A few weeks ago you voted and now we have the final result! The JvsB project evolved into a series of matches between two of the best TEKKEN players around!  Working closely with @TEKKENBOB we have tabulated your votes and now we have the final result: TEKKEN ZAIBATSU‘s MrNAPS using newcomer Lars versus SD TEKKEN‘s insanelee using Nina!  Click below for the full set of videos and the surprising results!

insanelee (NIN) VS MrNAPS (LAR) – 1

insanelee (NIN) VS MrNAPS (LAR) – 2

insanelee (NIN) VS MrNAPS (LAR) – 3

Click links for HD versions!

… And insanelee takes the rematch series!   Congratulations!

Special thanks to all the TEKKEN fans around the world that helped this project by tuning in, watching, and voting!  If you would like to see more matches between top TEKKEN players follow @TEKKENBOB on Twitter and let him know you want to see more matches!

The score is now 1 to 1 with SDTEKKEN and TEKKEN ZAIBATSU tied!  Get ready for TEKKEN 6 on October 27th/29th (depending on where you live) for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!

As an additional surprise, keep your eyes and ears to the net for another sticky TEKKEN related announcement later this week!

57 Responses to THE REMATCH: insanelee VS MrNAPS!

  1. Ashesfall says:

    i cant see the videos :(

  2. MarkMan says:

    Sorry they’re being fixed now.

  3. […] The second set of match videos between players Insanelee and Mr. Naps has been posted over at SD Tekken and Namco-Bandai’s official Youtube page. This time around Insaneless is using Nina Williams, […]

  4. MarkMan says:

    Videos are up and running.

  5. chemicalRed says:


  6. CONCRETE_BODY says:


  7. ZeroX says:

    Were they recorded using the in-game record feature MarkMan?

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    its not that they are boring, its just that weve seen this before, i mean hell weve been watching vids for what 3 years now ?? so really its like meh.

    the only thing tht i might watch nd actually be entertained by is if they were playing my characters.

    and im sure everyone else fels the same. right now tekken 6 vids are just a cheap thrill. but thats cool, 1 more month and the wait is over.

    • Ashesfall says:

      so true i watched thousand of tekken matches (no joke).
      i think the tekken crash matches are the best ive seen but there are limited charackter.

  9. garfield says:

    concrete boy proves a point about the vids

    they were boring…

    yes we have seen a lot of videos the past years… cheap thrills! argh!! nearly a month more wait and its finally going to be the best!!!!

    at least a demo would be great… keep us entertained while waiting.. that way i wouldnt spend on the arcade

  10. larsFan says:

    dont’ forget lars isn’t mrnaps main and he might not know all of lars stuff. they were still good matches because naps knows enough to do well. good stuff. i want mroe!

  11. Blind Ghost says:

    regardles the vids are geting a bi played out. so….

  12. AssassinX21 says:

    Terrible, just terrible. If you scrubs would have actually picked the right characters that they actually knew how to play, this would have been 10x better. I watch BR vids all the time and this is prob one of the worst I’ve seen in awhile.

  13. Rospi says:

    excelent MrNAPS, noob nina, come on, i´ll see better nina players around the world….

    insanelee waits too much, and only do the same move….bad

    • larsFan says:

      mrnaps probably didnt’ know wat to do to punish him. but thats what happens when people vote. at least he did try to learn the character. give props where it’s due. he won one match, so he did learn enough to win :)

    • masoftekken says:

      Basics man basics. You can obviously see that he don’t know nina like that and of course you have seen better ninas. He dont use nina.

    • Rospi says:

      i´ll want to see for example: MrNAPS vs Leedy, that´s a real good fight.

  14. CONCRETE_BODY says:


  15. kogetsu says:

    where these recorded ingame? the quality is good

  16. Ashesfall says:


    not on this page allready

  17. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    Still have no idea why this was a good idea. These are obviously not characters these two guys play. Should have been julia vs brian.

