TEKKEN 6 PSP Gameplay Vids

GameTrailers has put up new gameplay vids from GAMESCOM 2009 of TEKKEN 6 on the PSP! Check out the vids by following the link below.

TEKKEN 6 GamesCom PSP Gameplay Pt 1

TEKKEN 6 GamesCom PSP Gameplay Pt 2

30 Responses to TEKKEN 6 PSP Gameplay Vids

  1. ryzcvk. says:

    Dang , t6 sure looks great even on the PSP! time to go broke $_$

  2. Blind Ghost says:


  3. Super nova says:

    EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHY PSP IS STILL ALIVE…. HOLY ….

  4. TCO-TheOne says:

    Nice now i gotta get a psp.

  5. tekkencrazy says:

    stages looks bigger

  6. blackwolf says:

    wow I cant wait… it look like the console version with DR Graphics

  7. Jayvee says:


  8. t_s says:

    looks trashy. backgrounds look bad.

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      I totally agree with you man/woman hahaha. It really looks horrible. I wanted to buy the psp version but the way it looks in comparison to DR they have failed in graphics. DR looks way better and look at the water effects and back round and the lack of luster or shine for those who dont know that. I am no way saying that it is supposed to loo like the console version which is heavily polished but God man!

      Maybe thios isnt the finished product but JUST gameplay, but to really say THIS looks great…

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:


      If i didnt see the title i would think it was the ps3 version!The game is looking beautiful already. . . .

      Namco has stated that they will make full use the the psp’s hardware while developing tekken 6 for the PsP.

      *IN FACT* NAMCO also said that they were going TOO PUSH the PSP too its LIMITS! from what i heard.Why do you think the psp version is coming out a month later after the console version!

      Tekken 5 DR looks smooth as HELL on my PsP.Imagine how good it will look for tekken 6.Namco said that there will be a graphical difference from T5DR(psp).

      Im just curious on how namco is going too Put a “Senario campaign” LIKE mode in the psp version. A single UMD disc only contains about up to 1.8 gigabytes of data.

      ether way its going too be a pretty big improvement over T5DR(psp)

      This wont be A bad game for PSP

      I think tekken 6 has Got game of the year For the PsP or BEST fighting game for psp or maybe even best graphics technology for psp award.


  9. Blackwolf1006 says:

    T_s the game is on a hand held that a little more powerful than the ps2. The garphix is not going to to be as good but the game play will solid. I am getting sick and tired of people talking about the graphics of a game and not the game play.

  10. The90sKid says:

    IMO, this game looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are definitely a few steps up from DR and the gameplay is pretty much on par with the Arcade/PS3/X360.

  11. MarkMan says:

    The game looks really good, don’t let this video fool you.

    When viewed through an actual PSP, you’ll see how impressive it is.

  12. DIGGS-86 says:

    where the hell are my pigs and goat?!

    • VenoM362 says:

      Where are the pigs? This looks good for a hand held game but I dont play hand helds. But there are games on the psp I may want to check out, this being one of them. The only problem is I think the only time I would play a psp is when Im taking a shit.

  13. mozzo says:

    dam i wonder if its only on the psp go. such a waste if it is.

  14. tekkenlover says:

    not bad at all

  15. coilover2005 says:

    Wow. Much better then I expected. Nothing like taking your addiction on the road with you in style..

  16. Super nova says:

    @t_s it is only on a video. and it has 2 more months before its release dont let the video fool you. This in turn is the best fghting game the PSP would have.

  17. Jayvee says:

    Stop Complaining. It’s going to look better on your PSP.Common sense man.

  18. Autocrat1 says:

    Loved the double KO between Lee/Heihachi.

    Hey, I don’t care how Game Gear booty this looks. As long as it plays the same way ala PSP DR, I can practice worthless fucks like Leo while taking a shit now or when waiting for my turn in a next tourney without worrying about the gameplay not translating well.

  19. Zamba says:

    “GameGear Booty”, nice. I am sure the hit boxes aren’t the same and frame rate is off. As Masamune said about (PSP) DR, “I don’t trust it”. I don’t trust PSP T6. Might as well put T6 on the DS too. (look at Arkham Asylum).

  20. TekkenHore says:

    Does the floor still repair itself?

  21. kidkrizo says:

    wow!!! ;D tekken 6 psp is sure going to make its way to be the best game on handheld ;D go tekken ;D

  22. nutrients says:

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts?

  23. gameplay trailer, gameplay trailers…

    […]TEKKEN 6 PSP Gameplay Vids « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource![…]…

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