It Can’t Be – Mr. NAPS vs. Knee!!!

The ultimate Tekken 6 Bryan mirror exhibition match between Mr. NAPS and Knee took place during last weekend’s Super NorCal Regional regionals. Be sure to watch the videos featuring regarded as two of the world’s best Bryan players and some crazy taunt action!

78 Responses to It Can’t Be – Mr. NAPS vs. Knee!!!

  1. 0kills says:

    hoooollly f….. shii…..

    first knee vs myk (3 3 3 3 3) now this.

  2. 725 says:

    wish i had enough room on my cam to cap this too and all the good matches at sncr on day 1

  3. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Two of the Worlds Best !?!?! LOL …ok

    • tekkenlover says:

      @shinobi cyclone u seriousely arent suggesting that u can beat these guys with bryan are u? beside knee, nap, sunchip, do u know any other bryan player can play better perfom better than these guys?

      • Baekdooshan says:

        Hey man, check my channel and watch some vids, in a couple of months some people from spain says that i have korean moving skills and i am I am one of the few players in Europe that can make taunt jet upper in a round, im not considering one of the best Bryan players, but im a bit better than other Bryan european players.

        Anyway, these combats are fucking crazy!

    • Di says:

      That’s right, Shinobi Cyclone – “two of the best”, not the “two best” players. But just in case there are still some doubts I’ve added “regarded as” in front of that.

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Di give me one person thats better than KNee with Bryan.

        now Knee hes the world Best, but Naps..Cmon man.

        oh.. and im not insinuating that im better, heck no. im just saying putting Naps there as one of the worlds best is can i say this…a bit of a stretch.

        i saw NCR and naps had barely like 2 fights out of what ?? 5 between him and Knee.

  4. coilover2005 says:

    Such an intense Mirror Match!!! Loved every second of it! These guys ARE some of the best players in the world! Hint Hint. Some people on here crave attention I swear. Dude… You’re a joke. A childish joke. Nuff said

  5. k.d.e says:

    damn crazy match, i think knaps improved but knee is still so good. taunt to jet uppercut so pro lol.

  6. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    I dont knw if you guys watched the same NCR that i did, but Knee was fucking wiht him the entire time.

    He didnt want to be a Douche and just straight up whoop his ass, if you notice the fights 3 fights in a row he gives him 2 round then makes a full comeback, 3 times LOL.

    i know im not the only one that noticed that.

  7. crazy skip says:

    WOW epic 1st match… really?! was that epic? no i dont think so…

    if knee has a comeback of all 3 rounds.. then that just means hes trying to entertain… i mean come on… look at how he plays in tekken crash… its nothing compared to this… it’s not korea vs korea

    its korea vs USA ‘best’ BRYAN

    this is a done deal match…

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Finaly someone that knows what their talking about.

      Thats exactly what i was saying, now im not Anti-U.S or anything.

      But the Fact that you guys even relish the thought of Naps at Knees LVL is fucking hilarious.

      Thats why i chuckled at the title of him being one of the Worlds Best,
      this is the guy that lost three straight round to a Fucking JACK 6 from European Player.

      like Crazy Skip said, have you seen how he plays in TEKKEN CRASH compared to how he played at the NCR ????

      Its gonna be a while before he hits world Best. Half the time he just kept spacing for the fuck of it .

      Dont you guy notice this stuff ??? am i the only one that notices these kind of things.

      Maybe ive been watching too much Tekken Crash, but the Diffrence is definetly there, Dude was cool as a Cucumber.

      He gave away those losses man. If i was that good though, shit ” NO MERCY “.

      But Knee was trying to not look like an Asshole so he Went easy on the Kid.

    • concretebody says:

      Damn, i was thinking the same thing. I was like “wth is Knee doing? something must be wrong with his stick or something.” He is way better than that. His movements weren’t even the same.

  8. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Hope you guys dont think im trolling.

    Cause honestly im just telling you for a fact that Knee’s Game is much more Stressfull than what he put up at NCR, trust me.

    What you saw there was an practice match for him.

