Anna & Asuka Extra Costumes

New outfits for Anna and Asuka have been revealed for the console release of TEKKEN 6.  Anna sees the return of her Zebra costume while Asuka gets a new yellow dress with black stockings designed by Nagano Mamoru (creator of The Five Star Stories).  Click below for full image.

(Click for larger image)


20 thoughts on “Anna & Asuka Extra Costumes

  1. Thanks for posting! That’s why I loved Tekken5 because it felt like an updated version of Tekken3 (you could even dress Yoshi up in his original T3 duds!). I wish Nina got her T3 outfits and fighting stance back, the “constipated” stance she’s had since Tekken4 is retarded.

  2. well true to what udeh@msn said bout ninas stance in tekken 4 totally retarded her tekken 3 stance was just the perfect stance for her really miss that stance im having paniks bak here over tekken 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just cant wait to nail my first bound combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! october cum quik its driving me ballistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ummm all characters will be getting new costumes in effect, all characters appear to be ridiculously customisable

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