Tekken 6 Hungarian Community Combo Video & Review!

Tekken 6 combos are still alive and kicking with the very first Tekken 6 Hungarian Community Combo video, featuring BenyoBoy, Pajcs1, Metadata, Dragonken and KYSG Guc! This is a video you must watch! Click above to view the video and below for the review!



1. Beautifully edited intro to help bring the hype for its release, I’m really loving the still image shots with the combo makers names!

2. Pajcs1 kicks off the video with the starting combo, with a very clever use of KYSG Moramota’s air grab FB! into WS+4, good start!

3. Great starting combos from Metadata, BenyoBoy and KYSG Guc!

4. Dragonken at 1:33 has a wicked cool combo from Lei’s “Out of Control” grab, sick!

5. The next combo by Pajcs1 is a cool combo with B! f+2+3 W! GT, with the GT being unique due to the angle of the W! splat, nice!

6. The following combo by Dragonken with Raven was tricky, tricky being used for the misleading Raven teleport!!

7. I’m loving the B! d/f+1, 2,2 (70%) at the W! by Benyoboy at 2:03!

8. 2:20 shows KYSG Guc in action with an interesting Steve combo, great customs too!

9. The next combo by Metadata’s Lee was insane, with already a ton of W! hits on Kuma, the WB! d+2 W! iWR+3,4,d+4 works too!

10. Another Dragonken following on was fantastic; I loved the iWR cancel into Flamingo stance spam!

11. 2:52 was a hilarious collision combo with Jack-6 being hit with Devil Jin’s 1+2 laser! The W! 2, d/f+1+2 FB! f+4, d/f+3+4 (70%) was also great!

12. Beautiful collection of combos from 3:04 to 3:30.

13. Fantastic Ganryu collision combo by Dragonken managing to use his d+3+4 UB! to cause FB! into combo, brilliant!

14. 3:40 to 5:15, I’m completely speechless!

15. 5:15 is a fantastic Baek f+2,1 spam combo, superb!

16. BenyoBoy at 5:32 with a unique combo from CH QCF+2~b+2 WB!, this really makes me want to try Leo!

17. My personal favourite next at 5:40, the sheer amount of awesome in this Steve combo video is at a high standard, my hat is off to you Dragonken!

18. Great Feng UB! combo by KYSG Guc, loving the dash d/f+1, d+3+4 FB!

19. Sick W! to W! combo by Pajcs1, I loved the WB! SS+2 W! GS ender!

20. The next combo is also a personal favourite, Metadata is back with Lee  ST f+2,1, d+4 (100%),4,4,4 W! into combo! Fantastic! He even ends the combo with d+4,4,4,4 again!

20. From 6:20 to 6:53 is yet another fantastic batch of combos ending the video with a very stylish Ling combo by KYSG Guc in a dark glitched A.O.E. stage, unique at its finest!

21. The overall presentation of the video with great editing perks to help enhance the quality of the production was at top marks, beautifully edited guys! The music was a great match with the material, and a funny credits scene with Wang!


1. The only con I could see was for a few combos could have have an extra hit on the end, i.e. Baek W! iWR+3~f FLA, d+4,4 could have had the last hit being d+4.4>4 (70%)

2. The credits for the combos ideas missed out KYSG Moramota for the air grab FB! into combo with AK and King, and I believe it was Golden Eggs who was first to do B! iWR+3, GS with AK (I might need confirmation for that)

4 Responses to Tekken 6 Hungarian Community Combo Video & Review!

  1. Pajcsi says:

    THX TMD! :)

  2. Dragonken says:

    Thanks for reviewing, i’m really glad you liked it! :)

  3. BenyoBoy says:

    Wow, we realy are on SDT! :D
    I’m glad you like our video! Good and detailed review, thanks! :)

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