JvsB Evolves Into MvsI TOMORROW!

Like most TEKKEN fans, you probably have NO IDEA what @tekkenbob was talking about when he mentioned the “J vs B” project… Luckily we know exactly what he’s talking about AND we’ll be able to share with you tomorrow!  There are so many names for this project and if you’ve been following the clues you’d know that it can be classified as “J vs B” or maybe the more familiar “M vs i” !  All the info will be revealed tomorrow morning around 10 AM PST!  Stay tuned for the goods and a special follow up where YOU the fans can participate in!


59 thoughts on “JvsB Evolves Into MvsI TOMORROW!

  1. Troll, LOL i was playing Tekken 1 when you were sucking on your moms tits.

    I suggest you shut the fuck up junior.

    seriously go suck a dick or something man, were stocked tekken is coming out but were tired of the teasing.

    what do you have against that ?? why don’t you go commit suicide. seriously just go hang your self or something.

    im tired of your bitch ass. you talk the talk but can you come down to IRVING TX and walk the walk. IM here mutha fucker. Lets see you back it up .

  2. Im not frustrated that asshole started all of this.

    first he attacks me on the NETCODE Thread now he attacks me in this Thread.

    IM just straight up Cold Chillin !

  3. Jimmy vs Bronson
    Mr.Naps vs insanelee.

    :) That’s just pure speculation though.

    If it’s correct, I think it’ll be a really awesome thing for the Tekken community.

  4. Jo gotta question for MarkMan its about the tekken 6 arcade stick will it have a sanwa stick or maybe a semitsu stick or the normal hori stick cause i wanna really know and i cant care less about the buttons lol

  5. Anyway I’m hitting the Sack, I got a long drive to the Campus tommorow.

    looking Forward to see what this is all about in the

    Morning. Hope its good ;)

  6. Why don’t Namco stop wasting time with this “video project” bullshit and concentrate on making the game better and instead focusing their resources on polishing the game by adding CGI epilogue for every character.

    1. Excuse me, Namco Bandai IS focused on the game. Would you rather see nothing like this? Cuz if you’d like I can cancel all the updates here altogether. This is for the fans. Not the haters.

      1. Oh please, don’t talk to me about “fans”. I’m the biggest Tekken fan you’ll ever meet (I own an original Japanese Tekken 3 arcade cabinet!). It’s just that in recent months I’ve become concerned about this game. I’ve played the game (which depressingly enough reminds me ALOT of Tekken 4) and I’ve played it’s campaign mode (which is pretty shit btw). I don’t want this to turn out like Soul Calibur IV (or even worse SCIII)…

      2. @ ****

        You shouldn’t worry then. You’re not the biggest Tekken fan. You only have a Tekken 3 arcade cabinet? I have 2. Tekken Tag and Tekken 5 DR. ;)

        You think you’ve played this game a lot? Probably not as much as I have. I don’t care about the campaign mode, but 100% I can assure you, this game (gameplay wise) is nothing like TEKKEN 4 lol.

        This is one of the most balanced/fun/easy to get into TEKKEN titles to date. It has everything going for it right now.

        You’re worried over your ignorance. So just sit back and relax. Don’t crap on NBG, they’re doing an excellent job IMO. I mean look, Namco Bandai is actually reaching out to the community. Every bit helps.

      3. **** you dont know anything about MARKMAN

        Tekken is in his blood.

        When everyone else was born in a womb, Markman was found as a baby in a TEKKEN 1 ARCADE CABINET ! with an imbilical cord hooked up to the coin slot.

        thats why when he walks he jingles a bit.

        Then Harada-san took him in as an orphan, he raised him on Tekken.

        you got no room to talk son !

      4. Well, if you have faith in it not being rubbish then I’ll calmly sit back and count down the months. All I really need is a now-gen version of Tekken 5 DR…so I’m easy to please.

    2. Well if you are a fan. Then you would continue to support Namco and Tekken 6. I don’t see how Tekken 6 plays like Tekken 4 lol. Completely different. And if you DID player the Scenario Campaign, it was still a Demo Version, I’m pretty sure it would be much better once the final product has been finished.

  7. Yeh as others have said maybe its a match from top players (insert names) BUT its recorded using the INGAME MATCH RECORDER.

    THat would be a sweat feature

    1. Where would XBOX360 users save these recorded matches? Some of them only have those little 256MB memory card things you get with the Arcade bundle.

  8. Well if you saw Devastation you know that Jimmy Tran (J) aka Mr. Naps (M) used Bryan Fury to win it. Well look who’s in the picture above… Bryan Fury.

    1. That was a Serious pony tail. LOL

      I heard somewhere that right after the Finals they made him say ” YOUR SOUL IS MINE ! “

  9. Blind Ghost. I’ll say it again, go die you frustrated 12yr old. All you do is write rubbish.

    Anyways, I have a hunch it may have something to do with recording in-game matches. Now that would be awesome. Thanks for the updates MarkMan. Keep up the good work Namco!

    1. Roger Jr.

      Man, if they brought back the match recording feature from T4 I’ll just throw all my damn cash @ BN lol. Now they gotta bring back Tag ahahahahahahahah. Ha. :mad:

      …I guess TZ would be worth visiting again since they’ll finally have T6 combos videos uploaded for supporters once this drops for console…no?

  10. I get it too. At least I think I do. It will be interesting thats forsure. If it’s what I think it is, my in game feature has come true and also, the views in some of the matches in the trailers pretty much confirmed it. As far as JvsB thats sick!
    Lol @ the hair clue. It all makes sense now.

  11. It would be great to have a Tekken channel/match recording feature – excellent even. It would also be great for Namco to consider an online tournament mode similar to what SF IV added as free DLC a month or 2 after release. Either way, this game is shaping up to really grow the community, can’t wait (I’ve been watching videos of this game for 2 1/2 years, and sadly don’t live near a machine)!

      1. in TEKKEN lol Id kill him. He wouldnt stand a chance against my Raven.

        i have one of the best ravens online.

        ask around the rooms next time you play DR.

  12. LOL, nah im just chillin, hes the one starting up trouble.

    I could care less about him though.

    im just waiting up on that video

  13. Yea you pretty solid Blind Ghost. I played you on either my MotokoFTW or QuzZo account in JMS’s room. I remember you having interesting Raven. Only other good Raven I played was NYCks from SA so it was good practice.

      1. i gotta check him out, but man if i play anymore DR, im gonna ruin it when T6 comes out im gona take a month off so when T6 comes out i’ll be hungry again.

        cause if i keep playing DR its just gona feel Borderline.

        SO im taking a month off. maybe 2.

  14. ZeroX, lol, you dont stand a chance, trust me a lot of people know me online as a very good Raven player, you wont stand a chance.

  15. Yeah Online. Who cares, as if I take online seriously, just for kicks. Arcade is where the REAL competition is at. Got any videos btw?

  16. no vidoes, but if they give us an option to upload some i will ut honestly im gonna buy this thing called video capure its about 60 bucks you cna record vids HD if you like.

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