TEKKEN 6 Online Patch Incoming!

An online patch for TEKKEN 6 is on its way!  NAMCO BANDAI has announced they are developing a downloadable update that will improve the game’s online experience. Full details regarding the content of the update and the timing of its release is to be announced shortly.  Click below for more details.

To improve the online game experience for players of TEKKEN® 6, NAMCO BANDAI Games is developing a downloadable update which will be available as soon as it has passed rigorous testing procedures.

More details regarding the content of the update and the timing of its release will be announced shortly.

This is separate from the online co-op Scenario Campaign mode update which is scheduled for release this winter.

Thanks for playing TEKKEN 6, and keep on fighting.

204 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Online Patch Incoming!

  1. imlinked says:

    Woohoo! Been waiting for Bamco to announce this.

    Thought Namco would address this issue at a much later date, but I’m glad to hear they acknowledged the problem as early as they did.

    Had they said anything about the problems involving online issues prior to launch, they would’ve lost a lot more sales than they would’ve otherwise.

    Goodjob Namco, looking forward to the patch :)

    • **** says:

      Now if only they could release a patch for the crap graphics and a patch to make Scenario Campaign enjoyable to play.

      • DrBhup666 says:

        crap graphics..?? Are you a fuckin’ retard or something??

        This is a fighting game! Not Uncharted 2 or anything.. We had previously been spoiled by Tekken on the sense that it was always better looking than it’s Arcade version which it was ported as and it was always better looking than other games at the time.

        Now other companies are up to date and produce better games and the console version of Tekken cannot be any more crisp than the arcade version.

        That doesn’t mean the graphics are crap!!!

        The graphics of Tekken 6 is better than Tekken 5 and that makes it the most beautiful Tekken to date.

        Besides, only stupid idiots doesn’t like a fighting game because they don’t think the graphics are good enough!!

        Are you a stupid fuckin’ idiot?? Fuckin’ n00b!!!

      • Jayvee says:

        cmon bro no need to say the N word :))

      • chemicalRed says:

        The graphics are fine

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Ya he is a Fucking retard, retards like him buy gsmes just to buy them, no real incentive, just so he can look cool, give him 2 weeks and thsi game will be back at gamestop, he doesnt have real appreciation for tekken.

        tekken looks damn good, if i had to compare, id say VF looks better graphically, but im loving customazation right now.

        i cannot wait to start traning with all my characters.

        i just got done buying

        Ravens, Kazuya, dragunovs stuff form the store, and when i mean doen i mean done. i haver everything for them.

        right now im working on Jin.

        Still have Feng , Leo , Miguel , Hworang , Zafina , Asuka to go.

      • imlinked says:

        Honestly, the guy is entitled to his opinions. If he thinks the graphics are crap, than so be it.

        If consumers are content with what they have now, there would be no technological improvements. Honestly, listen to yourselves. Would you be happy playing on the original Tekken 2 graphics with the same game mechanics?

        Sure its a fighting game, but many gamers paid $300~$500 for their next gen consoles. We expect game publishers to make use of the hardware we bought, and if it falls short (YES, even in a fighting game), I believe the consumer has every right to complain. This is what motivates publishers to produce quality products.

        I’m sure when Tekken 3 came out, everyone thought “WOW, the graphics are INSANE”, and while graphics aren’t everything in a fighting game, it is an eye candy that does add to the enjoyment.

        I am not saying the current graphics are crap, but rather, Namco could’ve done better. I don’t care what it is, an anti-aliased 576p upconverted to 720p is not satisfying when I, as a consumer, invested on a 1080p HDTV with a PS3 hardware capable of 1080p.

        Technological limits? Be creative, push the hardware. We saw naughtydog do it, and I’m sure there are rooms for improvements.

      • Chewbacca says:

        The graphics themselves aren’t as good as VF5’s…but the animations are the best any 3D fighting game’s ever had.

      • kazuyaistekken says:

        if nobody complain about the graphic,then u’ll see lazy ass arcade port for future Tekkens,sure u wouldnt want that,so haters are good in some ways,and yea,i dont buy PS3 expecting so-so graphics,u idiot!

      • RobGMun says:

        Just to counter what you say DrBhup666. The grahpics themselves are great, the animation and textures are far better than even T5:Online for the PS3

        But what i believe **** is on about is the very poor low resolution. It’s very low and compared to T5:Online (which was the full 1080p) it’s very dissapointing and painful to watch. Almost at time feels like i am playing a PS2 game upscaled. I think the PS3 can handle this game and far higher resoltions and i really hope that Namco release a patch to up the res on this (the ghostbusters game got a patch to improve the res)

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      Fuck his opinion! I cant get as beautifully in depth like the other guys in comparison to other games but did you see everyones beloved street fighter evolve much since alphas or 3 third strike. Noooooo! Noob ass…

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      Why couldnt they just use fucking deticated servers for the ps3 version??



      • DIGGS-86 says:

        yeah kinda like metal gear solid 4 online , their shit is great and effective

      • The Devil Kazuya says:

        I hope you realise that;s not going to work for a 1 on 1 fighter.

        It’s all about your ping to your opponent’s.

        If you are both going through a server and it’s not P2P both your pings will suffer

        Dedicated servers just dont work for fightng games on a technical level.

        What namco actually need to do is use an Input delay Masking type of netcode like used in GGPO, or just hire SEGA to do their netcode for them cause they obviously dont have a clue.

    • **** says:

      Only retards actually use the word retard but to counter your witty response I’d just like to say that if I wanted to play a game with low-res textures and aliasing so bad it looks like your mothers teeth I’d still be puddling around on a Sega Saturn. I buy modern video game consoles so that I may part take in the benefits of modern video gaming technology. If developers are too lazy or underfunded or understaffed to provide products which are on the same level as the products their peers release then they should get out the business.

      I hate people with low standard who’ll defend any shit served up for them without even entertaining the fact that they deserve better (BECAUSE THEY PAID $60!!!)

  2. TCO-TheOne says:

    That’s what’s up sounds good. I hope they do a good job…..i hope.

  3. Treehugger says:

    Great news of course… I hope they fix lil other things as well. Like not being able to set and save the 2nd player control like in all the old tekkens. Oh and to Allow ur damn customizations to work on both 1st and 2nd player side. It’s pretty annoying that only 1st player can rock customs but 2nd player can’t.

  4. Taya says:

    I haven’t got a chance to purchase T6 yet, so if ya don’t mind can anyone tell me exactly what were the issues online play had.

    • crazy skip says:

      its shit…. hahahaha

      input delay mostly… thats about how bad as the experience will be when you play…

      losing about 1-2 seconds of button/movement input maybe even more…

  5. Killbomb says:

    I think they weren’t even fully done with the netcode when the game released. To me it seems like they did what they could then patched it in the day before the street date so there would be some form of online, no matter how bad it was.

  6. MYK says:

    Don’t really care for online, if it’s better than it is now, that’s nice. The real issue is that they need to fix the little bugs and add the missing content in practice mode.

