutes driving distance of the HAX venue making
it  convenient for all spectators and competitors that need a place to spend
the night here in the LA area.

Feel free to take a video tour of this hotel by visiting below:

Ayres Hotel – Hawthorne/Manhattan Beach/LAX
14400 Hindry Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250
(800) 675-3550
(310) 536-0400

If you want to make a reservation feel free to call the hotel and mention the Triple Threat Tournament hosted by ACTivegamerS at the HAX facility in Hawthorne for the discounted rate of $99 a night.

“ACTivegamerS is proud to bring unite  three of the biggest fighting game titles and the best fighting game players all under one room, here in beautiful Southern California.  We look forward to providing a remarkable series of events for the fighting game fans and show everyone what we’re all about!” said John Nelson, CEO of ACTiveGamerS.

“I love the community.  I’m excited to support this event and all other events in Southern California.  ACTivegamerS is a good group of gamers. You may not know about them now… But you will definitely see the future through their actions.  They have a vision to work with the community, for the gamers by gamers,” said Mark “MarkMan” Julio, product manager at Mad Catz, Inc.

These events are graciously sponsored by:

For media inquiries and support, please see contact information below.

ABOUT ACTivegamerS

Active Gamers is working to create a positive impact in the Los Angeles community by providing local youths access to a safe haven for gaming. We provide a facility where people can interact socially with other members of the community for competitive and casual gaming at an affordable price. We have formed a joint venture with HAX, the premiere sports and training facility (Hangar Athletic Xchange,, which allows us to utilize their facility to host tournaments, events, and (soon) our daily operations.
We are also working diligently to develop a contributing relationship with HAX(s) non-profit organization, the HAX Foundation. The HAX Foundation is a registered 501c(3) organization that is building after-school, mentoring, tutoring, and athletic programs to at-need members of our local community.
Active Gamers vision is to consistently grow in cadence with the casual and competitive gaming communities. We also plan to host many similarly spectacular events continuously in the very near future.


UFragTV is the first ever live interactive video broadcast platform that focuses on games, gamers and game developers. UFragTV enables gamers with a camera and an Internet connection to quickly and easily broadcast their games directly from their gaming consoles. UFragTV gives gamers the ability to broadcast and reach other like minded gamers who do not want to get lost in overcrowded streaming platforms streaming everything from puppy cams to peoples front lawns. For the first time gamers, developers, and gaming manufactures have a place to stream their content live where they know other gamers are watching in a global audience of unlimited size. In less than two minutes, gamers can become broadcasters by creating their own account and any number of shows on UfragTV or by embedding their broadcast through their own site, empowering them to engage and interact with their audience and further build their gaming reputation.
UFragTV’s high quality live and interactive video broadcasting encourages competitive gaming on several levels, empowering a much more engaging experience for everyone involved. UFragTV also allows instant viewing of gamers reaction to products, gameplay, concepts, and gaming skill, creating the first ever total live environment only for gamers.
With UFragTV’s interactive broadcast functionality, viewers can personally interact directly with whoever is broadcasting — including personalities like their favorite gamer or game developer, or even LAGtv’s show hosts . UfragTV’s viewers can watch specific broadcasts, explore our networks ranging from game reviews, gaming talk shows, competitive gaming matches, or just like gamers talking about games. If its gaming related or something gamers are into it will be broadcasted on UfragTV!
UFragTV also covers gaming events world wide with its full production house and streams it live for the gamers that are unable to attend these great events. UFragTV has covered events such as Comic Con San Diego, E3, PAX, Chicago Comic Con, Big Apple Con, VGXPO, SBO Qualifiers, Blizzcon, CES, Nintendo DSi Launch, and the Tokyo Game Show. We travel the world so the gamers do not miss a beat!
We’re not just any live broadcasting site, we’re “The Gamers Broadcasting Network”!


“People need to play. It’s in our nature. We especially like to gather and play games together. Add a little something to eat and drink to the fun and you’ve got one of the most defining human experiences—the party.” Metro Silicon Valley
uWink is a social entertainment and dining experience where everyone can enjoy a great meal ordered by touchscreen at the table, choose from a breadth of games which facilitate interaction with other customers and watch your favorite sports events on multiple large screens. Even the walls provide entertainment, displaying large ever-changing projections of art, themes, games and guests’ personalized pictures and graphics.
uWink was borne out of entertainment visionary Nolan Bushnell’s desire to bring fun, engaging “simple-to-play but impossible-to-master” games to people in a social environment. “I wanted to create a place where people could enjoy each other’s company, facilitated by technology. Social games have been an important component of human interaction since prehistoric times.”
Come join us, enjoy your favorite drink, try one of our delectable dishes, and compete in a game of Trivia Live, U.S.I. (our version of C.S.I.), Truth or Dare, or one of the 70+ other games we offer. Sit at one of our tables or venture over to our full bar, where you can enjoy the hottest sports events on multiple big screens with your favorite beer or cocktail. There is no place like uWink to watch your favorite sports games!


