Hot NEW TEKKEN 6 Goods From JAPAN!

LaLaBitMarket has unveiled a hot set of TEKKEN 6 goods in Japan!  With the release of TEKKEN 6, Bandai Namco has rolled out some new character themed shirts, a pair of snazzy rings, and even a Devil Jin Zippo lighter!  For more images & details on the goods, please click below!


28 thoughts on “Hot NEW TEKKEN 6 Goods From JAPAN!

  1. hey MarkMan… you haven’t posted anything for a while… are you giving us new news or are trying to finish up the next podcast?

    1. Personally I don’t think PS3 wins over 360. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big PS3 fan. To me the only visual difference is the lighting. PS3 seems to have bit darker contrast/lighting compared to the 360, which IMO isn’t a big of a deal, but the load time however is. 360 wins in load times hands down.

      1. The textures and colours are better on the ps3 version, no doubt.

        The xbox 360 version definetly wins load times though.

        Both version has their pro and cons

      2. @ HayateJun
        Yeah, everything you said I agree with.
        Except I dont play on an arcade stick so id sacrifice the minor problem with load times just to use a decent controller…Ive tried playing the game on 360 (since its there in the student lounge)..The D-Pad is horrible..It makes playing the game on the 360 so difficult..Unless you already own an arcade stick or if you dont mind investing in one, you really be dumb to buy T6 for the 360.

    2. Both versions of the game are played at my school in the lounge at the same time (side by side) on a daily basis…The games are identical, except one just seems more bright for some reason…Basically i think the visuals are so similar that theres really nothing to compare.

  2. I think mark man was going to focus on the online for the next podcast, since it’s absolutely crap that cast is probably goign to be postponed if it appears at all =)



    !!!! BLIND GHOST !!!!!


  4. I’ve seen the Japanese numbers, but they aren’t relevant here (This is a US centric website), but I will post the NPD numbers mid Nov. once they are available.

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