    I’d personally gladly take that over any online update.

    • MarkMan says:

      Then you’ll be glad to know that they’re listening/have listened to everyone’s feedback! Let’s hope for the best!

      • Battling_boy says:

        That’s Great – can’t wait. I’m guessing the fist 1-2 patches won’t solve every complaint and Issues but there’s always future updates to look forward to.

      • chemicalRed says:

        Glad to know they lsten

    • inforcer says:

      Im with you MYK on the Practice mode patch .. BRING BACK COMMAND CAPTURE NAMCO.. .. We need to test things thats what the home console is for .. Getting set ups straight, i mean we have not had this nationally in USA arcades while other places had all the time in the world to test things out we dont want to be light years behind come National tourney and EVO 2010

  7. Arthur says:

    Do we know what they will fix? Anything at all? Ps, I love this site =)

  8. Tenshimitsu says:

    I hope that Namco will be releasing regularly character balance patches. This way this game can live forever!

    • crazy skip says:

      character balance?

      what for?!

      we need patched for online and offline.. not characters!

    • Yoshimattsu says:

      First off Tenshi is a girl, and she could smoke you fools.. I agree this game is much more balanced than most fighters and more balanced than any other Tekken in the past, but balance issues are still there and I think keeping an open mind to the possibility of balance perfection is always a good idea.

      • chemicalRed says:

        When it comes to Namco we’ve never had to worry about balance; Theyve always managed it well … They’re right; They should focus on patching the online for now.

  9. ‘Transferable profiles for Offline VS Battles’ is the feature that needs to be added.

  10. Vincent says:

    It’s a pity you can’t patch the fact multiplaforming destroyed the game for the PS3 userbase or patch the utter failure that is the Shitbox 360.

    I was never a fanboy and never hated on the 360, until I saw how downgraded Tekken 6 is on consoles despite the arcade version using the same hardware as the PS3.

    • SolRahlX says:

      … you’re an idiot.

    • chemicalRed says:

      If you and BlindGhost are right then I wonder why they downgraded it… Really sucks to know that

      • Blind Ghost says:

        ya bro they did, a lot of people are saying this on tz, and they go to their local arcades and play T6 on there alot.

      • Vincent says:

        Google for “Namco System 357” and you will find the truth.


        Hardware : PS3 Based
        CPU : Cell
        CPU Notes : Microprocessor consisting of one 3.2 GHz PowerPC-based Power Processing Element (PPE) and six Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs).
        A seventh runs in a special mode and is dedicated to aspects of the OS and security, and an eighth is disabled to improve production yields.
        PlayStation 3’s Cell CPU achieves 204 GFLOPS single precision float and 15 GFLOPS double precision.

        GPU : RSX
        GPU Notes : Based on NVIDIA G70 (NV47) architecture. The GPU makes use of 256 MB GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700 MHz with an effective transmission rate of 1.4 GHz and up to 224 MB of the 3.2 GHz XDR main memory via the CPU (480 MB max)

        Ram : 256MB Rambus XDR DRAM, clocked at CPU die speed.

        Notes : The floating point performance of the whole system (CPU + GPU) is reported to be 2 TFLOPS.

        List of System 357 Games

        * Tekken 6
        * Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
        * Razing Storm[3]

      • MCPtz says:

        I had heard the arcade had more RAM than the ps3, but clearly not the case:

        * 256MB XDR Main RAM @ 3.2GHz
        * 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @ 700MHz

        namco system 357:
        * 256MB Rambus XDR DRAM @ 3.2GHz
        * 256MB GDDR3 RAM @ 700MHz

        Exact same system as far as I could tell, so why are the resolutions different?

        Thank you Namco.

      • crazy skip says:

        i thought they put the resolution down because of xbox360… or was it a different reason why they downgraded it

      • Vincent says:

        Yeah it was downgraded because of Xbox 360. There’s no other plausible reason.

      • farhan says:

        they took a lot of stuff out of the game because of 360 too.
        360 is the reason why the ending clicps are so short.
        360 is the reason why there is no tekken ball.
        they needed to fit the game onto the lame-ass 360-DVD.
        Tekken 6 would’ve been much more complete if it had been PS3 exclusive.

    • The Devil Kazuya says:

      This is simply false. Namco did not downgrade the game because of 360 PS3 fanboy’s just love to go on about this so they can vent.

      Reality is, although the arcade is using some PS3 architecture it’s not like ther eis a Ps3 sitting in there. There isn’t.

      I would say the hardware in the arcade is quite a bit more powerful on a memory and Graphics chip level.

      Also, anyone notice the PS3 version regardless doesnt keep a constant 60 fps where the 360 does. it’s not big deal and hardly anyone would notice it but that seems ot be a common thing in ps3 with games like ther eis a problem with the system somewhere. It’s simply not as powerful as people make it out to be.

      Both systems in my opinion are woefully inadequate compared to where PC is at right now.

      So yeah. Tekken 6 on PC namco thanks….

      • MCPtz says:

        Scroll up, the arcade system contains the exact same CPU and GPU as the ps3. Same frequencies, same number of processors, and the exact same amount of RAM.

        What is different?

        I wish there was an explanation.

      • Vincent says:

        Dear stupid, if you read the specs (that were posted right above your post!) they are exactly the same in CPU and GPU, exact same RAM and processors. So yes, it’s like there is a PS3 sitting in there and yes, the 360 forced a downgrade because of its lame DVD, lack of processing power and no 1080p graphics output.

        Yes the game does run at 60fps all the time on PS3, in fact, many PS3 games do (Ratchet & Clank for example) so stop vomiting your bullshit without backing it up with facts.

      • Agent says:

        I shouldn’t dignify this clown fanboy with a response, but blaming the 360 is asinine. Do realize that the arcade board has the same hardware as PS3, but all it has to run is TEKKEN 6, no OS, no XMB, no background processes. Blame lazy ass Namco for not putting enough into the ports, not a piece of hardware…

      • chemicalRed says:

        I think its safe to say no ones gonna play Tekken on a pc.
        LOL @ Vincent… “Dear Stupid”?…. Very funny response

      • anan says:


        i have seen T6:BR arcade during startup, and i believe there is XMB on it. something that make me surprise is the icon menu exactly same as ps3.

  11. Malakai says:

    yeah why wasnt the proper netcode included in the retail release…

  12. farhan says:

    I hope the patch will enable two players to use customized outfits in VS mode because currently only one player is allowed to have custome outfits when you play offline VS which truly sucks!

  13. Jeezus says:

    By all means, this patch should address the problems listed on Zaibatsu. I’ve always just played offline, so anything online doesn’t matter to me.

  14. chemicalRed says:

    MarkMan, I am so glad to hear that

  15. Blind Ghost says:

    This is what they need top fix as well.

    Unranked Matches or Friendly rooms should Show Rank, im fighting nothing but scrubs, and you can’t tell cause their ranks dont show.

    Ranked matches should give you the option to at least picking your connection i lost 4 matches due to lagg.

    The Ability to Name your Room that way its recognized By others.