Growing up in Southern California as a basketball player and now a father of two young girls, I am aware of the needs and stresses on families as they try to juggle their complicated schedules. When we first thought of building the Hangar Athletic Xchange (HAX), the idea was to build a facility that everyone could enjoy. From kids to professional athletes, we wanted a one stop training center that was membership based.
At HAX, we are your neighborhood gym — we just have the amenities that no other gym has to offer you.
Our six basketball courts were purchased from the 2008 NCAA regional basketball tournament; where else can you play on the floors that were used in “The Big Dance?” Our HAX Café is the place to be whether you’re relaxing or watching the action on the floor. We also have executive locker rooms and towel service, which is all part of the membership package. These membership packages have been created to be affordable for families, couples, individuals and students.
HAX membership rooms include: a cardio entertainment room, weight room and studios for yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes, all with views of the courts. With so many youth programs and academies at HAX, we deiced to schedule many of our fitness classes at the same time for our parents’ convenience.
HAX is proud to be the home to Gameshape Integrated Performance Training, which has been used by professional athletes such as Lamar Odom, Tyson Chandler & Omeka Okafur. It’s a pleasure for us to offer this unique training experience to our members at HAX. In addition to Gameshape Training, HAX is also the exclusive home to Speedburners, the leading speed and agility training for hundreds of high school, collegiate and professional athletes as well as Nike SPARQ combines. Together Gameshape and Speedburners form the HAX Training Academy for athletes of all ages and abilities. Our trainers are the best in the business and these programs that have only been available to professional athletes are now available to all of our members.
What makes HAX even more special is the partnerships we have formed. We are launching the first ever year-round John Wooden & Lisa Leslie Basketball Academies. The Sinjin Smith Volleyball Academy is also a first, and can only be found at HAX. HAX is also the exclusive home to summer basketball camps including John Wooden, Lisa Leslie, Paul Pierce, Luke Walton and Lamar Odom.
As you can see we have a lot going on at HAX. I am as excited as anyone to bring a facility like this to Southern California where I finally have a place to work out with my family.
The Hangar Athletic Xchange will be the premier home in Southern California for tournaments, camps, leagues and events. No Matter what your sport may be, HAX has the trainers, equipment and facilities to meet all your needs and goals.


John Nelson
ACTivegamerS LA
(310) 654-3649


Mark Julio


16 Responses to ACTivegamerS Triple Threat & Hollywood Massacre!

  1. yaks88 says:

    americans cant even play tekken and seriously f sf4 and blazblue its all bout tekken it a game of life

  2. chemicalRed says:

    I’ll check it out

  3. DrBhup666 says:

    What is Smash Bros doing up there with those three games?? It is not a fighting game in the real fighting game sense of way.

    Plus, what is happening to this site? Where are the updates? Where is the second podcast? Mark said that it would be like two weeks ago..
    You started on a review of fighting sticks a month ago but stopped after one posting.. where is the rest??

    Lazy bums, get to work. We are hungry for information! Appreciate that it is free though! :-)

  4. chemicalRed says:

    Question to anyone with a definite answer; Is Leo a boy or a girl ?
    … I thought I was sure it was a girl but a lot of places including an official Tekken site say boy. Which is it ?

    • VenoM362 says:

      Leo’s gender is ambiguous, Namco wanted a chracter the fans liked no matter their gender. But if you ask me Leo is no doubt a female.

      I’m just saying…

      • chemicalRed says:

        I guess it makes sense; Some people will let gender decide which character(s) they use so i guess this combats that.
        I think its a girl too.

        I just dont think they should keep us wondering for so long; This is really something that shouldve been confirmed by now.

    • CeaserDeebo says:

      it’s not clear

      heihachi and anna call Leo a boy in SC, and Leo is under a male section in the art gallery…

      but there are a lot out there who insist that leo is a girl

  5. Lev says:

    Off-topic, but are you guys making any more podcasts?

  6. kingkills says:

    Get out of here MarkMan designer of Mad Catz’ fighting game controllers respects due.

  7. MarkMan says:

    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates.

    We ARE working on an update.

    Instead of releasing our old one that we recorded we are going to do a NEW podcast where we go over details of the new patch.

  8. Just wanted to post and let you know that your blog is pretty cool. I’ve printed your post for a couple of friends who I know will be interested. I’ll be seeing them at a couple of kids parties next week and will pass it on.

  9. All I’m gonna say is “That was Awsome” !!

  10. it’s good, i thought you are going to chip in with some

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