    • tekkenlover says:

      @shinobi Cyclone trust me u are just making enemy for yourself

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        I dont care, thats the diffrence between me and the rest of the posters, i say whats real, you guys are scared shitless of being hated and cast out.

        state the facts, no matter how bitter they are. who gives a fuck if im hated.

        I keep it real.

        When an American Player comes out to the top and actually earns his win, ill be the first to brag about that shit.

        Gmma didnt evne prove himself at MLG in my OP. hes gonna have to hang a couple of times before i consider him lethal to Koreans.

        One tourny dont mean shit.

        i will tell you who i do think has a chance and thats crow, hes stone cold, and hes got what it takes.

        if he keeps at it i think hes stands a chance agaisnt Koreans at their prime.

        cause all these B.S tourneys like strong style and NCR ill be honest for them their doing more sight seeing than taking touneys here seriously.

  9. DaeDraug says:

    Really intense match! Both players where awesome, and taunt->jetto, hell yeah!

    But I was a little surprised that Knee made so many mistakes, juggles without bound on wall or b+3 on wall without any setups or followups…

    After what Shinobi Cyclone said it’s really hard to judge if Knee was giving his 100% here.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Dude watch him play on tekken crash and then compare it to this then that will be Crystal Clear to you.

      You have to Understand as well.

      I dont knwo if an of you here know this about Asian mainly chinese Koreans and Japanese, but Humblness is a virtue .

      They dont brag they do the opposite, that how they are raised , so just cause you hear rain or knee say, ya , they were some tough competition, or things liek that thats not necessarily what they mean, they are just being polite.

      they dont brag liek we do if they win a match, they dont try to draw attention to themselves in fact they will try to say ya im ok, im not that good. they were better.

      Its a culture thing in asia.

      So now that you know, keep it in mind everytime they interview a korean or a japanese player.

      they are being humble thats it. when in realiy they fucking rape at TEKKEN.

      …..They are Just Being Nice. (^__^)

  10. DevilDS says:

    omg, Knee = perfect tekken player

  11. VenoM362 says:

    Well, well, well…
    Guess VenoM362 wasn’t the only one that watched this fight Sunday and said to himself “Knee is giving Naps rounds and a couple of mercy fights”.

    You can hate on Cyclone all you want,but VenoM362 agrees. I mean look at the fights. Naps gets two straight rounds, then gets straight up ass raped. Knee knew there was hype for this so he gave us a show.

    Now don’t get VenoM362 wrong, Mr Naps is an extremely good Bryan player but Knee is the apex Bryan player. There’s no shame in losing to him.

    I’m just saying…

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      True that, i agree with you on that.

      Naps does indeed have skills with Bryan im not denying that, But to says hes one of the worlds best.

      Hes got to beat some top world players to have that kind of title.

      He might be the Best in lets say : the U.S and in Europe , maybe europe, they got some badass players up there as well. but definetly not the world.

      • TCO-TheOne says:

        Trust me i’m not on the ban wagon here ,but i did see Knee made to many mistakes that he would not do in crash. I mean come on not finishing combos,juggles or wall damage really he perfects that shit. Not hating still good matches though.

  12. NYtekken says:

    Ok i know naps is a good player but whoever thought he was in the same level with knee is crazy. I mean, i think sunchip is enough for him or probably even better and knee got sunchip pretty bad. Naps is really gud but i will agree with shinobi cyclone looks like he just give naps the rounds and took them back.

    Damn naps wins were really close but then again he is playing against knee and according to some poeple Knee aint even human LOL

  13. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    And finaly as usual i Bring the Fucking thread back to its common sense.

    But still, just for the chance to go agaisnt Knee is like..damn i dont know. hes a celeb in my book man him or Nin.

  14. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    SO if SFIV has DAIGO

    who do we have for TEKKEN ???

    • vinsor says:

      imo tekken got Qudans, although he’s retired now i think and he aint that good anymore due to his hand injury but he was beast

      damn that injury!