  16. Blind Ghost says:

    DR had the Online setup Perfect, now they fucked it up. with T6.

  17. tekkenlover says:

    hopefuly the patch will solve most of the issue that we are having

  18. SolRahlX says:

    T5DRO’s netcode = POS.

    If it plays anything close to VF5 Online then we’ll be cookin’ wit gas.

  19. schematic says:

    As for what the guy said earlier about character balancing. Its actually not a bad idea. Not every character can be top tier. But Tekken 6 as it stands is prolly the most balanced fighter to date. EXCEPT…. zafina needs to be reworked a little. Raven really needs at least 1 safe laucher thats not counter only. Or least a move that grounds as it stands he is really really punishable at high levels of play. And Yoshi players can adapt like they always do but they might need to improve him just a tad to make him slightly more safe. Namco seems to favor Lei. Cause he is the only technical character that is really safe. Zafina requires work… has stances like Lei… but really really unsafe. Seems slightly unfair to me. Everyone else in the game is pretty sick. Even the bear is nice save for the fact you can take half his life in one wall combo lol. They might want to adjust that just a tad.

  20. UndeadNemesis says:

    What’s happening about the other problems i.e. rec feature in practice mode, numerous grammer mistakes/ incorrect command menu inputs, only 1st dan offline, etc… Oh yeh, a better Yoshi would be great also :P.

  21. The Devil kazuya says:

    People, this is a patch seperate to the one thats comming in december and is for Online stability and improvements to the netcode only. Dont think we will be seeing anything else.

    I don’t have high hopes for it because the japanese development scene is completely out of touch with netcode development. (they live in an enviroment with ridiculously good internet)

    but fingers crossed. I hope they are aware the importance of getting this game to work online at least as good as VFIV.

    In laggy connections that I can get away with playing Streefighter IV for example, it just doesn’t cut the mustard in tekken.

    Last night I played for the first time with my friend online. He actually lives downstairs and we are attached to the same router. Blue connection, 0 ms ping and the match was still in fucking slow motion….

  22. ayau says:

    Do any of you know if “black ki” is available for home versions? It can be seen here:

    Looks so cool

  23. VenoM362 says:

    Better online huh?, *rolls eyes* we’ll see about that. I have yet to play a rank match, VenoM362 don’t play Tekken in slo-mo. I also thought customization would be better. Some parts of it just don’t make sense. Example: I wanted to make Hwoarang’s P1 outfit black,white,and red. A black base, white out lines,and red gloves and foot pads. But you can’t change the FUCKING gloves and pads. They have to be blue, even if you change his gloves foot pads are STILL FUCKING BLUE!!! You should be able to change every color on a outfit or atleast the main parts. Why would you make Hwoarang’s top and pants different colors, THAT SHIT LOOKS DUMB TWO DIFFERENT COLORS!!!
    And King, why are his tights two toned? That looks dumb too. Then they give King some cool wrestling shorts, but he still has his TWO FUCKING TONE TIGHTS ON UNDER THEM?! I can’t just give King different tights? I like his default boots and padding. If I take away his tights he has nothing on but his draws!? Then you can only give them gay-ass looking boots or some DAMN beast legs. Marduk has better wrestling gear than King. DA FUCK MAN!!!?? Also if you give him a different beast mask his tall stays the same. The main thing though is buying different colors of the same shit. Wouldn’t be easier to just have some sort of color grid? Just making you waste your money. I just can’t find anything for King and Hwoarang that I really like. And why do the customs cost so FUCKING MUCH!!!????

    I know VenoM362 is bitching right now, but he had to get this off his chest.
    I’m just saying…

    • chemicalRed says:

      Youre right about two things;
      1. All customizations’ colors should be editable for free and not bought
      2. The stuff costs way too much… Most of its not worth the price.

      I also agree with the two toned thing
      And King is my main character, and yes, I’ve noticed that most of his customizations suck. That angered me a lot. I wanted to care about the fact that I could customize my King, and I was once again dissappointed…it seems as though many of the customizations have a comical feel and I think thats where they went wrong; they should be more serious.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing Kings T4 hair as a customization option (if its not already present). I’d also like to give King the T5 horn customization again

      • Spiriax says:

        IMO, the problem isn’t that the items are “expensive”, because they aren’t. The problem is that the money gain is so imbalanced. If I defeat Nancy on Arcade Mode I get like 20,000G. But if I clear a single stage on Scenario Campaign, which takes way less effort, I get like 100,000-200,000G. Later you can gain 1,000,000G per SC stage.

        It should be better balanced. If you don’t want to play SC Mode, you should be able to get gold in an other efficient way.

        Love Tekken 6 though (but some flaws..), looking forward to the patch!

        Some things I’d like to tell Namco: 2 moves that Yoshimitsu has (forgot which ones) are wrong in the command list, and Zafina’s 1+2 (standing, normal) aren’t in her command list, lol, or not that I could find.

    • chemicalRed says:

      You make some good points…but as I said before I also believe that the items are too expensive because many of them lack aesthetically.
      The default outfits are ALWAYS better than the customizations. Ofcourse with them being default outfits they are free. If my default outfit is perfect why would I pay 200,000 g for example on an inferior customization.
      Up to now, for my King (and a few other characters), I’ve only bothered using customizations because they help in SC Mode, not because they make my character look cooler.

    • DrBhup666 says:

      He he he he he he… You, my man, are a fuckin’ genious!! This is the best frikin’ thing I’ve read in my whole life!

      I personally just like to customize the female characters. I just undress them and make them wear smallest clothing there is!
      Lili’s underboob is the beat thing so far!

  24. Val says:

    I just want them to patch the offline annoyances like 2 player customs and offline ranking. This game relies too much on online, I hate that. Tekken isn’t an mmorpg thing, I doubt they could make it a lagless experience anyway. I also hate the fact that they focused on SC mode too much, I miss the good old story mode with character interactions between matches and longer ending movies.

  25. PhantomJ says:

    Why do I get the feeling that Namco will just give everyone these(shit quality)green bars and lol @ all of us?

  26. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Any news on the psp development?

  27. kazuya vs jin says:

    u took my word!… just looked up on playasia.. all it says november 2009… other places unknown and some places even says november 24th.. i hope it will be ready soon! and some nice ass goodies thts not avaiable on t6 ps3/360 version

  28. Some Japanese Guy says:

    It’s great and all namco is patching the garbage netcode and all BUT how do any of you know if online will be playable at all? The best you can hope for is the DR-level playability which is pretty shitty if you ask me. I will wait to see if namco actually makes a good online experience. Then I’ll think about buying the game again….for $20. The rest of you can have fun playing trash bag games online till then haha.

  29. unblockable counter says:

    Wow some you are a bunch of little babies, get so damn worked up when someone gives an opinion that runs counter to yours. So what if someone thinks the graphics are bad, it’s their opinion, no need to start cursing like a mad person. The game is good, but there are some things that need improvement so there’s no need to fly off the handle when someone mentions the obvious.