  18. garfield says:

    if only there wasnt any type of voting then maybe the fight wouldve been great to watch…

  19. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    IF tekken 6 sux,we all know what too blame. . .

    This is obivisously the ps3 version. . . .They wouldn’t be using the xbox 360 version with those FAT-ASS remotes. . .and crappy d-pad!

    • MarkMan says:

      Both of those players play on arcade stick, even then, how would you know which version it is?

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        THE LEAD PLATFORM FOR DEVELOPMENT. . .damn marky i dont know why you back up that shitty broken console. . .

      • MarkMan says:

        Answer me this, have you even played TEKKEN 6 on console?

        Have you ever seen both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions playing together side by side? Because I have, on multiple occasions.

        And it was the same build that both insanelee/MrNAPS were playing on.

        Regardless of what the lead platform was, I will give it up to Namco Bandai and the TEKKEN team as they are doing an EXCELLENT job as both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version are definitely up to snuff in the gameplay department.

        I’m speaking from experience here, and not internet fanboy/flamewars.

        There was a reason you were banned from this site the first time, it was your vocal/inane fanboyism.

        You’re not getting the Xbox 360 version anyway. Like I said, I’m all about supporting TEKKEN on the home front. If you keep deterring people from getting the Xbox 360 version here, I’ll be forced to get rid of you again. The more TEKKEN that goes around, the better.

        You heard it here folks. TEKKEN 6 is GOOD on both console versions.

  20. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Why cant the ps3 HAVE ATLEAST ONE!Fighting game exclusive. . .DAMN I HATE BILL GATES AND XBOX

    well hopefully the ps3 version will have exclusive DLC,because its the lead platform for development for tekken 6–Tekken-6-PS3-getting-exclusive-DLC–a006312-p0.php

    • MarkMan says:

      Exclusives are a thing of the past. I think Namco made the wise choice by bringing out TEKKEN 6 on not 1, but THREE platforms (PSP/PS3/360). The more TEKKEN the better!

      • Blind Ghost says:

        MARKMAN , im all for that, i want tekken to grow, and i accepted the fact that its on other consoles and that they are doing advert with TAP-OUT and all that other stuff, i got it great all for the glory of tekken.

        But one thing that would be fucked up is if they water down a copy just for equalities sake. now that is bullshit.

        i trust you, your a good source , and you back up your claims wih fact. i havnt seen shit other than youtube videos.

        so you said it looked just like the arcade , and im just gonna have to wait and see.

        one thing that i notice though markman, correct me if im wrong but the original T6 on the arcade, somehow looked crisper and sharper than BR. is that because of the motion blur filter ?? or did it just get watered down ??

      • MarkMan says:

        @ Blind Ghost,

        You are correct, the original TEKKEN 6 does look sharper due to the dynamic motion blur effect that is more prevalent with TEKKEN 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

        Also. The TEKKEN team and Namco Bandai wouldn’t even think about releasing a shoddy port of TEKKEN. So be confident in them delivering what they have always delivered a BETTER experience on console than on the arcade.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        I knew it!!
        So There was a difference between BR AND orginal!!

        OH WELL. . .ether way,im really hyped for the game regardless. . .

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Oh come on markey!!
        The 360 people arnt even talking about TEKKEN6 They are all focused on MODERN WARFARE TWO AND HALO 3!!! not tekken!!!

        only 60+ thousand of them pre-ordered Tekken and LIKE 4 MILLION of them pre-ordered MW or halo!!

        Come on!
        You see were im coming from!!!

        Its obvious that most of them Dont want tekken 6!!

      • MarkMan says:

        Not bringing anymore console loyalty issues up on this site. I’d suggest you drop it too. Don’t want to cause a mess. ;)

  21. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    I think in the attitude of Namco-Bandai it sounded more loudly the money of Microsoft. The Japaneses though they have it sweats own identity they are sold very much to the American values and specially to Microsoft. If Sony wants to made competion with Microsoft, has to have their own and exclusives products and to mantain them. Sony does not owe anything to Microsoft not even to anybody. Microsoft wants the total monopoly of the pc’s sofware and hardware, because Intel is from a long time ago subservient at Microsoft, consoles hardware and sofware with the companies that develop the hardware and the software to them what become subservients to the interests of the Microsoft. It is what’s hapennig with Namco-Bandai. A game like Tekken 6 that was developed from the ps3 hardware never it should be multiplatform.

