Lili’s Extra Costume Revealed!

Lili’s alternate costume for the console version of TEKKEN 6 has been revealed!  Japanese manga artist Ito Ōgure/Oh! great (Tenjho Tenge, Air Gear, Burn-up series) lends his talents to the TEKKEN team once again to reveal a somewhat… uhh… revealing outfit for everyone’s favorite Monaco princess!  Click below for a full image of Lili’s new costume and a quick peak at Roger Jr’s!

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98 Responses to Lili’s Extra Costume Revealed!

  1. ShinKen says:

    Wow awesome lili is going to bee my main in br since mishimas got nerfed

  2. MarkMan says:


  3. x-raze says:

    She’s supposed to be how old? XD

  4. GK says:

    Wait… is Roger’s outfit Alex’s skull?!

    • farhan says:

      yeah that’s what I was wonderin’

      By the way great costume for lili. superhot. gonna look super-sexy on ps3 graphics but Anna williams is still my hottest babe in tekken

  5. FRSCord says:

    Wow I don’t know what to say about the outfit lol but it’s interesting. Very interesting. I like it.

  6. thelonegamer says:

    Lili as Emma Frost. ^_^

  7. gfhd says:

    sebastian must not know!!

  8. TCO-TheOne says:

    I like the outfit,not such a nice girl anymore. She is all grown up lol.

  9. albert_2mb says:

    Somehow reminds me of Lady Gaga’s outfit, lol

  10. aizombie says:


  11. zert says:

    Omg…. that draws me to madness!!!!

    wonder how to unlock that costume??????

    • Jelo (SWE) says:

      I don’t think you need to unlock it. When I played a review build copy yesterday, I could select it with the “right punch” button. It’s probably going to be like that with all the extra outfits, I hope.

      But believe me when I say may jaws dropped, as it hadn’t been revealed anywhere yet at the time. I was like, uh oh, what is this, oooh! it’s a new out fit yay.

      It looks great in action too. ;)

  12. lilipr0n says:

    Roger Jr. looks like Cubone (pokemon) in that pic.

  13. TCO-TheOne says:

    Someone got a hold to lili and turned her out lol.

  14. […] more awesome September 19, 2009 at 11:04 pm | In namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment The extra outfit for Lili in Tekken 6 (PS3, Xbox 360, PSP) designed by Oh! Great is just… […]

  15. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    faints. . .
    anyway tekken 6 comes out in 36 days

  16. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    NINA WILLIAMS has died out!!!!
    nuff said!

  17. chemicalRed says:

    some skin but nothing that warrants an M rating… So not so big a surprise to me

    Its always cool to know their still at work on this game

  18. CeaserDeebo says:


    I think namco need to control their hormones…

  19. ZeroX says:


  20. VenoM362 says:

    Looks like a porn star’s wedding dress! :) I like Ito Ogure, Tenjho Tenge has very good character designs. But the girls always have their tits hanging out for some reason or the other. Tekken fan service lol. Now just two more of my girls left, Xaioyu and Julia. And they better not make my Xai look like a whore!
    I’m just saying…

  21. rothion says:

    Oh Great! again – I really love his work on Ashlotte lol – I’m glad he’s making stuff for Namco again :D

  22. PhantomJ says:

    Wow, that’s crazy…even with considering other females in Tekken. I thought Asuka’s T5 extra was a little racy, but damn.

  23. yaks88 says:

    wiked i luved lili since dr and in br shes a hek of character whos used pretty often in the game i luv her playing style and im just ready to bash those mixups,mind games and combos out with her and the rest of the gang honestly i dont know wot il do without tekken. lets celbrate we are nearly here for the console version and play a whole new era of tekken god blesssssssssss

  24. Ryuhza says:

    Anyone else think that the wrist iron might suggest that she’s supposed to be a certain kind of slave…?

  25. ATLR3dd says:

    i never liked lili… it just pisses me off how strong she is for a lil girl lol…

    but i like all the outfits that have been created so far… I’m really hoping law or lee gets one

  26. zchikmhagnet says:

    *shakes head*
    Snap out of it!! She’s pixel based!