  30. madnis says:

    Offline ranking. need it.
    I hate online. don’t want to touch online,
    and it fucking sucks that namco is forcing you to play online just to rank up and get trophies. isn’t one of the trophies getting to tekkengod or whatever? fuck i hate online and i don’t want to touch the fucker.

    i would rather leave it the fuck alone.
    so again.

    offline ranking. need it.

  31. coilover2005 says:

    Copy everything format wise from DRO… Fix practice mode… = T6 Best shit ever made!

  32. Spookies says:

    That’s great to hear. Hopefully no more 2 second delay combos. But how about…


    Please patch. I promise I’ll never whine like that again.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      ya i know that was my biggest gripe too that SC lets your do that but not TEKKEN

      still..they hAVE SOME BAD ASS COLORS FOR JINS NEW track suit

    • chemicalRed says:

      I thought theyd do the colors like SC4 had done… It really seems like the best way to go… But maybe for some people it may be kinda difficult to recreate a custom color if ever it was removed; Maybe thats why they did it… This way all things using red for example will definitely be the same hue of red…Except as VenoM362 said, as seen with King, his hues of red dont match up even now.

  33. SolRahlX says:

    Well looks like Tekken 6 dropped the ball with the masses. SFIV and SCIV had WAY stronger 1st week sales than Tekken 6. Looks like the common man doesn’t hold the series in high regard anymore. Oh well better luck next time I guess. Hopefully next time they won’t put in some stupid ass Scenario Campaign crap which dumbass reviewers REALLY tore into.

    • Chewbacca says:

      I know, it’s kind a shame. They went an extra mile or two with that thing but I gotta be honest…it sucks so much ass. I’m sorry to say, but it really brings the game down.

  34. Blind Ghost says:

    fuck reviewers
    they dont uderstand tekken. and if they are dumb enogh to thik scenario was deep adventue game
    then they realy have no buisness reviewing games to begin with, that was mainly a way for you to get fast cash to pimp ut your characters and deliver the story. thats it the meat of the game is fighting.

    but those cock sucker wouldnt knwo anythign about that.

    unles its somethign simlified like SFIV.

  35. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    YES YES!!!
    The ps3 version of tekken 6 is outselling the 360 version!!!


    • chemicalRed says:

      Nice to know… But that doesnt really surprise me… Its only wise to chose the PS3 version over the 360 version… Not to mention Namco lost T6 360 sales when the game leaked on the Internet .

      • Blind Ghost says:

        agreed. they seriouly need to just stick to PS3.

        that and hearing it WAS ! downgraded pissed me off even more.

    • The Devil Kazuya says:

      Umm hello of course it was going to sell more on Ps3, many people got a pS3 just for tekken 6 before it was announced on PC. Also tournments will likely use the Ps3 version.

      Xbox 360 doesnt really have much of a fighting game crowd most of it’s titles are aimed at fps.

      The only reason I have a 360 is because sony took way to fucking long to release ps3. If they get the online working properly which is doubtful I might even finally fork out for a Ps3.

      Anyway I’m tired of debunking the ridicukous notion that the game was downgraded because of the 360. You people can have your illusions if you wish

    • Sir Tificate says:

      And now for the exclusive ps3 dlc :D

      They’ve got to give us something after screwing us over with gta iv..

  36. hukoro says:


    Tekken movie news!!! spread the word!!

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      Im looking forward to seeing it but everyone knows that movies based on games arent accurate with stories and the story based on plot and costumes are already fuckin it up story wise. They could have atleast picked a game and added the drama and filled in the blanks to keep the franchise going in movies. You know what…. as long as it aint like the live action streetfighters and like dragonball as far as fucking a story. Kazuya got facial hair, Jins hair is down,Law is Marshal without facial hair and Christie isnt black. I guess , hell …ladies been playin Peter Pan for decades.

  37. DIGGS-86 says:

    and I pray its nothing like dead or alive damn that sucked

  38. JinUAE says:

    Bring back recording in practice mode.
    Bring back recording combos in command list.
    Bring back recording matches in all modes not only in ranked matches.

    P.S. Azazel as a dummy in practice mode would be promising.

  39. Spirit of King says:





    PLZ…rank online and offline…APART FAR APART SEPARATE ASUNDER !!!

  41. The Devil Kazuya says:


    One more thing, check the above link’s.

    You retard’s insisting on perpetuating the console war’s regarding this title, need to wake the fuck up seriously.

    Tekken is not really selling that well system wide for a first week release and this could be really bad. Imagine if it was only on PS3, dont expect a tekken game for many years into the future if this game doesnt do well and make money for namco, maybe even at all.

    It may show to them that the fighting scene on consoles is over…

    Also dont expect the game to be supported with patches after release either. If it’s not making money namco will abandon it..

    So yeah time to put the fanboism away. Multiplatform means more money for namco which means more good tekken.

    otherwise say goodbye to your favourite fighting franchise. I may sound like a doom prophet but people really need ot pull there heads out of the sand and stop being so selfish…

  42. SolRahlX says:

    I kinda found it funny when someone on here said “oh look the PS3 version outsold the 360 version. It should have stayed on PS3”

    Well if it would have only stayed on PS3 it would have gotten worse sales than it has now. People are so damn stupid and blind sometimes.

    • chemicalRed says:

      Maybe you’re right… but you have to also consider that putting it on the XBOX hurt sales too… The game was leaked on the Internet for the 360 only (almost a week before its official release). One site claims that in about its first 20 minutes online, 50,000 copies were downloaded… Thats about 3 million dollars Namco lost in about 20 minutes… They lost millions because it is on 360 as well… Maybe it safe to assume that theyd of retained at least a portion of that if it were a PS3 exclusive.

      • Dilly says:

        Not quite true. In most cases, people who download games aren’t people who would have bought them in the first place. Also, who’s to say those 50,000 people own a ps3 to have bought it if it was a PS3 exclusive.

      • chemicalRed says:

        “in most cases people who download games arent people who wouldve bought them in the first place “?… How could anyone even know that? How would you possibly know that for sure without knowing every gamer on the planet? Has there been a census taken on all the illegal downloaders that I dont know about?… Thats an assumption that can’t ever really be proven right or wrong … In fact all the people that I know that own illegal copies do own a ps3 and were gonna but it for ps3 … WERE

      • SolRahlX says:

        Needless to say downloaded or not they still made more money releasing it on 2 consoles.

      • chemicalRed says:

        @SolRahlX (and anyone else choosing to linger on the subject)

        Ofcourse having the game on two consoles instead of one can POTENTIALLY generate more sales… The question here is will it do more damage than good?

        One site has posted the first week sales for T6. (Someone has the link up here so go check that out.) As of the day of the articles posting for T6s first week sales the numbers are PS3=313,633 copies sold versus the XBOX360=128,775 copies sold… Now compare about a week worth of sales that resulted in 128,775 copies sold for 360 to the estimate of 50,000 downloaded for free per 20 minutes for the 360. Assuming the download rate hasn’t changed it looks like Namco lost more than they gained for making the game multiplatform… Looking at those numbers the game is oddly off to a slow start; Hmmmmm… Could it possibly be because the 360 has enabled users to download free games?… End of story; Please dont make me have to say this again.