  22. VenoM362 says:

    I don’t know why people voted for characters they know MrNaps and Insanelee don’t play. Kinda dumb. I voted for Julia, ONE TIME! didn’t someone vote for Nina like 100 times? Anyways, that was a nice finish by Nina(Insanelee) perfect timing or lucky break, whatever. You know what I REALLY wanna do? Play Tekken 6 myself!,tired of sitting on the sidelines.
    About one month to go. *EVIL LAUGH*

  23. MarkMan says:

    I voted for Ganryu and Bryan :(

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      LAST TIME I CHECKED DIDNT harada-san say that tekken 6 is going too push the 360 too it’s limits??

      And didnt they make full-use of the ps3’s spu???

      Both versions arn’t suppose too be equal. . .if they made full-use of the ps3’s hardware :(
      sence the ps3’s hardware is suppior too the xbox 360’s. . .THEY MUST OF WATERDOWN TEKKEN 6!!So that both versions could be equal. . .
      Namco keeps on talking about FUCKING scenario-campaign and motion blur!!
      Which last time i check motion blur ISNT A considered a MODE!And scenario-campaign is story mode combined with tekken force. . .thats all it is. . .
      The sad thing is that the game only runs at 720P. . .I just hope that it’s able too atleast run at 1080i like killzone 2. . .

      My primary concern is content fitt in too the blu-ray disc AND shitty DVD9 disc

      Sorry, but not having any media player that exceeds DVD format does mean it sucks, thus, they are NOT equal.

      There’s no comparing Single Layer DVD(4.7GB) or Double Layer DVD(8.54GB) to a Single Layer Blu-Ray(25GB) or a Double Layer Blu-Ray(50GB). They are far from equal.Remember namco WAS indeed complaining about disc space. . .

      Console exclusives arnt a thing of the past markey. . .especially sence the ps3’s exclusives make the 360’s exclusives look like SHIT. . .LOOK AT UNCHARTED 2 GOD OF WAR 3 AND KILLZONE 2. . .A+ ps3 exclusives.

  24. Blind Ghost says:

    ICEYOUCOLD…Your smarter than i thought. looks like you know your shit.

    thats the exact reason i hate MS as well, they want total control over hardware and software.

    they tried to buy out APPle in the 90’s but the courts stopped them from doing so.

    if it wasnt for the trials everything would be MS right now.

    and its not bill gates anymore Its Steve Ballmer.

    This whole thing with exclusives becoming non-existent is all MS’s fault to begin with. Japanese Developers were loyal to their mother companies in japan.

    But MS introduced Dirty Buisness Tactics to the Japanese Game Developers such as bribing for exclusives. and this is the result, everyone back stabbing everyone in japan, instead of supporting a home company like sony they went out and sold thier soul to MS.

    things are exclusive for a reason, if there was no exclusives then whats the reason for buying 1 console over the other.

    Exclusive encourage competition, it encourage creativity. without that everything becomes stale and repetative.

    if it wasnt for japanese games MS would be in the Shitter right now.

    games like NINJA GAIDEN and DOA helped them keep up a bit in the race. Thier games wernt doing shit.

    Games like thief and kotor and oblivion wern’t doing jack shit in sales for the original XBOX, they had halo but that was about it. if it wasn’t for ninja gaiden, Panzer dragoon and other japanese games they would have been finished.

    and they know that, thats why they are bribing the hell out of Japanese developers to bring them exclusives. and going out of their way to plzz compaies like CAPCOM.

    a good exmaple is XBL-arcades file size limit, for every downlodble game from arcade has a 200 MB limit. capcoms Bionic comando and SF-HD REMIX was 500 MB or more, i cant remember.

    so they took off the limit JUST FOR CAPCOM ! everyone else wiht downlaodble games got stuck with the 200 MB upload LIMIT.

    i think at one point MS tried to buy the Resident Evil Franchise. but Capcom refused.

