TEKKEN Movie Premiere!

As part of the AFM Film Festival, this Thursday Nov.5th will be the TEKKEN Movie Premiere in Santa Monica, CA!  Luke Goss (Steve Fox) along with other actors from the film will be present for the film’s red carpet greeting.  Click below for more details!


Thursday, Nov. 5th – 5:00 PM – Premiere
Monday, Nov. 9th – 3:00 PM – Screening


Mann’s Criterion Theatre Santa Monica
1313 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(click for larger image)


67 thoughts on “TEKKEN Movie Premiere!

  1. Yeah me too I guess, I just hated that one of the BEST fighting game franchises will end up like other lackluster fighting video game movies. Hollywood’s always F****** things up.

    Tekken deserves better, but who knows maybe the movie might do well, at least I hope it does.

  2. One thing that surprized me about the actors is most of them look like the game characters, that kinda gives me hope about the movie being good.

  3. I had totally forgotten about the movie, to be honest, so this is welcome news. No word on when it’s going to be released in all theaters, I suppose?

    1. I think he will get some decent screen time considering the amount of time he got in the trailer, according to IGN anyway..

  4. Videogame to Movie usually suck. Saw images of Kazuya – what’s up with the mustache, where’s his red eye…that blows. I bet there will be lack of character development and story is hard to understand and make little to no sense comparing to the video game. But there are real fighters in this movie, they have the perfect Eddy Actor (Knows the fighting style) but the looks don’t. It better be good – can’t wait.

  5. I hope the movie doesnt suck too much, or it may bring down the reputation of the game to people who haven’t played it yet

  6. I think the movie will do great , of course i love tekken so thats not saying much.

    but on the real the actors that they have for this movie all know their stuff, for the exception of like 3 characters that really dont know martial arts, as forthe rest dead on, for john foo watch him fight in TOM YUM GOONG. he is badass.

  7. Sorry but this is going to be terrible, it’s inevitable.

    The tekken team have already said they had nothing to do with this movie.

    A true Tekken MOvie would start at the series origins. i.e Kazuya’s and Heihachi’s fued and the cruel treatment of Kazuya as a child by heihachi resulting in his Devil’s pact…

    1. Well said, I mean this film doesn’t even have Paul in it and I’m not even a fan of his but every1 knows dat Paul iz just 1 of those key characterS from Tekken.

  8. well than wats this movie by? namco just went ahead ?? will this carry on tekken story from 1 -6 or it will pretty much be fukd up and remix… just fights and shit….?

    or it might take a plot begning or end of TKOIF 6

  9. All tekken fans stop hoping for a good movie or end up disappointed. Unless Namco does a “Advent Children” type of movie for tekken, this shit isn’t going to work.

  10. I would much rather see a CG Tekken movie done by the Tekken team. That’s the only way this movie want….disappoint.
    I”m just saying….

  11. nevertheless, you gotta give em some credit cuz most of the characters actually fit this time, but i guess anything can happen for a game translation can it.

  12. I think a CG Tekken or anime movie should’ve been made. And it should’ve been released days after the release of T6 on DVD.

    Tekken’s first anime wasn’t that bad but could’ve been better. With the technology we have and other resources we have another Tekken anime or CG would be awesome.

    1. I agree… I wouldve preffered that… But we won’t be getting that from Crystal Sky… in fact a while back I read that they stated theyd try there hardest not to use CG at all in the movie…they were actually not gonna put Yoshi in because of that.

    1. Good news? What is good about Jin getting revenge against Heihachi for Jun’s death? That story is not canon, this movie sucked before it even started production. Jin and Christie making out? WTF are they smoking?!

      1. i been following the development of the movie but its sort of good news plus at the same time its not cause it does not follow the story from the game. but then again Tekken does not have a great story the first place most likely they going to change. Jin and Christie making out is not true its some other character that made up for the movie.

      2. @ omega_man
        I know what you mean; Tekkens story needs some polishing.
        But i dont feel like that justifies Crystal Sky to screw with the story the way they did… I’ve been following the movie too, and I read somewhere that their Jin is a drug addict who fights for money so he can get his next fix… If this is the story they’re gonna go with then Val is right; the movie sucked even before they starting shooting it.

    1. This movie is gonna be better than DBE movie im just glad they look like the characters unlike most movies except MK movie that was ok XD

      1. Of course, DBE is total failure, no real fighters, story time line is off and extremely short fight between Goku and Piccolo.

      2. LOL, Battling_boy is right… And for the sake of the series ,let’s try to forget DBE ever happened.

      1. He is older ; by 10 or 12 years if I remember correctly…And I was thinking he couldve grown his hair , instead of use a wig… Either way I think it wouldve worked fine

  13. I dont know when the movie releases, but I feel like they shouldve done more to advertise it… I havent see a trailer yet

  14. I have yet to see a trailer, but they said the movie’s setting is supposed to be 15 years after the 5th tournament, and half of the Tekken roster look different, except Jin looks as if he had just turned 18.
    I’m confused.

    1. It’s obviously a joke, just like someone who listed Jackie Chan playing as Lei 2 months ago. But some people actually seen this movie.

    1. Tekken fan or not, I think we all know this movie will be mediocre at best… But we’ll still all see it, one way or another.

  15. I’m so sick and tired of hollywood ruining good japanese titles as well as videogame titles. First it was Super Mario,Mortal Kombat,Spawn,that Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, then Godzilla, BloodRayne, DoomStreet Fighter,SuperMan, after that Dead or Alive, DragonBall, Prince of Persia, and NOW my beloved TEKKEN?!?!? WTF!!!! Ain’t this a bitch!!! Man this Sucks ass HARD!!!!!

    1. Well I agree with you on all except Spawn and Mortal Kombat… I liked those movies, they weren’t awesome but not bad.

  16. if it isnt going to be a good movie, roger huerta and cung le would have left a long time ago, as well as luke goss and jon foo too. All great actors/martial artists. I still have hope for this movie, im watching hellboy 2 the golden army for the first time and its amazing. Gripping continuation of the last movie. Tekken should be the same.

  17. WTH?!?!

    1.) Is Ling Xiaoyu in the movie because I heard that Chiaki Kuriyama, the person who was thought to play her is not in the movie according to Kotaku.com

    2.) Why is Jin making out with Christie?

    3.) Is Jin and this new girl Kara like lovers because I heard they were?

    can someone help clarify please :)

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