  43. Blind Ghost says:

    DIlly stop trying to justify that hunk of Junk. that thign is bad news all around.

    the poin is Blu-ray technology is new, and nobody has a fast enough burner to burn a PS3 game on it. therefore that game wouldnt have been leaked if it was only on blu-ray.

    XBOX360>>>>>>a pirates Dream.

    Should have been kept exclusive liked red said, they lost millions in 20 minuites.

    and theres a huge fanbase for tekken on PS3 more so than on the 360.

    not only that at least sony releases number on how many they sold …..Not shipped like MS does.


    • chemicalRed says:

      Thanks :)

      Yeah, I was told its impossible to mod a PS3 to burn games… With the 360 all you need is the Internet and a blank DVD.

      Dilly, it is safe to assume that many of those people dont own PS3s or wouldn’t have bought the game if they did, but there’s no way to be sure of the exact amount of people that would do so; You can’t just say “most”… And likewise its safe to assume many of those people mightve bought the game if it were PS3 exclusive … I’m sure Namco would appreciate that slight increase in revenue over some guy handing out free copies to all his friends.

  44. SG79 says:

    VGchartz simply estimates their data (as in they pull it out of their asses claiming that they had sources). The only solid figures are the Japanese ones so wait for NPD figures.

    Namco has shipped 2.5 million already, and likely that most of them are in Europe where the franchise is most popular.

    Factor in the fact that T6/BR garnered enough revenue for Namco over 2 years in the arcades, and we’ve got nothing to worry about for the most part.

    I suspect the timing of the release during the COD “season” and the fact that it’s been a long wait has a lot to do with it. Going multiplatform wasn’t a bad move considering that fighters are niche nowadays so the more, the merrier.

    The PSP game should add up to the sales nicely.

    • PhantomJ says:

      Finally, someone with some civility in their language. I was getting dismayed with all the “fuck fuck fuck shit fuck”s.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      ya well, were real, and we like to keep it real.

      Fuck Civility.

      Fact of the matter is

      if it was PS3 exclusives 50,000 copies wouldnt have leaked.

      and the sole reason they did XBOX360. cause they used DVDS and those things are easy to copy and burn..

      hope namco learned thier lesson. keep it exclusive to SONY, it will looks better play better and we have the D-pad for it.

      besides, do you think anyone on the 360 is gonna keep their copy of tekken 6 ??

      Besides MODERN WARFARE 2 comes out tommorow. if anything their going to be handing in their copies of T6 to finish paying off their MW2 copies.

      lol some fanbase or tekken they got LOL.

      wouldnt it be funny if a;l these MW2 fanatics play the game none stop for a whole 6 hours then their 360’s Crap out on them LOL.

      ahhhhhh the wonders of halfassing products.

      anyway hey Chemicalred addm e up mani think i deleted you i was doing spring cleaning on my list. i had like 50 people on my firned list i didnt evne play agaisnt.

      PSN BlindGHOST

      • chemicalRed says:

        50,000 for just those first 20 minutes… Who knows what the numbers are now.

        So has your name changed? “ghost” is all caps now?

      • Irongoat says:

        not to mention that if they didnt multiplatform that shit they probably would have had more time to focus on the ps3 version and the game wouldnt havent to be toned down… AND we probably would have gotten it earlier and not had to wait 2 years for it

    • madnis says:

      dude… people still buy games on the psp? wow……….. that’s like a foreign concept.

      i’m sorry, but if we’re goin to debate piracy,psp is a pirate’s dream.

      hell, trophies aren’t coming to the psp specically because of how easily hackable the psp is.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        YA ILL GIVE YOU THAT, but your comparing HD games, i mean your comparing and HD tekken.

        to games made on a sub-par mediocre format, thats last gen bro, it cost much much less to develop for the PSP than it does for the PS3.

        but yeah PSPS is another pirates dream but still. again its about the money involved.

      • crazy skip says:

        i would buy it…

        when not at home play it on the go!

        not such a bad thing… good to keep yourself from playing in the arcade…

        but the one thing is… if psp has the perfect ghost battle i am going to get pissed off…

  45. VenoM362 says:

    Yo, for the past 2 weeks all I’ve done on Tekken is complete SC mode, play laggy-ass matches with my friends online (all of which live no more than 2-6 miles away from me), go through all of my chracter’s move list, and now I’m learning bound juggles with all 23 of those characters….OK
    So I really haven’t messed with Ghost Battle yet, which is where I learn to use all of my chracters. Once I get my characters to “Tekken God” I feel like I have a good grip on that character. But I justed found out that you only get to 1st Dan offline, then you have to play LAGGY ONLINE TO RANK UP!? THAT IS BY FAR THE DUMBEST THING TEKKEN HAS EVER DONE! If you can’t rank up offline why the HELL is Ghost Battle listed under OFFLINE MODE!? What’s the point of even having it in the game? Ghost Battle is what gave me incentive to learn a character. Your suppose to have a OFFLINE PROFILE and a ONLINE PROFILE right? I DO NOT PLAY TEKKEN IN SLO-MO AND WITH LAG. I was wondering why there wasn’t a trophy for becoming a “Tekken God”, I know why now. Because that shit ain’t gonna happen unless you cheat,spam moves,use moves you know people can’t do anything about because of LAG!and play for hours on end against BULLSHITING ASS PEOPLE ONLINE. THAT SHIT IS REALLY FUCKING DUMB NAMCO! So you mean to tell me that you have to do that with every character? LAME! I now know why some people say this game was rushed. There is ALOT OF SHIT FUCKED IN THIS GAME. They say they’re making a patch for online, guess what, its not going to play as smooth as offline is it? So it really don’t matter now does it? What did they do for the past 2 years, lose all of there common sense? Then again SENSE IS NOT COMMON now is it? I guess all of my characters will stay 1st Dans,huh?
    Yo MarkMan, I really hope you read this. Let me know if there is somewhere I can go to voice this to Namco DIRECTLY. Because they REALLY,REALLY,REALLY need to make a PATCH TO RANK UP IN GHOST BATTLE OFFLINE. They TOTALITY KILLED THE BEST MODE IN TEKKEN.GHOST BATTLE IS WHAT GAVE TEKKEN NEARLY ENDLESS REPLAY VALUE.
    In MY opinion…

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Wait wait…so you want the ability to rank up all the way to TEKKEN GOD rank OFFLINE ?? and you want it to show ONLINE when you check ranks for people ???

      Ghost Battle isnt fighting a real person Venom thats 2 diffrent things bro. you want a high rank you have to earn it agaisnt other people.

      plz help me understand this logic venom.

      dude there some laggy matches, but not that many.

      i mean i dont know how your conection is over there, but ive had like maybe 7 matches in total in the past 2 weeks that lagged. other than that online is great for me.

      the patch should make it even better.