  27. tekkenlover says:

    ayumi u should dress like lili

  28. Schematic says:

    Dead or Alive girls…. uhm what Dead or Alive girls. I think Namco is raising the ante. Any higher and we might have some trouble from conservative groups. You know how they are.

  29. alixraen says:

    Err…don’t get me wrong, I adore the costume, but she’s still supposed to be 16, right?

  30. Blind Ghost says:

    Its a bit much in my OP. i mean thats wayy too slutty for her.

    maybe ANNA, but not Lili.

  31. The90sKid says:

    WOW, her dad would have a heart attack if he saw that xD.
    I’m not really impressed by it, kinda slutty.

  32. Zafina4574 says:

    $909,085.75 made in 60 days! see how…

  33. The-Latin-Dragon says:

    aw cmon,so wat if she is 16!.guys dont tell me u havent see a slutty 16 yrs chick before?, Here in Sweden is full of them. Dont believe me? check this out. look below “Tjejer Top-10”

  34. The-Latin-Dragon says:

    Awesome costume btw! keep the good work namco!

  35. suikenuser says:

    i have to admit…i fap to this.

  36. tekkenlover says:


  37. […] Lili’s Extra Costume Revealed! Lili’s alternate costume for the console version of TEKKEN 6 has been revealed!  Japanese manga artist Ito […] […]

  38. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Tekken on xbox???
    Thats gay!

  39. Blind Ghost says:

    funnies shit happend last night at my friends house.

    he was throwing a party, and we were up there playing rockband, i dont ususally play that shit but they had smashing pumpkins, and thats my fucking band.

    so we were playing it on his XBOX 360, were really getting down. i was having fun. next thing you know PVVVVVV!!!! everything shuts down, the tv ,the console. we were like W..T…F..just happend..!?!?!?

    we look over at the 360..and that Bitch red ringed on us during the party. me and my friend were cracking up hard.

    fucking hilarious. then the guy running the party was like relax relax is just over heated . im like over heated i see 3 flashing fucking red lights . its done.

    and hes like no just give it a few minuites and it’ll work.

    whats funny was me and my friend go up there to play tekken. but these douche bags hate it. they think Tekken is shit.

    they prefer are you ready !?!?!?! BLOODY ROAR…yes i said BLOODY ROAR…to TEKKEN !!

    we sneak in a couple of matches before the party but when people start showing up, they tell us to turn it off and put on Rock band. whatever.

    so they have rock band on the 360, and i was like fuck it since im here i might as well play.

    and that shit Fucking shuts down halfway through the song. we were all laughing.

    especaily since those 2 are hardcore 360 FANBOYS they have a PS3! but they only buy exclusives on it nothign else all other games are on the 360.

    and they were saying shit like, this is an Elite it wont break down.

    some guy on the couch was like ..damn i was gonna pick one up but fuck that shit now . they got owned baaad !! its like they didnt knwo what to say.

    anyway just wanted to get that off my chest. Funny stuff though.

    • garfield says:

      gota say… im happy with my ps3 ^.^

      never have and never will like xbox.. any xbox!

      even if they think of having like xbox 720… i aiint getting that shitty product

  40. Steve (No Fox) says:

    Nina, I need you… new costume

  41. TCO-TheOne says:

    I did’nt know that XBOX 360 had a 52% chance of breaking down and PS3 only had 10%,correct me if i’m wrong.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      man its much worse than that, them saying that its 50%, is just known cases, theres a lot more that break down than that.

      And after what happend to that ” XBOX360 Elite ” at my friends house a couple of days ago. now i know that when MS says they are continuiosly improving thier system, they are just Bullshitting. MS doesnt give 2 shits about their fanbase. XBOX360 owners are getting shafted.

      its bad enough they have to pay for online. i think the 360 will go down as the worse console in history in my OP.

      the thing has so many problems, its unbelievable.

      Scratching Disks , Disk Trays don’t open , Over heating and on and on.

