G4TV Ono-San Interview

G4TV has put up an interview with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono from last month’s EVO 2009. He gives insight on his experience while at EVO, differences between Western and Japanese audiences, game balance, what’s next, etc… Ono even talks about TEKKEN 6 and Namco Bandai! Check out the interview by clicking below!

Source: Capcom-Unity

29 Responses to G4TV Ono-San Interview

  1. dedman says:

    yoshinori ono is a nice guy.

  2. VenoM362 says:

    Damn right Namco kept fighting games alive.
    What needs to be done to improve SF4? Give Vega a better ultra, its a bitch to do and an even bigger bitch to hit! Matter of fact everyone should have atleast 2 or 3 ultras to select from (like in 3rd Strike). Bring in some characters from 3rd Strike;Ibuki,Makoto,Remy,Sean,Alex,Yun and Yang. They could bring back the parry system, and to add some replay value make some sort of ranking system.
    They say the game is balanced? SSSSSHITTTTTTTT!!!
    work on that too.

    • Nando says:

      totally agree. SF4 didn’t have enough moves nor enough replay value, and the same can be said for KOFXII but it was even worse. They should of just built on SF3.

      Looks like the runaway winners in the fighting genre this year is Blazblue for 2d, and tekken will take the 3d crown.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      as far as im concerend namco and SNK are the only 2 companies that kept fighting games alive for the past 10 years man, CAPCOM just barely came back to the MIX.

      glad to see him show respect.

  3. Blind Ghost says:

    I actually like KOP XII, i dont understand where the hate comes from ??

    at least the roster in KOF XII isnt borken like SF IV.

  4. dara says:

    you can see faye in her green shirt at 5:28

  5. Val says:

    Haha capcom made a big mistake in bringing sf4 to the pc. People are raping the characters with mods, some cool, some not cool, and some nude lol.

  6. Failfighter IV says:

    Hey dont get me wrong I actually really like SF, but part IV is just so broken in so many ways. Capcom did a very lazy conversion of it for the home consoles as well. Sagat is absolute BS in that game and then you have characters that have really good ultra’s that are easy to land and poor guys like guile who’s are nearly useless in comparison.

    Then we have the online, which is terrible. I mean you have all these characters with 1 frame links, and then have to execute them with inputdelay network code which is simply not nessesary these days with the netcode tech thats available.

    Capcom needs to take a page out of namcos book regarding console releases of their games and lets just pray the tekken team have realized the importance of input delay masking online for this game and have built the netcode accordingly

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    I remember when i fist came in here and talked shit about how broken the game was Everybody was just dissing my ass. saying fuck you , you dont know shit,


    and this was two weeks after i returned it to game stop after my purchase.

    and NOW , everyone agrees with me.

    so , i wonder, does that make me smarter than the rest of the gamers . or just less of a pussy because i had the balls to say what no one else wanted to say because of fear of ridicule.

    and the reasons i used are the same that others are using right now.

    no parry system, broken characters / disadvantaged characters and on and on and on.

    id like to say both : I’m not a pussy and i could give a fuck what other say cause i played SFIV for 2 weeks and that was my conclusion.

    3d stirke is still the Best Street Fighter and is still fun as hell to play. see you fuckers on GGPO.

  8. Spitfire says:

    u 4got Kiallera and http://www.2dfighter.com…dont sleep on Mame or FBA emus coz…..

  9. AkumaMishima says:

    SF3 fans can’t adapt their SF style after ten years, that’s the real issue. They didn’t have to deal with Sagat, who is generally the top tier choice in any SF game and now they have to in SF4.

    It’s cool to see Ono speaking positively of Tekken and Namco, especially after so many years of Team Ninja and Tomonobu Itagaki’s blatant immaturity.

  10. Blind Ghost says:

    Fuck Itagaki, that little pedo, can go eat a Dick.

    SIGMA 2 on PS3 september.

  11. Blind Ghost says:

    man Fuck him and DOA, he actually has the Balls to call that thing a fighting game.

    a game Where you can practically and tehcnicaly mash a button and win a fight

    a game where Side stepping is practically useless , because the characters will track you regarless where ever you side step.

    a game with no fuckinmg story line.

    Fuck DOA all that game is about is T&A.

    I rather play Bloody Roar 4 than play that shit…yeah, i said it.

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