      But if thats what your saying about rank…FUCK THAT !! how the fuck is that fair for other people that play online???

      if thats the case then ya let me just play against some retarded ass A.I OFFLINE and fucking become a TEKKEN GOD then brag to my friends about how i am tekken GOD online.

      sorry dude, im glad namco put the 1st dan limit. cause noobs have to earn that shit. ONLINE !

      Ghost battle is hardly like fighting a HUman being its repetative, it might have a diffrent style mimicking the player, but its still going agianst an A.I, no where near a Human being , their easy to beat.

      The patch should fix stuff up.

      now if you want and offline rank then ya ok i can see that. offline rakn that is seperate from an online rank like they did in DR thats cool. but if you want your OFFLINE rank to transfer to online ??? uhhh i dont expect that kinda stupid suggestions from you bro.

      so plz correct me if im mistaken.

      • VenoM362 says:

        Nah man, you got it all wrong. I mean like it was in DR. Your Ghost mode rank should have nothing to do with online. Its fun to play Ghost mode by yourself and rank up your characters when your not playing online or against friends at home. As for the 1st dan limit, thats stupid too, why should you get ranks for online when you didn’t even play online? So you mean to tell me if I go and play a rank match online with Raven it will say I’m a 1st dan? That shit don’t make no sense, I haven’t even played a rank match yet. Hell no it shouldn’t say I’m a Tekken God online if I didn’t get it by playing online. Ghost mode ranks are just titles for characters in offline modes, just for YOU not people to see online. Some punks would just put the game on easy, 1 round and play Ghost mode until they became a Tekken God. Then think they’re the shit cause its displayed online, when in reality they’re trash at playing Tekken. Ranks online and offline should have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

      • ubad says:

        Wow, you should really learn how to read English. He said it should be seperated in his wall of text…

      • Blind Ghost says:

        ok cool, mybad venom, ya the way it was in DR was perfect. in fact the way they had everyting in DR was perfect and they went and screwed it all up.

        we use to have 4 color pallets to choose from they went and screwed that up as well. now we only have 3

        but look im tired of all the B.S this is all the 360’s fault.

        they cut corners because of that Hunk of Junk.

        and now a game that weve been wait for , for years is ruined thank to the 360’s use of DVDS.

        some of the items are even missing from the shop as well from what ive read.

        i said it before and i said it again

        XBOX360 is a Disease in this generation. its affecting everything.

        just knwo that this game could have been much much better.

        VF5 was a first generation game FIRST ! it came out when the PS3 launched.

        and that game looked better on the PS3 than tekken 6 did. almost no jaggies, and their “HAIR ITEMS” you couldnt tell they were custom they looked like default hair .

        in T6 the Hair customazations looks so bad, you can tell someone has a one on, like a freaking Hair piece.

        thanks namco for betraying your True Fans. and selling out to a golobal tycoon like MS.

        Also they had oneline was perfect aswell.

        they went ahead and removed ranks from showing in friendly rooms.

        now i dont knwo if im about to fight a noob or a veteran, and that just turns me off even more. cause im not getting a challenge. cant name your own rooms. just WOW, seriously i hope this patche fixes THE GAME ! i mean like all of it.

  46. kenpachi says:

    tekken 6 graphic is awesome!

  47. Sirjackalot says:

    I agree 100 percent with everything you said venom. Its just so stupid to only allow u to rank only to 1st dan. To the fact it kinda pisses me off like I said countless times before namco really dropped the ball this time. Especially for it to be limited to small number of arcades and a lot of ppl never played before until console including myself. I was so hyped and then they take at least 3 steps back instead of moving forward. The ghost mode was perfect they didn’t need to tamper with that at all, should have left practice mode the same with command capture. They should have just delivered us the game instead of focusing on that broken sorry ass scenario mode. Well enough ranting namco if u reading this fix the ghost mode I could care less about online mode its going to always sux but atleast let me have some joy and replay value with ghost battle.

    • VenoM362 says:

      Ghost mode was perfectly fine in DR. Thats what I told them in the survey. I didn’t buy Tekken 6 to play online ALL THE TIME. If all I wanted to do was play laggy online matches I damn sure wouldn’t gotten the stick bundle, hell I just would of got my boy to ” acquire ” a regular copy of the game for me. They can talk about a online patch all day, it will NEVER play as good as offline.

      • anan says:

        i agree with you. T5:DR ghost and rank system is perfect (i’m darklord-ed all characters).

        namco should consider to make character customization can be copied to flashdisk like T5:DR and copy to other machine. i’d come to my friend house (even my characters use their default costume =_=) or invite them to play tekken at my house rather than fight online while lag is everywhere

        and its so dumb using bryan d/f+3, lee d+4,4,4,4 or kazuya u/f+4,4,4,4 all the time to beat other player.

  48. mozzo says:

    anyone have any idea when that patch is coming?

  49. crazy skip says:

    who in the namco team thought of 1st dan cap!

    even my friends who just picked theirs up last thursday didnt even know until i told them and they’re pissed as hell…

    i only play my friends offline, good thing they live only 15mins drive away… because they’re complaining to me about online wondering why it has input delay…

  50. aaah says:

    i hope they include 2p customs during vs mode. it drives me crazy that only the 1p can load their customizations x[

  51. Blind Ghost says:


    Is he on VACATION ?????

    i think hes making love to his ew Arcade Stick.

    that Blu-tooth sensor wont ever work the same again.

    Take it easy Markman i know its Hori, but its not that strong.

  52. Ultrasound says:


  53. Spookies says:

    So I set up a static IP address for my PS3 and port forwarded it on my router. Slight improvements but still laggy. How is it that some people I played could perform juggles with a 1.5 second input delay?

  54. happy says:

    Played online mode last night. No lag whats so ever…with friends & arcade mode.

    Am i the only lucky one out there?

  55. chemicalRed says:

    Really? No input lag? No dropped juggles?
    Guess you are lucky

    • Blind Ghost says:

      counters are hard as fuck to pull off now, in Dr i use to pull them off wiht dragunove like nothing, now its hard as hell, now i know what people are talking about when they say input delay.

      they need to fix that cause counters and parry are like 1 or 2 seconds off.i cant have that. im good at countering i need that.

  56. Kiriyama3769 says:

    Actually I thought the new animations and graphics are amazing. If you shut off the motion blur it also kills a lot of the jagged edges. I love VF as well, Though not nearly as much as I love Tekken, and it does look better until the characters are in motion. The animation of Tekken looks great.

    I also started buying everything for all my main characters I have everything for Law, Asuka and Kazuya
    I need to work on Baek, Anna, Julia and Jin

    I also wanted to start developing Zafina and Miguel. I really like Zafina.

    Too be honest the only difficulty I am having with T6 looks like it is being resolved. If I have a great connection (I am on Fios) I have no issues, however when I am using someone like Asuka (She is my first example as she is my main character) I find any lag kills all my reversals, low blocks and Air Juggles.

  57. Tenshimitsu says:

    Is there any hope for future character balance patches?