      Like i said before that thing should be illegal to sell in stores because it goes defective in about 6 to 8 months of purchase.

      its beyond me how they can still leave something like that to consumer choice.

      but, whatever !! i got my PS3 im happy as hell, had it since 06 and havnt had an issue with it. still working perfectly. sony built the PS3 like a TANK !

      as ive always said when it comes to Electronics and GAMES


  42. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    i love how i just got a conversation going lol!!
    i knew it was coming too 360 along!! LMFAO

  43. Onyxe Blade says:

    Lili what has Namco allowed to be done to YOU?!

  44. MarkMan says:

    For the 360 owners, I’m already reppin’ TEKKEN 6 with my Xbox Live Avatar!

    Cardboard Tube Samurai FTW!

  45. kane says:

    not revealing enough

  46. RedRose says:

    Lili is sooo Sexy in that outfit
    and it reminds me of Lady Gaga ^_^

  47. :-( says:

    **** Says:

    Here comes the whore-bride…bum-bum-bah-buuum

    Lol I agree. Young ho.

  48. kazamajin says:

    i hope xiaoyu have extra costume!

  49. kazamajin says:

    oh and and i hope her cute panda have extra costume too!

  50. kazamajin says:

    lili is fuckin hot in that outfit, it just like lady gaga.
    i hope she’s come too my house and get me a joblow!

  51. Blind Ghost says:

    OK for all you people saying she loks as hot s Lady GAGA, uhh you do know that LADY GAGA is a Hermaphrodite right ??

    she clearly admitted in 2 interviews that she has a small penis.

    good luck getting that thought out of your head now.

    • CONCRETE_BODY says:

      LOL @ Ghost. The Outfit is cool, but come on….She’s a damn video game character! can never see myself callin a cartoon or vid game character hot. leave that for the no pie gettin pervs. and sickos.

  52. DoAsInfinity says:

    just like G-baby’s ass.

  53. gmbluedestiny says:


  54. what0080 says:

    Wedding AND Honeymoon at the same time! What a twist!

  55. khooyanikko says:

    lili is just gogeous..!!! even in the gaming girls magazine looked stunning..!!! i hate it a little coz they always make lili the hot looking one!! =) why can’t they see my number 1 Asuka as a hot chick as well..

    anyone agrees?

    • Lili Rochefort says:

      Because she is a Hot Looking one!!!
      duh ASUKA???? My god did u see her Freakin LEGS?
      they are fat as hell!!! ahahhahaha…

  56. Akira says:

    Cool!! Lili looks totally sexy on this outfit

  57. Slim Reaper says:

    well her profile says that he is really into fashion so this might have something to do with it.

  58. DonAeinis says:

    And she looks more like Lady Gaga…

  59. marvin says:

    i think they are ryt . its better if they remove the veil. How can lili do her gymnastics and those clock kicks and the vertical axis.

  60. marvin says:

    lili is just 16 or 17…ryt theres no way she can use that wedding gown

  61. AsukaGTS says:

    I think Lili is a cool character, but Asuka is the best! Lili is sexy and all that, but I myself will always choose a hawt, thick, volumptuous, bad-ass asian girl over an underage blonde anyday! Am I the only one who isn’t jumping on the Lili Rochefort band wagon? Does that make me LAME? Her skills are tight and I wanna FAP to her like the next guy, but Asuka/Jun Kazama have always been my #1 Tekken babe and I always stick w/ the babes that brought me to the dance. Cool new Lili costume,..can’t wait to bury her in it online! *insert maniacal laughter*

  62. BlueSliver says:

    man, I’d finish her with law’s ballbreaker and watch the replay.

  63. Nikoline says:

    Uwaaaah!! me like Lili’s costume! I wonder if i could cosplay in that one or if it will be a little too revealing ^_^

  64. no name says:

    How to obtain that kind of costume/outfit?

  65. Do you have a Facebook site for your blog? I would love to keep up to date of the latest articles

  66. famela says:

    LILI? oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! she looks lovingly she’s simply beautiful but she cool oh i really can’t help it she my most favorite character since i played tekken and IM VERY ADDICTED OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the way, i really really like her I LOVE YOU LILI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE SO ADORABLE, AWESOME,and ADDICTING CHARACTER.(i just mean i am very addicted of her hehehehehe) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) ;D

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