TEKKENBOB Feature: MrNAPS VS insanelee !

The mysterious project “J vs B” has been revealed!  @tekkenbob got together with arguably the current best TEKKEN 6 player in the US, Jimmy “MrNAPS” Tran and seasoned veteran, the TEKKEN 4 and TEKKEN 5 National Champion… Bronson “insanelee” Tran to capture a series of match videos just for the TEKKEN fans!  But the action doesn’t stop there! Click below to view the matches and for more information on how you can get involved with the rematch!

Two of the United States’ greatest TEKKEN players both reside near Namco Bandai Games Inc. headquarters in Northern California.  Luckily, tekkenbob was able to get both of these powerhouses in the same room to film some epic matches between Bronson’s Bruce Irvin and Jimmy’s Bryan Fury!  Now for a little background on both of our players… In this corner…

Representing TEKKEN ZAIBATSU, Jimmy “MrNAPS” Tran is known all over the world as one of the best Bryan players in TEKKEN 5 and now TEKKEN 6.  A representative of the United States in Super Battle Opera/Tougeki, MrNAPS is no stranger to high level play.  He is one of the few people to beat Korea’s qudans in tournament play and has consistently placed high in many of the major tournaments he has participated in.

With his masterful use of the taunt, MrNAPS is one of the few players in the world who can use Bryan to his full potential.

Representing SDTEKKEN, Bronson “insanelee” Tran has proven to be the most consistent TEKKEN player since the dawn of the console era (post TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT).  Also a representatvie of the United States in Super Battle Opera/Tougeki, insanelee has won countless tournaments.  He is the only competitive player to win back to back Namco championships with both the TEKKEN 4 and TEKKEN 5 North American Championship Title, can he do it again for TEKKEN 6?

Bronson uses a variety of characters in TEKKEN 6, but he stays true to his TEKKEN 5 guns and brings the pain with both Ganryu and Julia Chang.

Without further ado, here are the matches that were recorded by tekkenbob on that fateful day!  Click the links to watch them in high quality!  Make sure you vote on the rematch details after you’re done watching the videos (see below) !

insanelee (BRU) VS MrNAPS (BRY) – 1

insanelee (BRU) VS MrNAPS (BRY) – 2

insanelee (BRU) VS MrNAPS (BRY) – 3

The fight isn’t over yet!  It’s just getting started!  For the rematch, fans will vote on both SDTEKKEN (insanelee) and TEKKEN ZAIBATSU (MrNAPS) to choose which character each player will use for the rematch!  Who do you want to see?!  Vote from now until September 7, 2009!  Make your vote count!

121 Responses to TEKKENBOB Feature: MrNAPS VS insanelee !

  1. Unmaker says:

    Voted for Yoshi.

  2. Blind Ghost says:

    Mr. Naps wasnt really trying, Compare this vid to his fight with MDJ , and you can tell the diffrence.


    anyway im going to class.

    • Unmaker says:

      Of course he wasn’t really trying, there was nothing on the line other than the matches being posted on youtube.

      That said, they were great matches. Rooting for SDT all the way. :)

  3. chad90 says:

    OMG MR naps is crazy

  4. t_s says:

    very sneaky sdt.

  5. coilover2005 says:

    Awesome… I’m liking the poll format =) Great vids! I’m happy to see that the wait for console version isn’t boring and dreadful with all these goodies get’n added! Thanks

  6. bambatumba says:

    mr naps is gay wait for knee

  7. Fen-X says:

    Vote for girls!

  8. Di says:

    I want to see them both playing my fav character, Panda…

  9. ezek!elftw says:

    I voted for Lili!

  10. Iz-GOod says:

    Yeah, this feels more like a casual match than anything else. Also, what’s up with 2 rounds instead of 3?

    Still cool though. I voted for King heh.

  11. Moto says:


  12. SolRahlX says:

    I voted for one of his characters he actaully knows how to use. Julia.

  13. SolRahlX says:

    It would be awesome if it was announced that these videos were uploaded through Tekken 6 onto youtube. I heard Harada saying that he was thinking about adding a feature of putting direct video captures of matches on the net.

    Now if these matches were uploaded using this method then this game is going to be the best selling fighting game ever. Because everyone and their momma loves them some Youtube self glory.