      • crazy skip says:

        Qudans, Qudans2?i think? MSR, MSR2, Knee, Rain, NIN, leedy(tk5dr days) out of all these players rain is the odd one, even though he mentions in the interview he started playing competitively in tk5dr… but never saw him really until tk6 came out….

        qudans retired
        leedy came back but i dont know what happened to him now
        NIN commentates and plays
        Knee returned and has earned his seat back as the king for both tekken crash and royal rumble
        MSR retired
        MSR2 and qudans2? i know theres MSR2 i saw a vid once but i wasnt sure if it was qudans2 or someone else…

      • vinsor says:

        @crazy skip

        MSryu 2ndgen as far as i know was the 1st tekken lord during t6, and i currently the the best overall player in japan (just saw it on qudan’s interview)

  15. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    im talknig the Best of the Best

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Cyclone I am not scared of anyone and yes I truly believe that knee and naps are among the best of the best in tekken and I stand by it, U have different opponion about this when it comes to nap but still he won so many tournies left and right and by doing that he gained so many fans he won vs maddogjin , aris , chetchaty and so many other great tekken players. and I am 100 percent sure with his skills if he participated in tekken crash tournament in Korea he would won so many matches just like in here but as rain explained in his vedio interveiw it is really hard for non Korean tekken players to participate in tekken crash,

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        look i didnt say he wasnt good wiht his bryan, i didnt say he didnt win tourneys in the U.S

        i just said agaisnt anyone outside the U.S he doesnt stand a fucking chance. thats all im sayin.

      • VenoM362 says:

        What was that last part?

      • crazy skip says:

        actually he lost to chetty, he lost badly if i remember correctly…

        naps would get dominated by tekken crash players… leemario, JDCR, chunrae, Ccer, purizumu, naraKHOF, misty, GTR, C H A N E L

        they’re all top players they’re ranking would be under rain, knee, sunchip, holeman, hankuma(debatable), tongbal, crazydongpal, nin, malgu(debatable), noname(debatable)…

        purizumu would be enough for naps… depends if he uses A.K or lili
        leemario’s roger jr, might stand a chance but its something we have to see
        JDCR and chunrae both play hei but have different styles and the way they utilise pokes
        C H A N E L would dominate him so count him out….

        if naps were to participate in t.crash… preliminaries is where he would get sent home, along with the team…

  16. chemicalRed says:

    I’ve been wanting to see this matchup FOREVER.. Good games.. Naps did better than I thought he would. I have a new found respect for him.. Good stuff.. Thanks for the update Di.

  17. Krbonini says:

    Wow! The last rounds of the first and last match are epic… Mr Naps will remember it for a long time.

  18. chemicalRed says:

    First time I watched this I paid no attention to the comments here.. But reading them now I think Cyclone might have a point.. I watched this earlier but hadn’t thought to compare these matches to Knees Crash/Sunchip matches.. Knee did seem to be a little more precise and effective then.. Whether Knees intent was to give a few rounds away is debatable; Only he could confirm that, so im not gonna say he did, but considering Cyclones statements (Knees notably different performances) that notion can’t be ruled out either.. Honestly i think anyone undoubtedly insisting Knee gave away those fights is just as credible as anyone who will claim he didnt. Why? Because we’re questioning intent, and only Knee could confirm that.. I still think Naps has improved, even if its subtle improvement.. And I still have a new respect for him.

  19. Icege says:

    I like how there are people here posting about these player’s play styles along with what they were thinking when none of them actually know either of these players.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      no but we do know play style from countless and countless of videos, and there more than enough evidence to credit that fact.

      3 out of the 5 fights knee makes a full come back, secondly he made lots of mistakes esecialy wall enders, unfinished combos, pointless spacing back and forth even thought he had openings.

      trust me i watch tekken crash, i know when theres room for mistakes i can spot it, cause Korean players, they dont leave room for mistakes.

      • Kernkraft says:

        u talk so much trash but i totally agree lol.

        Naps has my respect, and i do admire his tricks and his good use of taunt and stuff… but when it comes to knee.. man just rewind those videos, how many times did knee step correctly? how many SS Jet uppers did knee make naps eat? I mean seriously, knee is on a totally different level of game understanding.

