WEEK 9: Dragunov VS Wang!

TEKKEN.COM has put up the ninth batch of vids for the Weekly Versus Series Tournament, which pits TEKKEN 6 characters against each other. This new round of the tournament features Dragunov vs Wang! Check ‘em out below!

Who do you want to win!? Vote by sharing! Choose your winner by clicking and watching below!


Will the Russian Devil be any match for the Waning Moon?


23 thoughts on “WEEK 9: Dragunov VS Wang!

  1. There are new costumes for Asuka and Anna in this week’s Japanese magazines. I’ll try to post a better pic of them soon.

    Anna is sporting her TEKKEN 3 alternate outfit (Zebra stripes) and Asuka has a new outfit.

  2. Yes please, MarkMan post it. This is the only place I come for Tekken 6 news. I found a site that has all the customization options for all the characters but it took me a while to find it. It would be great if I had a one-stop shop for everything Tekken related.

  3. Thanks Blind Ghost for the post those are some really nice customazation. I hope that’s not all of it because i saw some things on people that was not there,anyway can’t wait to start customizing Tekken 6 FTW.

  4. no problem, yeah i dont think thats al of the customazations either. especially since harada-san said they are going to have more customazations for the Console versions.

  5. can you believe it only 2 more months and TEKKEN 6 Will be in our hands.


  6. hey markman i thought you said that SD tekken is gonna have a new layout or something, can you shed some light on this.

    when are you guys gonna do all of this ?? are you working on the layout and stuff ??

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