  14. dedman says:

    i’ll wait for the day when Knee returns.

  15. Iz-GOod says:

    @SolRahlX I doubt they were uploaded to Youtube directly. There’s no mention of their names in the matches, so how would Youtube know who they are? :P

    • SolRahlX says:

      Maybe it’s just in the testing phase… or maybe they just did regular versus. I don’t know! Don’t ruin my dreams!!!!

      • Blind Ghost says:

        im with you on that that would be the shits.

        there were a couple of times where i went into a ranked room and had about 20 wins or more. i would have loved to upload that to youtube.

  16. juliafanam says:

    Wow, I’m surprised Julia’s in the lead. Go Julia!

  17. GK says:


    They both have the surname “Tran”?

    …and they’re both great at Tekken?


    Must be a momma thing.

  18. Iz-GOod says:

    @GK AFAIK, Julia and Ganryu are some of his mains.

  19. Iz-GOod says:

    Errr, that was meant to be @juliafanam.

  20. Andrew says:

    So, does this have anything to do with a match upload feature in the console of Tekken or is it unrelated?

  21. SolRahlX says:

    Why vote for people that the Bronson doesn’t main? Don’t you guys want to see some beastly matches?

  22. NinthPixel says:

    Voted Ling Xiaoyu for both. I want to see them use a character that takes more brains to win. Not being able to say, “I just threw stuff out”, as MrNaps said in his interview after winning Devastation 2009 with Bryan Fury. :P

    Kinda doubt that there will be any high level matches on disc or any match recording feature. Pretty sure that along with being able to see joystick and buttons on screen was patented by Sega.

    • tgseraph says:

      I voted for Ling, too. For the same reason. lol

      but I have to disagree with the Devastation comment. He was ducking MDJ’s lfs d+3,4_rfs d+4,3 whenever he got hit with the weak low and punished with something that got him more damage. He was smart, even though he said he just threw stuff, he knew what he was doing. He threw out the right stuff.

  23. Blind Ghost says:

    I voted for RAVEN and LEO

  24. Lex_Williams says:

    Vote for Nina, please

  25. JinUAE says:

    Panda plz

  26. VenoM362 says:

    Insanelee is good with Ganryu and Julia right? Seeing that I hate Ganryu and I use Julia VenoM362 votes Julia.

    Julia vs Bryan
    I like to see matches with characters I use myself.

  27. King of lag tournament 6 says:

    Really, whats the point the choose the characters they choose for a reason. They are high level with those characters, others not so much maybe.

    But anyway.

    Kazuya vs Jin/Devil jin or heihachi please.

  28. tekkenlover says:

    i voted for lars

  29. ZeroX says:

    Perhaps this is leading upto in-game recording. :D

  30. Daniel says:

    He should choose whatever he want,he is just an Ok player, wtf, so all this hype was for those matches? lol

  31. Pantera says:

    whats up with this two round crap? i wanna see some bad ass king vs armor king fights

  32. Alixraen says:

    Top vote getters are Ganryu, Julia (no surprise there), Nina, Jin, Lars, and Lee. Interesting.

    I myself voted for Lee.

  33. TCO-TheOne says:

    I vote for nina or baek.

  34. Falconi says:

    I vote for ninna

  35. Blind Ghost says:

    Fuck man i get to sit here and watch these assholes have fun.

    while i on the other hand have to wait 2 freaking months to play it.

    This is the Ultimate fucking tease.

    OH ya hey Markman do you think i should get the GUIDE, i know the entire move set is going to be availble in the game, but what about the secret stuff.

    Like i know some characters can do thing with thier joke weapons normally not listed. so what do you think ??

    • ZeroX says:

      Well perhaps if you were WELL-KNOWN and an awesome Tekken player, perhaps it would have been you playing. Hahahaha.

      • WhiteWolfX Arcadia says:

        ^Epic Fail.

      • ZeroX says:

        Nah not really.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        I love tekken to death, but i need to get my career man, so most of the time i play it hardcore when im only taking a couplre of classes in college.

        But after December , im gonna have a whole year of just hanging out. Im gonna dedicate that entire year to tekken. none stop.

        already got my line-up

        Raven – Jin- Lars – Kaz – Dragunov _ Feng – LEo – Zafina – Asuka – Howarang.

