Watch Evolution 2010 LIVE!

July 9, 2010, in cooperation with Stickam and Level|Up, is proud to bring you some of the greatest moments LIVE from EVO July 9th-11th. “You ain’t seen competitive gaming until you’ve seen EVO.” – as they are saying. Click the link below to visit the live stream page and read the rest of the entry for the schedule.

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G4TV Ono-San Interview

August 13, 2009

G4TV has put up an interview with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono from last month’s EVO 2009. He gives insight on his experience while at EVO, differences between Western and Japanese audiences, game balance, what’s next, etc… Ono even talks about TEKKEN 6 and Namco Bandai! Check out the interview by clicking below!

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G4TV’s Arcade Stick Round-Up

May 26, 2009

Check out G4TV‘s new feature on arcade sticks! They answer the question that everyone has been asking, “Which one should you buy?”  Well if you’re curious to see some n00b journalists talk about stuff they know nothing about, make sure you check out this feature!  Seriously?  Hori Fighting Stick EX 2 over a VSHG and AIAB Custom?  You must be out of your mind!

SOURCE – G4TV – Xbox 360/PS3 Arcade Stick Round-Up

X-PLAY Preview: TEKKEN 6

May 12, 2009

For those of you with G4TV in your area, make sure you tune in for the Wednesday, May 13th episode of X-Play for an all access preview of TEKKEN 6! Click below for a short snippet from the show!


G4 Tekken 6 Gamer’s Day Interview

May 8, 2009

The crew at G4TV has put up a ten minute interview video with Tekken team’s Katsuhiro Harada!  In the clip he talks a bit about the game play system, items, and some of the console modes.  Click below for the full video!

SOURCE – G4TV.COM – Tekken 6 Gamers Day Interview

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