    • crazy skip says:

      listen to yourself?!

      charcter balance?!

      fuck stupid! we cant have balance if the game is still even at its full potential

      think! OMG!

    • Blind Ghost says:

      wp exactly are you trying to balance !?!? AZAZEL ????

      seriously man stop asking stupid question.

      your a noob, fucking practice and and take it online.

      the characters are fine, you however are not, PRACTICE.

      the characters dont need balancing..you do.

    • chemicalRed says:

      crazy skip and Blind Ghost are right the balancing is fine… I’m satisfied with all the characters ive played, and like BG said the only fault can really be in yourself… Just practice more ; Really learn your character… Azazel IS really the only unbalanced character, but he’s not playable so you can’t possibly be asking for a fix you’ll never use.

  58. Yoshimattsu says:

    What’s wrong with wanting a character balance patch?

    Have some respect for someone that would hand you your ass…

    • Blind Ghost says:

      what wrong is that the ones asking for this patch are a bunch of fucking noobs.

      like your self, the guy handed you your ass cause he practiced very very hard.

      which is what you need to do, TEKKEN isnt fucking DOA, you cant button mash and Win.

      thats rule number 1

      leanr to block high, mids, lows, parry, side steps and learn the other characters, if you dont knwo the other characters and dont know your own character back wards and forwards and have the command list in your memory.

      then your not gonna stand a chance against those guys that hand you your ass.

      Again stop asking stupid question about character balance patch.

      if you cant handle tekken then go play DOA
      maybe thats what suits you best.

      • Yoshimattsu says:

        Listen I didn’t realize I was interrupting you guys swinging from each others’ nuts. The fact is, we are all entitled to our opinions and nothing you guys say will change that. I don’t care what you think, and you don’t care what I think. So how about we all just shut the fuck up. Petty bickering

    • crazy skip says:

      whats wrong with that?

      OMG again listen to yourself…

      theres a reason for tiers!… if everyone was in the same tier that would be boring!

      blind ghost uses raven and can make his raven look like tier A… why? he practiced!

      i make my miguel look like tier A… why? PRACTICE… you want to get to that level of play… then practice… dont ask for balance patch.. for goodness sakes…

      the game is still nowhere near full potential and youre asking for something thats not important or dont EVEN need ever!

      ffs! ONLINE AND OFFLINE need patching not characters… go practice a low tier and make him look like a high tier rank then come back and comment… when do you people learn who keep asking questions about balancing to stop……….. FUCK!

      • Yoshimattsu says:

        Don’t talk to me about practice dude, and Tenshimitsu is no noob, I can literally promise she would smoke you. We are Yoshimitsu players assface! I think we know about making low tier characters good. Don’t believe me? Come to Evo and see

      • crazy skip says:

        see.. you play in evo… so whats the point in asking for balancing when youre that good already… geez!

      • Yoshimattsu says:

        Because Soul Calibur 2 set the balance standard and Tekken is close but there are still issues. Plus I might be a little biased since Yoshi got such a nerfing in T6. I mean Yoshi is the only character that has been in every Tekken that is anywhere near the bottom of tier lists for T6. In certain situations he is completely outmatched…

      • crazy skip says:

        atm.. most or nearly everyone is waiting for the patch… for online hopefully…

        and one for offline if not in the same patch to make things quicker…

    • chemicalRed says:

      Whether she’s right or wrong about balancing I dont see why you feel the need to defend her; Let her speak for herself.
      Whats more annoying than her asking the same dumb question is you popping up and replying for her.
      If she doesnt seem to feel the need to reply to crazy skip or BlindGhost why do you?
      True; Everyones entitled to their opinion, so let her defend her own.

  59. fouthunder says:

    it would be nice if we can choose the country to fight with. for eg, malaysia fight only malaysia or like a server for other countries. im just saying

  60. Blind Ghost says:

    You know i wish they could put flags next to the players in the select screen, like SF i always thought that was badass, i wish they would do that i nthe next tekken, its give the character more of a perosnality.

    but anyway back to skip on that.

    Honestly i dont beleive in tiers , i think its a bunch of B.Si think if your good enough with your character you cna beat anyone i knwo this because i can beat almost anyone with my raven, just last night i wnet agaisnt a high ranking player, he didnt knwo what was coming.

    at the gamestop tournament i wnet agaisnt a Veteran King player, the entire tournament i was playing Kazuya, this guy knew everything i was doing, he beat me with his king like 5 times , this was pre tournament. when i finally got to play him at the lst match i pulled raven.

    he didnt knwo what the hell was going on, i was running circles around him with my raven. why cause he knw kazuya but didnt know shit about raven.

    i beat him 5 to 0, not 1 single match and this guy was supposedly someone that travels around the country.

    he counted raven out because not many people use raven. and he lost because of that.

    Know your character and know others in the roster that is the key to vicotry in TEKKEN. you cant button mash and get lucky, not here kiddies.

  61. Sirjackalot says:

    Good stuff blindghost and your right. You have to not only know your character but know the other fighters in the game. Because if you don’t then you won’t know what natural combos, guranteeds, crazy moves that you think are high that really hits mid, setups, traps, etc that you could run into. Because let’s face it to some of us tekken is more than a fighting game its a hobby!! Now namco fix offline and online damnit!! :p

  62. crazy skip says:

    why is it that the psp version gets the original story mode but we console tk6 players get the scen campaign…

    thats unfair! i just the vid of the psp version.. azazel looks shit but i dont really care about that.. its the story mode that they have.. the ORIGINAL not arena mode…..

    its so unfair….

    • Yoshimattsu says:

      I have heard from IGN that they will be having a ghost mode for PSP, but other sources have stated that the only modes will be Story and Arcade, Anyone know for sure? and if it is there will it be like T5Dr Ghost mode with ranking, or have they permanently restricted ranking up to online modes?

  63. Syx says:

    I really wish theyd bring some sorta story-related content back. i mean, i was all excited about the new story mode before i heard about some crap called Arena. i didnt get to play it yet since play-asia is taking a while, but seeing from videos the endings are apparently disappointing as well. i was pretty satisfied with tekken 5’s story mode, with its cutscenes and etc.

    oh, i also see the need for more customizations in the future.

    • chemicalRed says:

      Not only more customizations, but more aesthetically advanced customizations.
      Speaking of amount , it only seems like a lot of customizations because they make us buy the same thing in a different color… They’ve finally implemented a good concept; Making editing default colors free,…yet they still charge to use other things in other colors… Free color should be present everywhere… Dont see why they chose to implement it in one place and not the other.
      I dont know if they will ever chose to do a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or simply include a tag battle mode in future games; I think if they go with TTT2 we can expect to see reiterations of old concept , as seen in TTT… If they dont go that route I think that all the old character concept should be available as customization options in future games. Each individual part of every costume should be a customizable option, all editable like the hair is on T6. Dont let that good concept go to waste.

      • Syx says:

        yea i agree

        But seeing from like 40 characters in Tekken 6 (which outnumber TTT’s roster), I think it might be better with just a tag battle mode in Tekken 7 or something, not TTT2.
        and i just remembered, they shud definitely make a patch for 2P customization.

