TEKKEN 6 GamesCom Trailer

GameTrailers has put up the new TEKKEN 6 trailer from GAMESCOM 2009.  Check out the full vid by following the link below.

15 Responses to TEKKEN 6 GamesCom Trailer

  1. Blind Ghost says:


  2. TCO-TheOne says:

    Nice ending.

  3. VenoM362 says:

    Does anyone know for sure if Tekken 6 will have a story mode with cg endings or did this scenario campaign take its place? (I hope not)

    Cool trailer, but my favorite is still the one they did for shit-box, ohhhh my bad I mean x-box. lol

  4. Jrippz says:

    Fuckin awesome.

  5. Moto says:

    Man only 2 months left. I don’t know how many more teasers I can take.

  6. tekkenlover says:


  7. Ryuhza says:

    Awesome trailer.

    Any more big announcements for us Namco?

  8. dara says:

    Tekken’s story is more confused than a cow in a blizzard

  9. BardoBravo says:

    Eddy and Christie are wearing a funeral vest… is this the end of their grandpa?

  10. PhantomJ says:

    Best trailer yet. Do I see Namco stepping their already great story up?

  11. soulfriday says:

    after waiting for so long….. i think im gonna to cry

  12. […] if you haven’t already, the GAMESCOM trailer is now available for download on both PSN and Xbox Live.  […]

  13. gameplay trailer, gameplay trailers…

    […]TEKKEN 6 GamesCom Trailer « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource![…]…

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