      • Icege says:

        So from watching several videos of somebody, you can tell me exactly what they’re thinking and what they would usually do? If this is the case, why aren’t you the one in those videos?

        The Koreans play an entirely different game when it comes to tournaments and money matches. Even in exhibitions they’re kind of just doing whatever and looking to put on a show. In fact, the way he put it to me was, “we don’t mind losing free games.”

        Trust me, I’ve actually played Tekken with the man and still keep in touch via email. You can’t judge squat from videos. That’s Gaming 101.

  20. TCO-TheOne says:

    Everybody is hating on Cyclone ,but we all know what we see. When it comes to usa hell yea i want us to be on top we should strive to be the best,but when it comes to being real be real again just saying don’t hate and yes Venom362 i know lol.

  21. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    why ya’ll be hatin on the cyclone , its cause i come through a ruin you houses and shit.

    its a natural disaester , it aint my fault. LOL

    but on the real i appreciate the support.

    and again like i said before, i want the U.S to be top LVL players, but i dont want us to just cheat it , i want us to Earn it.

    This is Tier Henry AFRICA 2010 qualifiers match all over again. LOL.

  22. ever calix says:

    I believe i just dropped my bowl of rice and beans and freaking pray to god that Match i saw was real as Jesus. this is why tekken is the best period. reason why you say? well tekken is the only fighting game that takes thinking and focus and being smart to a whole freaking what the hell i was actually screaming as if the world had change their stupid behavior and made a difference in this corrupted society. now i need to make more food because that deserves my drop of the rice and beans baby.

  23. Spman says:

    Heres the deal. Knee isnt used to playing with a stick on his lap. The koreans are so used to playing on arcade cabs that console is weird for them. That is why knee doesnt look like he does in tekken crash. His movement isnt the same and he makes some mistakes just because he probably isnt used to playing with a stick in his lap. Even during the main tournament he wasnt playing his best. I attribute this to the tournament being on console.

    • ever calix says:

      that’s is true because every Korean actually do play in the arcade style, none of that lap stuff but hey maybe im wrong about their play style since, im a pad player. I wish i can get an arcade stick just to bring up the old school tekken dr arcade experience over here from good times MA but they destroy it geeez T_T

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Quit the back peddling bullshit.

        and deal wiht fucking reality ok.

        Most retarded excuse i have ever heard.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      right, but he just kinda had a stick put that shit together real quick in time for NCR.

      he doesnt own a stick himself……..cause you knwo he doesnt own tekken at home or anything. he just has that stick that was Custom built done right before NCR.

      • Spman says:

        I was at the tournament. I played Knee in the tournament. I played him in casuals for 3 days. I talked to all of the koreans and I know that all I have told you about knees play is 100% correct. They don’t play on console and their play can be inconsistent when they do play on console. However they are starting to play more on console because they do plan on going to more overseas events where everything is console based.

  24. 0kills says:

    yeah seriously….


    who the hell would do W! *combo* uf+3, and then bb4 at the wall?

  25. Battousai says:

    Yup, Naps is still great, but what I watched seems to be a toned-down Knee. And some of his incomplete wall juggles/bounds don’t seem to be oki setups either. Maybe he’s being charitable or something.

  26. Di says:

    @Shinobi Cyclone

    Please pay attention to what I wrote. Did I write that Knee and NAPS are the two best Bryan players in the world? The answer is simple: no. What did I write is that Knee and NAPS are among best Bryan players – it’s “two of the world’s best Bryan players”, not “two best Bryan players in the world”.

    If I’m wrong here with the English language then… I’m sorry. I hope you now understand what I meant.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      i do and Mr.Naps isnt world anything, he’s U.S something not World.

      so use its ok i know your from poland its cool that you messed up in the english.

      He lost to a European jack 6 player 3 times in a row, let me repeat that ” JACK….6″ whopped the U.S’s Best Bryan PLayer. 3 Times in a row and sent him to the losers bracket.

      Im done talking here.