    • chemicalRed says:

      Yeah… Either way there’s no reason tag battle shouldn’t return before the end of the series.

  64. tekkenlover says:

    SO when this update is coming anyone knows? i know it is on this month but when ? i have been playing this game 24/7…. everything is good except the online of course. i am glad that i can play vs people from europe and asia but the problem is that whenever you play someone out of state the lag become so much more problematic but here is the funny thing cuz it seems to me the lag doesnt affect the gameplay of people from asia cuz they seems to juggle with no problem, b ut whenever i throw a launcher i cant even hit them not even once while they are in the air… which is really, really,really ,unfair

  65. The Devil Kazuya says:

    No region select thats just a copout. and it really wouldnt matter I have been playing my friend online connected to the same router 0 ping, and it’s still laggy with 1 sec input delay.

    Real disgrace namco you better be working magic with this online patch

    • chemicalRed says:

      Its almost unexceptable to releases a patch that doesnt work.. That defeats the whole purpose of a patch.
      Online was what I looked forward to the most on T6,… and I’ve noticed that the bad online coupled with the mediocre scenario mode have caused me to play the game a lot less than I should be… I’ve only had the game a few weeks now and there are times I pick an old game to play over it…Alot of people I know claim they only play practice mode now , which I think shouldnt constitute as the majority of their play… Online and SC Mode were where the replay value would come into play; They really need to fix it…

  66. Yoshimattsu says:

    There should be more levels on DLC for Scenario Campaign, or a harder difficulty level.. and online is unplayable with my connection. So I can’t rank up, can’t play online, blasted through SC, so where is my 1-player replay value? I understand that Tekken isn’t really supposed to be played alone, but We can’t all live in big thriving gaming communities. And practice mode gets boring after extended play…

    • david says:

      well, from what i see, everyone including tekken fans(about 90% of them) hated scenario campaign, which is a shame ‘cuz i like beat em ups, i found it fun.

  67. crazy skip says:

    i wonder how much this patch is going to improve the game experience online………..

  68. :D says:

    OR just buy Final Fantasy XIII.

  69. crazy skip says:

    hey blindghost… i just started using raven… i can see why he can be beast!

    hes effective in a lot of situations… damn!

  70. Zam says:

    Syx: IMO, Alot of those casual fans who rented T6 to see if it’s worth the purchase for online… probably won’t be coming back unless Namco does something major (like a few new characters,new modes,other things that have been requested). Even the sales in Japan have dropped significantly.

    • chemicalRed says:

      As much as I’d welcome that I highly doubt it’ll happen… I remember hearing one of Namcos representatives say that they try hard to include all the games content on the disk; Thet try to avoid DLC

  71. The Devil Kazuya says:

    If they release a patch that fixes the shitty online netcode and advertise it enough alot of people will come back and new peope will buy the game. A lot of my friends didnt buy when they heard the online was shit.

    If I can play SFIV on a orange bar connection fine, there is no reason why I should be able to play tekken on a yellow bar perfectly fine. As it stand’s even Blue connections are in slow motion with input delay and thats disgusting….

    • chemicalRed says:

      Green bars are even experiencing lag

      • The Devil Kazuya says:

        Blue is the best connection level you can have in tekken 6 green is the next. Blue it looks like it’s between 0 ms (which I have tested myself and it still had input delay) and about 60 ms ping.

      • chemicalRed says:

        Oh… Don’t think I’ve ever gotten a blue connection.

  72. Spookies says:

    Tekken 6 Online Gone Gold My Ass!

  73. DIGGS-86 says:

    I feel the same but knowing that 3d fighting game of this caliber would have it kinks to work out in comparison to sf4 and others where it aint quite all 3d much less have the content overload like tekken does.

    However,some things I think they should fix up a bit are ofcourse the online, in scenario campaign the targeting system is jacked. They need to make it like tekken 4s force mode so we can target either left or right. Jin’s sound effect for the u+b+1+2 is jacked up too.

    I like the game the way it is, Just fix the kinks and make my $60 worth my January 2009 reservation worth it.

    • crazy skip says:

      so happy that you only had to pay $60 in your currency…

      we had to pay a massive $340-$350 i think in new zealand

    • chemicalRed says:

      LOL , yeah Jins sound effect kinda sucks… You can tell a different voice actor added that last part… Every body I know complains about Bryan’s new voice as well… Maybe voices should be customizable too so we could give him his old voice back.

    • The Devil Kazuya says:

      I didnt find the targetting in scenario a problem. Took a little while to get used too but after a few stages I didnt mis target anything. I think most poeple have the problem that they use the analogue to much to move. (after seeing scenario demos with n00b game jornalists playing) I very rarely use it unless i have to move off the ai support axis or grab an item, then I keep my finger near the targetting buttom to target the opoenent nearest to me at all times.

      As for sound effects I couldnt be happier really. My only complaint is the announcer doest yell chicken on a reversal counter anymore.

      • chemicalRed says:

        Nor does he yell “chicken” when you pick one up in Scenario Campaign Mode; I loved that in Tekken Force… I was so dissappointed to play SC Mode that first time, step over a chicken and not hear it… They have to reimplement that

  74. DIGGS-86 says:

    you guys got me a bit wrong. Jin’s voice actor is the same. If you were to do his b+u+1+2 there is a major delay in the sound effect when the move is finished or even canceled. Try it and see. Now I wasn’t talking about bryan’s new sound effects which indeed suck compared to his dreadful chucky like laughter.
    When I spoke about the targeting, I meant that they should have made it like t4 force mode because you can target left and right. I hit the target button and the shit targets in the direction opposit

    • chemicalRed says:

      Oh its the same voice actor ?… Well even so, its pretty apparent the second half of that effect was added….there’s a change in tone toward the end.
      I was angry to see they changed Bryans laugh at first (, they couldve changed any of his dialogue but that main laugh), but I got use to the new laugh and its ok… I’d still like to change it to the old one if I saw fit though.
      But Law’s battlecries sound Asian and when he talks he sounds so white; Thats weird.
      I like Jacks new voice… And Kings… And everyone elses I guess… The Mishimas voice actors are perfect; I hope they never change… Even on Soul Calibur 2 Heihachis English voice actor fit.
      I have problems with Targeting as well… I did prefer the T4 setup

  75. DIGGS-86 says:

    opposite to my guard and that costs plenty of health and as soon as you tap the target button the cpu usually jabs out before you really can assess the crowds of opponents.
    in t4 I made force mode look like a movie because targeting left or right was my crowd control WITHOUT using analog stick.
    whats the use of the button- switch controls anyway?
    btw- anyone notice the church’s chicken reseraunt logo in one of the SC cutscenes, thought it was funny and interesting

  76. david says:

    the patch IS coming! YOU CAN ALL STOP BITCHING NOW!

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  79. hannah says:

    i like lili and alisa beacause they are the super pretty girl in tekken

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  81. takeshi213 says:

    rock on!!!!
    even though theirs no lili!:]

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