New Philippine TEKKEN Champion Crowned!

The top players of the Philippine TEKKEN community gathered on September 12th to decide on the new title of Philippine TEKKEN 6: Bloodline Rebellion Champion!  Rounding out the players, Coffee Prinz and his Steve Fox won in an impressive round robin victory over his peers.  Taking second was the reigning T6 national champion, JinLo and his top notch Bob play.  Special thanks to our Philippine correspondent Marion for the update!  For full details and pictures, please click the link below!


76 thoughts on “New Philippine TEKKEN Champion Crowned!

  1. go philippines

    so sad to say only 3 filipinos representing in my arcade :(

    where the filipinos at?

    we need more filipino asian domination in my arcade

    shot and congratz coffee prinz

  2. I was just watching a couple of Tekken Crash Matches.

    Moon Light was playing, That guy has a Badass BAEK.

    some of the finishers he was pulling off were fucking crazy man.

    i especially like Baeks new Mid-air grab, similar to Hwoarangs in Teken 5.

    can’t wait to Pick up Baek man.

      1. ya kind of he looks kinda chunky. real badass. he strung like a 6 hit combo then the 7th hit was that throw. thats similar to Hwoarang.

        i was like DAAAAAMNNN!!

  3. I envy…these ppl…
    ‘coz I’m very hungry for some competition…But there’ll be no tourney in my area until the T6 is out in consoles.. :(

  4. tekken 6 is cumin to argos a popular shopping brand in uk tekken 6 is cumin this week friday 18th september in argos its in the catalogue i checked today its official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. he fights twice, its kinda dark on the first fight, but the second one towards the end is much better as far as lighting.

    first fight skip to 12:35 & the second fight skip to 17:19

    he does this bad ass combo to a mid-air throw. i saw this this morning at the COMP-LAB and i actually chuckled out loud , everybody was looking at me like da-hell are you laughing at?

    but this guy has mad skills with BAEK.

  6. times like this i whish i had time machine so i could tralvel to octber 27, i know we only have to wait one and half more months but still it times passes REALLY SLOW

  7. i saw GTR play his eddy, man that guy was spamming shit like a noob. at one point he did eddys infinite where he just keeps kicking and im like. WOW you got balls doing that in front of a crowed, what a fucking noob.

    he beat Moon Light , but he was playing Fucking eddy man.

    and as if that wasnt easy enough, he got desperate and used eddys infinite to win a round.

    Fucking lame man.

    1. damn sayang naman yan

      hihintay ka nanaman.. dibale

      wag ka magalala lalabas na next month un tk6 sa ps3!


      cant wait for the release!!

      demo please

      with like a few characters… if possible with all characters ahahhahah ^.^ JOKE! :P

  8. i checked in my local town its in the catalouge 18th september this friday tekken 6 will be out im getting confused why will argos say this

  9. Because argos probably wants publicity. or something.

    tekken six is almost gold, harada-san they are in crunch time. which means they are tighting loose ends in the game. so we’ll see.

    right now honestly im just waiting for sony to announce the 250 GIG slim, i sold my original 60 GIG.

    i know MS just released a limited edition 250GIG MW2 XOBX360.

    and if i know sony, them’s fightin words. so im expecting an announcement at this years TGS.

    I pray to god that they announce it. because right now i’m without a PS3 :(

    and i dont want to settle for a 120 GIG.

  10. Hey Markman, are you gonna get TEKKEN for the PS3 or the 360 ???

    if you are Add me so i can see what you got.

    PSN is : BlindGhost

      1. Allright cool.

        I’ll be seeing you online then.

        you are have a lot of money to be throwing around, buying a copy for each console.


  11. thanks blind ghost hope u get ur new ps3 thats the reason why i got my ps3 just for tekken but the thing is i got it last year on my birthday in august coz i thought at that time tekken 6 was just around the corner but namco delayed it for another year i remember that day in my graphics class at college on sd tekken and they delivered the news saying that tekken 6.0 will not be cumin to the ps3 but bloodline rebellion will i was panicking like hell i just wanted to kill myself!

    1. Kill Your self !!?!?? over TEKKEN ??

      Nah man, thats not enough, you need to sacrafice your self to NAMCO-BANDAI.

      If you make an Offering, that means your fellow gamers will get the game faster.

      LOL im kidding man.

      Ya we were all pissed off when we heard the news that we have to wait an extra year for tekken, but here we are and only 41 days left !!!! till the release date.

      If Sony Doesnt announce the 250 GIG im seriously gonna break down and buy a 120 GIG.

  12. wow thats tough one they both have a good Kaz.

    I’d say Holeman, ive seen him pull some miracles in some matches.

    some crazy comebacks.

    1. really holeman?

      ive seen mainstreets playing style

      its sick

      i dont see many holeman vids though.. i gota see holemans vids

      got any links that maybe i could watch?

  13. they were on youtube but they were tourney vids i fucking hate those sometimes the least they can do is give the players names.

    shit good luck tracking those vids down now.

    but i can tell you one thing in T6 holeman’s been playing a lot of Devil Jin.

    and hes fucking good with him.

    Mainstreet is still wiht Kaz and hes badass as well.

  14. Hey mark man is it my imagination or do tekken 6 Vids looks clearer and Crisper than TEKKEN 6 BR vids ??

    this vid is low quality but it look al ot obetter than some high def vids that ive seen of BR.

      1. WOW damn thats a huge gap ICE , thanks, looks like my prediction is gonna come true.

        I said the same thing like 2 months ago.

      2. Not really a surprise to me… Tekken has been a Sony exclusive up until now. Most people who wanted Tekken already bought a PS3.

        Plus almost all fighting games sell better on the PS3.

      3. That would almost be as obvious as me posting.

        Modern Warfare 2
        X360 1,227,922 Preorders
        PS3 400,207 Preorders

        Oh look another FPS on 360 blows the PS3 version sales out of the water.

  15. So there won’t be any posting of coffee ripping it up. Secondly is it prince or prinz, ive seen YouTube vids labeled as both?

  16. i just went on the argos website they’ve changed the tekken 6 release date to the original uk 30th october date atleast thats sorted only one month and a hav left!

  17. damn there are lots of good game coming out, tekken 6 , unchrted2, ninga gaiden2 sigma, modern warfare2, personally i am really more excited about tekken6 and modern warfare2

    1. I’ve played the ninja Gaiden 2 demo. It’s one of the best demos I’ve played. You can use Ryu,all his weapons, Ayane, and you can play two player (person or cpu) mission.

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