    • imlinked says:

      in my honest opinion…

      when I first read the title, it automatically clicked as if these two players were in the same playing field.

      your use of English language didn’t specifically state it, but even a 5 year old would take it the way I did.

      the message seemed pretty clear. these two players were put together as if they were in the same league. the only thing debatable here is how each player defines the “playing field”.

      If you divide skill level only into 3 categories; beginner, intermediate, and expert, then certainly, Naps is not a beginner or at an intermediate level. Both Naps and Knee would be considered “experts”.

      However, the fact of the matter is that there are completely different worlds even among experts. And Knee is most definitely residing on the top of that food chain. Believe it or not, there is a pecking order to follow, and this news does not deliver.

      When people saw the words Knee, Naps, and “World’s Best” all in the same sentence, it’s no wonder it stirred up such controversy (unless, this was your intent – more viewers/comments). Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • David says:

        “”when I first read the title, it automatically clicked as if these two players were in the same playing field.

        your use of English language didn’t specifically state it, but even a 5 year old would take it the way I did.”

        its says “two of the world’s best Bryan players”

        name one bryan player, other than Sun Chip, who u think is out of Mr NAPS league

      • crazy skip says:

        beginner, intermidiate, expert, and in the words of chris hu GODLIKE!

  27. Theguy says:

    Just enjoy the damn video and quit debating who’s the best

  28. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Look your all over here Fighting over this B.S when in reality Naps himself probably knows that Knee threw him a Bone.

    its fucking obvious as hell man. so just cut it and move to the next thread.

    I’m out. Oh hey markman why didnt you comment on the Mic when Filthy told you to Come talk on the MIc !?!?!? Busy TXTING on your phone LOL.

  29. vinsor says:

    but in reality what we all need is a teleport system for the world so every player can challenge any player they want, not just for tekken but for every game

    that way it’s easier to assume who’s the best! hahaha

  30. 0kills says:

    for the record, I really don’t know what’s going on between NAPS and KNEE’s minds.

    anyone who’s been an avid follower of knee (including watching almost every vid of the guy on youtube or whatnot) should know he’s inconsistent… when it comes to breaking throws. :>

    what he’s really good at… is figuring out an opponent fast, and adapting not to what his enemy’s doing, but doing all that yomi shit as well.

    I honestly believe they both played their very best. Knee getting f+4 instead of ff4 B! happens a lot (it’s a pretty ridiculous buffer especially after 1)

    • imlinked says:

      its true F+4/FF+4 mistakes happen frequently, but I have not seen Knee in Tekken Crash screw this up after every round (sometimes twice or three times a round) like he did during this tourney.

      • cappox says:

        maybe the arcade stick he’s using and lol at filthy for saying configuring nin’s controller to all kicks

    • crazy skip says:

      played at their very best? i LOL’d at that when you apply that to knee at this tourney

      hes entertaining

      • 0kills says:

        sorry. English is my 2nd language… what I meant was… they played without sandbagging.

  31. macshady23 says:

    whats the big deal??, the info said ” two of the worlds best BRYAN players” duh try to understand first,, if someone wont agree with this, lol ur just a hater XD

  32. concretebody says:


  33. taunt~jetupper says:

    yeah i agreed with cyclone..u can see how naps god beaten up in japan..when he go there.. u can see the video in the u tube….

  34. Renzo says:

    Now Knee has to prove against Japanese best Bryan

    • vinsor says:

      yeah but he doesn’t really need to, the jap bryan match would be just a formality to officially declare him as the bryan god, i heard sunchip said knee’s bryan is better than his somewhere (i think it was on zaibatsu forums, a poster said it there but that was a while back now)

  35. buddy says:

    Finishingthe game with 2 taunt~jet uppers is knees way of saying that Mr. Naps is waaaaaaaay out of his league

  36. Blanca Oneal says:

    If only I had a penny for each time I came to… Superb post!

  37. C0NT3NDER says:

    Knee is the best but MrNaps is also great! i’ll beat anybody here who talks trash about MrNaps. so u cunts STFU!

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