SNCR Results And Videos!

Another US Tekken 6 tournament with guests from South Korea finished. Did the American players managed to defend their country from the guests from Asia during Super NorCal Regionals? Check the rest of the entry to view the top 8 of the tournament and watch some of the matches recorded by 725!

1st – Holeman
2nd – Nin
3rd – Knee
4th – 725
T 5th – Juie
T 5th – geesemaster
T 7th – indufoam (Jefferson)
T 7th – Kane

More videos can be found at

15 Responses to SNCR Results And Videos!

  1. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    FIRST !!!!

  2. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    oh and….as Usual.

  3. friendricew/tekken says:

    whooow! who beated knee?

  4. chemicalRed says:

    Cool.. Can’t wait to watch.. Thanks for the update Di.

  5. Tekkenlover says:

    Di thx so much for giving us the link for these matches

  6. J1N says:

    How come Knee didn’t win?

  7. 257715 says:

    Is it true naps didn’t play in this, while many people say its pointless to have overseas comp come here and take our tournaments the grand finals were still entertaining

    • vinsor says:

      as far as i know naps fought with knee in an exhibition match, naps lost to knee in 2:5

      no clue though on his participation in the tourney

  8. 725 says:

    Damn 4th place n recorded matches. Multitasking skillz.. Now I gotta work on my juggles. T_T naps lost to nin and eliminated by juie

  9. 725 says:

    starcraft 2 is not that far away…

  10. chemicalRed says:

    Its always entertaining to watch Knee play.

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