TEKKEN 6 New Promotion Video!

Famitsu has put up a new Promotion Video for TEKKEN 6.  The new trailer highlights the new game system, customization and item moves, scenario mode, and more!  Check it out after following the link below.

Also! If you haven’t downloaded it already, the GAMESCOM trailer is now available for download on both PSN and Xbox Live.  Enjoy!


21 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 New Promotion Video!

    1. I just downloaded this trailer for PSN. The announcer is basically narrating the main-story of the game like how Jin declares a war against the rest of the world and G-corporation puts a bounty on jin’s head etc. etc.
      Nothing new.

      The only thing good about this video is the bits and pieces of new CG clippings here and there, maybe they are from the endings. There’s one that shows the the William sisters looking at the camera and one that shows Eddy holding christie in a way that he appears to be consoling her on someone’s death, maybe her master’s.

  1. In the header photo for this topic, Armor King’s Hand gesture is Awesome [Rock On, Armor King, Rock On]
    \m/_ _\m/

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