      • VenoM362 says:

        Blind Ghost you have good taste in the characters you use. I myself use those characters (Gonna learn Lars,Leo,Zafina, and maybe Law and Miguel). That will make my Tekken crew 23 deep. My main two are Raven and Hwoarang.

      • garfield says:

        you use a lot the both of you ghost and venom!… damn!

        i only focused on lars and law

        its a shame only 2 people in my arcade including me know how to actually use lars.. huhuhu!

        law on the other hand… been using him since tk2..

        i stopped using drag because i ended messing up with him after i used miguel..

        kaz.. ahahahaha when im bored and want to downgrade… i use kaz only tk5dr HEEHEE!

  36. Reese says:


  37. Moonlight says:

    I voted for Nina.

  38. DrK AgL says:

    GO NINA! GO!

  39. Blind Ghost says:

    But youll see me online when it comes out.

    supposedly GAMESTOP is having a tourney, i might join.

    But from What i hear thier tournaments suck ass.

    they will probably end up doing it on an 360 D-PAD, fuck that. thats thing is shit.

  40. SolRahlX says:

    Kind of strange that Nina shot up 100 votes almost instantly. Why the fuck do people like to cheat on these things.

  41. TCO-TheOne says:

    oooooooooooooooook what’s up with the girl in the video must really love tekken that’s good to know.

    • VenoM362 says:

      Yeaah…..That my friend is a man in drag. Not again with this LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!

      • Blind Ghost says:

        yeah i was a main Jin User in T4, but 5 they nerfed him donw big time, to me honestly he was unplayable in 5, , cause i played wiht him for a while online.

        and he just didnt have the edge he did in 4.

        but with T6 Jin is back, to me he’s S rank again. and i cant wait to use him again.

  42. tekkenlover says:

    lol…thats a dude in the vedio

  43. Peruvian stallion says:

    hahahahahahah omg LOL. man i dont wanna know u type of chick.

  44. Phenom_Kid says:

    The only thing I dnt like about the console version is the health bar! Why is it so close down to the fighters head? Well anyways I voted raven.

  45. Diamond Clay says:

    what!!!! dzz are Tekken best in the USA i can beat em that for sure lol lol i voted for Feng Wei

  46. Blind Ghost says:

    man i wuld kill for ome high def RAVEN MATCHES on youtube. everything that i find is wanna be HD

  47. chad90 says:

    i cheaked all console version in youtube the health bar is so close to fighter head if it was marduk playing his head will pass the health bar lol

  48. schematic says:

    Insanelee plays a very defensive almost atlanta style of play. But honestly I think NYC FAB and Fighting GM can beat these guys down and soon you guys will see that as well once they meet. They just don’t leave NY as much. And about raven your not gonna see that much of them because it takes a lot more work to be a top raven player than the other characters save for the bears zafina and yoshi which all were not balanced well with everyone else. So most people pick the easier boring route like the lili’s and the alisa’s and the Paul’s to spam.

  49. Blind Ghost says:

    True, the majority i see online in Dr is

    Williams sisters , Paul, Brian , Eddy , STEVE, HWARANG, JULIA , LILI.

    They only pick those because of the Combo potential.

    Dont care though, The reason I play tekken because its the most Balanced fighter out there, if your good enough with your character you can win Againt anyone. you just need a lot of practice.

    And for me Its Raven, But you know since a lot of people Dont play The other characters as much thats actually a Plus, because they dont know thier game very well. so they tend to do poorly agaisnt Those characters.

  50. TCO-TheOne says:

    Yes Raven can be very tricky lol,but i do well against him.

  51. Blind Ghost says:

    Watch out for me in T6.

  52. tekken 6 is balanced says:

    Bleh, jin is fine in t5, it’s just that in t4 he was broken….

  53. Blind Ghost says:

    no way, i was a dedicated Jin Player in 4 in 5 he got nerfed bad all his sweeps got nerfed

  54. Inserity says:

    Wow, Nina??? Lol Nina vs Zafina will be hilarious.

  55. Dragunov's Law says:

    i voted for law since he is my friend and best player but anyways was mr naps playig for real because ive seen him play better than this especially against maddogjin

  56. DownBoy says:

    Nina for the win!!