    Those mutha fuckers man, they are after something . when MS gets involved into something. its never to just get its feet wet. or to have a friendly competition and make some games. its to take over the entire industry.

    That is their sole purpose.

    DIE MS DIE..all we need is NINTENDO,SONY and for SEGA to make a comeback ..FUCK MS.


  25. Gojira says:

    Naps actually had a pretty nice Lars, you have to know what you’re doing to do some of that shit.

    Insanelee’s Nina was… uh, safe. And straight out of Tekken 4, apparently. 1+4, LOL so cheap.

  26. Jon says:

    Insanelee has played nina at least through T5. You don’t remember the Insanelee vs Jinmaster ft10?

  27. Di says:

    Whining about Tekken 6 being not a PS3 exclusive seems to be some peoples’ hobby. I mean, hey, since Tekken 6 is coming out on X360 more people will actually play it which is a great thing for the community. Maybe such people should start collecting post stamps instead, which would surely help the Tekken community ;)

    And who knows… maybe Tekken 6 will be played at World Cyber Games instead of Virtua Fighter 5? I’m crossing my fingers for it to happen.

  28. someRandomPerson says:

    What icey is truing to say in his own “cute” way is that the ps3 version will suffer for the sake of “equality”, and I would like my tekken 6 version to be the best as it can be on ps3 and as best as it can be on xBox360, downgrading is a slap to the face to all the tekken players since tekken 1 on psOne.

    I will buy my ps3 just so that i can play tekken (i like them ps3 controlers, i don’t like the 360 controles because of the directional buttons, and i don’t use nor like especialy the sticks…).

    All i want as a tekken player (not fan, i’m sick of fanboyism) is Namco to deliver a full tekken experience on ps3, i like tekken all i want is to be better, because i know it can be. We all know that they can, it is just a question will they try (think netcode and all of other stuff that could be better). We are not talking about some second rate gaming prduction here, it is a Namco-Bandai company FFS! And this is one of its flagship titles, not some thing that NONE knows about.

    If i offended anyone here with my comment, i am sorry.

  29. someRandomPerson says:

    Forgot to comment on the videos….

    With all do respect, it was boring. It would be way better if they just picked their top fighters. If i didn’t see the names i would think that nina player is some n00b (no offense) that just happen to be there…

  30. soft armpit girl says:

    why they cut REPLAYS always? its the most fun part on tekken.

  31. Ashesfall says:

    i have a real question between xbox and ps3.
    will the loading times on xbox shorter because of the installment?

    now this is a serious question

  32. tekkenlover says:


  33. Steve (no fox) says:

    Nina Williams WINS.

  34. *NAKM* says:

    Nicely done insanelee. Played very patiently and safely. Not everyday you see Nina playing like that. Mostly she’s all up in your face. 0_o

  35. TD says:

    You guys and your platform allegiance are sad. You think you are making an honorable, philosophical stand with your loyalty. Sony, Microsoft or Namco are not your best friend. Each is a company that cares more for your money than your feelings. PS3 owners aren’t getting less than Xbox owners and vice versa.

    Listen, if you really care about Tekken you should shed your blinders and appreciate that Namco is building a bigger Tekken community. That also means a longer life for the series.

    MarkMan: You are rational and patient beyond words. I’d slap the ban button immediately with some of these habitual fanboys.

  36. bxfinest says:

    I’ll be using my xconverter with the ps2 pad to play tekken 6 on the 360. Why? It’s because namco scared me off the ps3 with the laggy T5DR; hopefully they get the ps3 network up to snuff this time.

  37. MireC says:

    rather boring matches, both missed some punishment. As for the Xbox hater and TROLL in this thread. Well, this is a Tekken site not a trolling one, so GET THE F*CK OUT.

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