SDTEKKEN’s Poll No. 1!

As announced, we’re starting the first poll in which you, the reader, will choose the next person from the Tekken 6 community whom SDTEKKEN will interview! The poll will last one week and after the winner is found we’ll let you post your questions the similar way we did in the Rain interview. Do not hesitate and vote now!


23 thoughts on “SDTEKKEN’s Poll No. 1!

    1. The list contains nicknames of people we contacted. But as you can see this is the very first poll so… we’ll see what we can do with the following polls!

    2. @ cappox
      LOL .. I was thinking the same thing.. I wanna see a Knee interview as well.. Or Sunchip or Naps.. But given the options I kinda wanna see a Di interview.. Why not interview the SDTekken staff first?

  1. Of course Aris! That fat bearded bastard is totally crazy and hilarious!

    As I always say; Aris for president!!

  2. I would like to see interview with Di. He is doing great work on global community and yet still play very well (and yet uses Panda: P)

  3. SDTekken should interview VenoM362,that right there would be one entertaining interview.

    Don’t stop, get it, get it, let me put some VenoM in it!


    I’m just saying…

  4. I say Malekith due to the fact of placing top 3 with a “low/mid” tier character. And I use the quotes because I dont really believe in tier lists

  5. Michael Tekken (Philippines) of SM fairview, wants a real fight after every loss. too passionate about tekken. crazy

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