  57. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    I knw this dnt have nothin 2 do wit the topic. But I read on Mr. Harada Blog On Ign. That there will be “Unlockable Stages” as you progress Through Scenario Campaign Mode. I might had read it wrong but can you Verify this Markman?

  58. Blind Ghost says:

    god i hope so, is this true MARKMAN ??

  59. TCO-TheOne says:

    I will watch out for you Blind Ghost we will have to fight lol.

  60. Blind Ghost says:

    yeah we will man yes we will.

  61. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    I hope its true too!! Hmm at most I hope its 4 more new stages on the console version to make it complete. Is that askin 4 too much ? Lol

  62. ZeroX says:

    Unlockable Stages in the ‘Scenario Campaign’ Mode. Not in VS Mode or anything.

  63. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    I’m talkin about unlockable stages in the normal gameplay mode.. VS aka Arcade Mode

  64. whore-ang says:

    they need more wall breakable stages.. ie- temple stage

    • Pro-Evolution says:

      If anything , they need less Breakable Stages, they already ruined the Grave yard Stage the top looks so badass, and then they make you go undergroud which looks like shit.

      i hope they have some kind of sensativity option for the breakable stages cause soem of these stages look amazing on the first floor and they look like shit below.

      • VenoM362 says:

        I think stage is sick too, then you get knocked down to that boring area.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        I totaly agree with both of you on this one, if there was a stage that didnt need to be breakble its the graveyard. MARKMAN if you can telle HARADA-SAN to add a option to disable stage breaks.

        if you can plz do it.

      • garfield says:

        ghost thats a good idea!

        then again noobs will complain for the fact that they didnt get the extra bound…


  65. Kaxs says:

    K when Nina jumped 100 votes it got me a bit skeptical, and now with Hwoarang jumping 100 votes, someone must be cheating this system…

  66. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    If Harada didn’t already implement the disable stage breaks feature I think its a lil too late to redo this in the. Cause the game is probably already finished they just haven’t distributed to the world yet. Prob they just waiting on the making the Advertisement Commercials Etc.. Ugh they just need to change the Health Bar its so annoying for it to be that low to the fighters..

  67. Blind Ghost says:

    yeah i saw that too. but i also saw other video where it wasnt that close. so who knows.

  68. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    Well maybe the ones on Youtube is the Ps3 or XBOX incomplete version of Arcade Mode.

  69. Blind Ghost says:

    yeah lets hope we get both option to disable stage breaks and mess wiht the life bar.

  70. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    You knw what would be cool. If the stages have daylight/night time transitions depending on your system clock.. That’ll be hard as hell

  71. Blind Ghost says:

    that would be badass
    yeah i would love that.

  72. TCO-TheOne says:

    You never know with Tekken,you never know.

  73. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    That’s true

  74. Mr. Omg (^_^) says:

    Voted Raven again

  75. SolRahlX says:

    Wow someone really looks to be cheating on the polls Hwo and Nina jumped up drastically in like 10 minutes from 10 votes to almost 200… somethin’s fishy

    Anyway if you really want to see what Mr. Naps can do check this out:


    Maddogjin vs. MrNaps starts at 49 minutes

    • MarkMan says:

      SolRahlX, I’ve been watching/monitoring the poll and they’ve had over 100+ votes for a few days now. 10 minutes ago it was the same. Nothing is fishy on my end.

      Are you sure that either Hwoarang or Nina had only 10 votes around 10 minutes prior to your posting? I think you might be seeing things as I have daily reports/logs of each vote tally.

  76. don-cotton says:

    Nina is just really popular. Arguably the most popular Tekken character.

  77. anonymous5 says:

    @Blind Ghost
    Superyan, HHHNNGGGG..

  78. timsozai says:

    Knee will be back in maybe nexmonth ,or 2 more month,prepare to be pawn :D

  79. SunStyles says:

    How come you guys are just doing Best of 2?

  80. zafina says:

    stop picking me :D

  81. garfield says:

    i just watched the vids again..

    i only noticed now that the life bars are THAT CLOSE

    needs fixing… hmmm…

  82. Autocrat1 says:

    Looks like Nina (bronson) vs. Lars (Naps) for the rematch


  83. […] few weeks ago you voted and now we have the final result! The JvsB project evolved into a series of matches between two of […]

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